Take the blue pill

It's been a while since we saw an Android security scare, but the word "BotNet" attached to this one makes up for it. It appears that users in Chile, Indonesia, Lebanon, Oman, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela have compromised Android phones are have been sending out Viagra spam through Yahoo mail servers. 

Microsoft security researcher Terry Zink discovered the whole mess, and he speculates that users are getting infected by pirating apps from unsavory websites that specialize in such. He fails to mention the millions of Microsoft Windows computers that are infected, doing the same thing, but this shows that Android phones are as powerful as yesterday's laptops. Use some common sense and this won't happen to your computer or your Android phone.

In cases like this it's easy to point the finger at folks too cheap to spend a buck or two and buy an app, but the problem goes deeper. Android is insanely popular across the globe. Some folks in some places just can't get paid apps from Google Play, and have to resort to other means to get them. It's a problem that needs a real solution, and we're sure Google is working on one, but I really can't blame anyone for not wanting to wait. If you're somewhere you can't download paid apps from Google Play, please be careful lest you get more than you bargained for.

Source: Terry Zink's Cyber Security Blog


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Android 'BotNet' is that little extra you get for pirating apps


not having common sense will get ya first...

been using a Windows PC without a AV for the last year or so.. no issues.... i just installed a strong firewall!!

The microsoft guy was fair enough in his comment. You can't blame him for not mentionning microsoft security issues!^^

I'm glad Jerry points out a major reason why some people look for apps outside the market. If I couldn't legitimately pay for an app just because of the country I live in I would find the next easiest way to get it.

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