Astro Player Beta

As far as music players and podcatchers go, Astro Player Beta isn't in our top five. There definitely are more attractive apps that are easier to use. But it has one feature that we've gotten a bunch of questions about -- the ability to listen to podcasts at greater-than-1x speeds. That's right, you can speed up the dulcet tones of Jerry, Mickey and myself and crank through the weekly news in half the time -- and make us sound like chipmunks in the process. It has an option to speed up the playback but keep pitch the same, but it's marginal. The whole speed thing is labeled as "experimental," and your mileage may vary depending on what you're listening to. Check out a demo and grab the download info after the break.

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Android Quick-App: Astro Player Beta (a multispeed podcatcher)


This app is a kick ass podcast player. I've been using it ever since I got my Android phone. One of the nice features you missed was auto bookmarking. It and playback speed are really what makes this app shine. I'd be lost listening to podcasts without this app.

Don't forget Astro Player also now supports m3u playlists.

Version 1.57 has a bug in it where several users are experiencing a black screen (including me on my Incredible). The developer is hoping to get a new version out soon to fix the problem.

yeah - I have used others as well and tend to stay away from this one. Just all those folks in the podcast saying they keep that fruit product near by for this feature. IMHO there's nothing the fruit can do that android can't do.

literally the only feature this app has that is good is the variable speed. other than that I wouldn't touch it. i've tried quite a few different podcast apps and wish they could incorporate this feature into theirs.

It's not only the 2x speed that sets this player apart. Though note, only 2x works reliably. There is partial support for 1.5x, but it's hit or missat that speed.

The player also has truly configurable Bluetooth controls. So you can define the default Next/Previous on the headset to # seconds Foreward/Back. Absolute necessity in my view, for long audio files (like podcasts and audiobooks).

just when they have black screen issues with latest update, androidcentral feature them on the website.. just hope this doesn't make some people never come back for it.. it's pretty good app imo

This should be a standard feature in ALL players... Its just about the only reason I use my clix2 mp3 player anymore.. because I can listen to twice as many podcasts in the same driving time in the card. Looks like my clix will get retired now! thanks!