Gaming on Android has finally taken off, so it can be tough having to wade through all the subpar stuff out there hoping you'll finally find a gem. Hooked tries to be the middleman for you in that, suggesting games based off of your personality and how you've rated previous suggestions.

From the moment you open Hooked, the app starts working for you. You're asked four questions, and from there, your personality is profiled. Based on which group you get put in (I was a Trailblazer, supposedly), you'll get suggestions tailored to you.

There's a heavy Facebook component to Hooked, as you can see in the picture above. If you do decide to merge your Facebook account with Hooked, you'll be able to see what other friends of yours are playing, assuming they're using Hooked as well. It's a pretty novel idea, but because none of my friends use Hooked, it was rendered mostly moot.

You can also look at a live feed of who is playing what right now. These people don't even need to be your friends; you can still see what they're playing. You can separate by your personality type or everyone, and it just tells you who is playing what or if someone liked or disliked a game.

Frankly, I think that's the most powerful option of Hooked, because the live feed usually has a large variation of games on it. You can scan the list in a few seconds and see what is popular and enjoyable and what to avoid. This is better than the actual suggestion system (at least in the time I used it) because all three games suggested to me were duds.

Hooked is free in the Android Market, so if you're itching to try out some new games, give it a download. Maybe, as the user base grows, it'll become more accurate, powerful tool for game suggestion.

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Android App Review: Hooked


cool app!

but... anyone know how i can get my battery to display in the
notification bar like in those screenshots!?!

Hey Dan!
I have a Nexus S (2.3.4 GRJ22)
Thanks for the reply!
Would be great if you can solve this mystery!

I've seen apps on the market that do something similar but just adds another battery icon in the notifications. the notification bar in these screenshots is what I've been searching for! :)


Hey Lucky,

That's unfortunately a bug because I can see the header on my Droid Charge. :(
I'm sorry that it made the experience less than awesome...


Is there any particular way you would like to be notified when we've fixed it? pm, email, etc.?

It's part of the fixes that will be implemented next week.


darn it! lol
thanks for looking into that though!

...but if you guys at Hooked find a way to replace the stock battery icon with one that can display charge level, a PM would be greatly appreciated! :)



Sorry for my tardiness. My status bar looks like that because I'm running CyanogenMod 7. It's an interface option cooked in.

i love this app! i have been playing the same 4 games for the last 3 months so fun to finally get recommendations for some new ones!

Nice! what games did you guys get? what's the difference between the main page recommendations and the games page recommendations?
Is it just more of them?

Pretty awesome app and idea overall!