Android on Big Bang

Android devices as well as the mascot have made it a habit lately of popping up in television shows and movies, which displays the reach that the OS is gaining. 

Our beloved mascot has been seen in "The Big Bang Theory" before, but we received such a good shot of him posing on Sheldon's desk that we couldn't let it go unnoticed. 

"The Big Bang Theory" in particular has done a great job keeping relevant with technology and this is exception. A while back, Steve Wozniak made a guest appearance on the show which nearly sent Sheldon into hysteria. It's a great show and we hope to continue to see Android represented by Sheldon, the ultimate geek. Thanks, Eric!


Reader comments

Android pops up in Big Bang Theory again


I used to like these posts pointing out how any android devices were showing up on TV or other areas of pop culture...but the reality is that, with the exception of symbion, it's the most prevalent mobile OS out there. These sitings seems less and less significant...kind of like 'oh, they had a toyota on ____'.

Just don't get it.

while it's cool that they have put the android on sheldon's desk, it would be much better to see him using an android device and not an iphone. then we can be impressed.

The bigger news from this ep is Sheldon now uses a Macbook Pro instead of the red Alienware 17" he's been using for most of the season.