Google's DevBytes series is a great way to refine your development process and build better apps

Google's Android Developers have a great series they publish to YouTube, called DevBytes. The episodes are always full of great info for the people developing Android apps, but the latest -- the Making Apps Beautiful trilogy -- is a must watch.

You'll learn all there is to know about making your apps look modern in episode one, nailing typography and spacing in episode two, and episode three tackles what it takes to make your apps look good on a tablet while using the same code as the phone.

You want your apps to look good. We want your apps to look good. Most importantly, your customers want your apps to look good. Take a few minutes and watch the DevBytes shows and learn how to write better apps. Be sure to let us know what you're working on, too.

You can visit the link below to see all of the Android Developers videos, and the Making Apps Beautiful series videos are embedded after the break.

Android Developers on YouTube

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TheWenger says:

Just watched the last one on tablets. My approach is slightly different, but I'll probably change to his. Instead of loading different values in xml, I load different layouts based on the screen size (specified in the folder) even though all the children have the same names.

steezee says:

I think these videos should be sent repeatedly to Facebook until they actually update their app and make it look like a modern Android app

TheWenger says:

That's why I'm making my app. Friendcaster is a decent one too.

Wow, amazing videos.

This series made me hungry so i went to eat some bacon...

Appreciate it. I'll need to be going through various UI steps for our product in the upcoming weeks and I'm sure that these will be valuable tools.

MinceMan says:

Without a doubt these are basic design guidelines and rules every app should follow. The best part is how little effort it actually take to implement something like this. For one of my apps, it only took me two days to implement on tablet UI that blogs loved, so it's worth the effort.