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Ed. note: Your phone must be rooted for this app to work.

Recording what's happening on your Android device's screen has always been a bit of an anomaly. There options were few and far between (one, two tops) and the frame rates you'd get from them weren't top-notch. Then, all of a sudden, like a beacon of hope and progress towards a better future, ScreenCast & Screen Recorder appeared.

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder is as simple to use as they come. Hit the big red record button on the main screen and you're good to go.

There also are a couple of settings in ScreenCast & Screen Recorder, like the ability to choose normal or high quality, pick the frames per second you want to record at, or define the default file name for your videos. It's pretty bare, but it doesn't need to be comprehensive. They are just screen recordings, after all.

There's also a built-in gallery where you can open and watch your videos, but be assured, everything still shows up in Android's gallery, too. Rounding it all out is the benchmark options, which stress tests your system to try and see what the maximum fps you can record at is.

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder doesn't do live streaming nor can it take screesnshots, but the developers says those are both features being worked on.

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder has both a free version and a paid version for $2.99. The free version is merely to let you see how the app works (and that it works at all) and only lets you record 30 seconds of video. Spring for the real thing and pay the three bucks. It's totally worth it.

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Android App Review: ScreenCast & Screen Recorder


"ScreenCast & Screen Recorder doesn't do live streaming [nor can it take screesnshots,] but the developers says those are both features being worked on."

also, this requires root, and there are plenty of screenshot apps already on market, if you're rooted.


on-topic, just DL'd on my Nexus S, works wonderfully!

OK, that resounding thud you just heard was my hand hitting my forehead! DOH!

Really don't see the point if it requires root as there are already other apps that do most of this. Well, other than adjustable frame rates.

I cant find this anywhere in the market and when I scan the QR code it says no results found.. Im using a Photon by the way.

They don't support the MoPho. I'm guessing there's a hardware problem and they're filtering out the Photon currently.

Any idea of when/if they'll get this working for the Acer Iconia a500? (I looked on the market page but didn't see a developer link)

On my Galaxy Nexus recod only audio and Touch Pointer on a black screen. :((( On my HTC Desire(Bravo) working well! :))) Fix problem with Galaxy Nexus devices PLEASE.