PowerAMP -- Feature rich media player for Android.

PowerAMP is a very feature-rich music player that leaves me wishing for very little else.  Throughout my testing I could only think of one or two changes or additions I'd like to see, but even if development on PowerAMP ceased today, it'd still be the music player I use every day.

Just a couple weeks ago, Android users were given the opportunity to test out the beta version of Nullsoft's Winamp for Android, and you may remember how much Phil loved it for its awesome WiFi syncing capabilities.  For an app that's still in its infancy, Winamp for Android felt like a very well rounded music player.  I mention Winamp here simply because it's one of the most recent music players to hit the market, and for that reason alone I felt it necessary to touch on a few differences between Winamp and PowerAMP, mostly concering their respective widgets.

Join me after the break as I show off PowerAMP's nicely designed UI and explore its many features.  [App Homepage]

Update:  The version live on the market is slightly newer than the build I used in this video.  The version on the market (1.0 build 204) has even more features.

When I shot the video below, PowerAMP was not available on the market.  But a lot changes in less than 12 hours, and now you download this excellent player from our favorite market in the sky (or cloud, I guess).

And since people always ask:  The clock widget is TypoClock.  Icons are from the Token icon set.  Running LauncherPro.


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Android Quick App: PowerAMP [video]


w00t!! Has everything! Finally a music app that will queue from both the internal and sd memory simultaneously! Brilliant all around, superb customizable lock screen...yeah...great stuff!

Just a tip for the video: Lock in an exposure setting. That way, when the white popup appears, everything else has the same does not get darker.

It looks really nice, but I really want a music player with cross-fading and/or gapless playback. That's why the only music player for me on Android is the Lithium Music player... although if the developer decides to add those features I'm willing to reconsider because that UI looks sweet.

Main thing I don't see is the ability to edit playlists. Winamp is the only one that has done that properly. (Lithium sometimes locks up and stock player sometimes works and other times shuffles the list)

Gapless playback is KEY!!!!
If any player does not support then I won't support them. How can anyone listen to music without this feature?? Maybe I just listen to too much Pink Floyd and Tool. :)

I am going to give Lithium Music a try.

Yeah, I downloaded the app this afternoon and then I noticed the word "Trial". What's up with that? Trial for how long. How much will the full/non-trial version be? Went the their website but couldn't find out anything except that it's a trial.

I love it...but I need a 3 x 4 widget. Sorry. If they can produce that, I might be tempted to switch from MixZing. The interface and EQ graphics are just awesome. This looks very polished.

I noticed in settings for headset controls it says to recognize double clicking versus long pause for next/prev controls. Has anyone actually got it to work for going to the previous track? I am really hoping this actually allows for this as it would be the first player I ave seen that can do this.


Still missing the one feature I use in all my desktop players: To sort library by album artist! Why is this so hard on mobile players.
For instance I have Dr Dre - 2001. But if I scroll to Dre under Artists it shows as 20 lines Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre, Eminem and so on. I want Album Artist sorting!

i might give it a shot. winamp is nice but i never use it because it automatically turns on the wifi sync feature and that murders the battery in no time flat. it turns it on at start up so u have to use the internal or market task killer to get rid of it.

FINALLY, I can say goodbye to the stock Evo player. I haven't found any other music players that made me want to switch.

One question, however: I really dig the lock screen this player has. Is there any kind of app that will let me have this same lock screen all the time? I hate that little arch that I have to drag down to unlock...

Yeah Darkest Hour!

Anyhow, this App looks cool, i've been using Winamp alot lately. The Wifi sync is cool, but for me it's been really slow when syncing, so i don't even use it.

This App is AWESOME!!!

I like this better than the music application that comes with my Droid. I will definitely buy this when it becomes available.

About 2 updates ago poweramp introduced a new BT bug that wasn't there before. It now has problems auto resuming on BT reconnect. Turns out to be a big deal for me because when I get into my car, my phone automatically links up to my car's BT and should launch poweramp on its own. Its been that way for several months until the 2.0.8 update.

Several people reported this on the poweramp forum but the dev never responded. Worse, I wanted to downgrade the build but could not because their website's downloads have broken links. So I give it a 3 out of 5 for the time being. Everything else about it is pretty great.