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Amazon's new Appstore app carries the look and feel of their new Mojito UI to everyone

Amazon's Android Appstore has received a complete new look and feel in the latest update. Version 7 follows the dark UI scheme that they've been using for quite a while, and still doesn't have the standard Android app buttons and controls in the standard places, but it seems well built and responsive.

In fact, it looks a lot like the Appstore on the new Kindle Fire HDX devices. This makes a lot of sense, and while we would prefer a more traditional Android interface, we can;t say we hate the idea of Amazon unifying their software across devices.

A long-time favorite (come on, you've tried the free app of the day at least once), we know plenty of you guys and gals are using this one. You can check for and update from the settings, wait for the notification, or tap right here for the new version.

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Amazon gives their Android Appstore a major facelift


I use it for the "free day of the day". Grabbed a number of good apps over the years.

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Sometimes they offer serious quality apps.

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Yes sometimes there is good one. But sometimes they offer horrible apps. Some days ago I was installing some app and Avast stopped the installation process and told that the app is going to install also push up notification ads. I find it odd that Amazon offers apps that will be annoying...

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My only complaint is the speed at which updates come to Amazon. I see app update articles on AC (like swiftkey) and then have to wait 2-4 weeks or more before the same update makes it to Amazon.

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Wrong place I know but it was the only place I could find to contact you via the widget mate. Sorry.
Just wondering, are we to see the Alien watch review soon. I am desperate to here a review and opinion that I trust. Thanks Jerry Monster :-).

A dodgy statement!

As of late, BlackBerry users have been using it to supplement their app needs, because the Play Store is out of reach.

Also, there are many Android devices for sale that are not sanctioned by Google, thus, have no access to the Play Store and have to rely on third-party solutions.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

What did you do to piss her off? Take a picture?

j/k I said I wouldnt rail on it, but that was a gift...

Hahaha, that was a good one, man. I'll give you that one. +1

I'll admit, I was using the camera, last night, and my hand and arm started falling asleep while it was waiting to focus, lol.

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Yeah I kinda doubted that is was as bad as people were saying until I used it for a week last week. The phone is pretty nice but damn taking a picture is a tough proposition.

Soooooo close though to being a great phone. Maybe next year. My Note gets Kit Kat in January so I won't be too far behind..

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

The main reason I keep the Amazon app store installed is because when I uninstalled the app store it wouldn't let me use any of the apps that I had got from the Amazon app store which really annoyed me when I had a phone that was running out of space.
I have gotten some really good free apps from the Amazon app store that I would've never thought to try if they hadn't been a faotd. Even though the free apps are usually hit and miss there have been some really good ones in between all of the sub-par "paid" free apps. I had also bought apps from there cuz I had Amazon gift cards but other than that I wouldn't use it either. It's a complete mess, the apps don't get updated in a timely fashion, and there's way too much featured junk to shuffle through.

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I agree, sadly the vast majority of the apps on the amazon store are junk. If you search 'Youtube' you get pages and pages of rubbish fake apps that do next to nothing, same for most of the big names really....

The big apps they have aren't as up to date as the google play/app store equiv, they need to push push push to get the amazon app store to be half decent but they don't seem bothered. Maybe the introduction of the HDX will change that now it finally has decent specs.

I've gotten 1010 paid apps for free. I've gotten just about every app they've offered since the beginning. Sure most of them I will never probably use but in case I get the urge to install the app I can.

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Blackberry 10 phones are now running the android app store, among a few others to directly install apk's. Theyre loving it

Me , because Google banned #DroidTv primetime from Google play and the only only place you can get it without searching malicious apks is at Amazon!

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Free app at least once?? I get the free app everyday. You never know when you'll want to use the app, every now and then they have a real gem as free.

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On this new version is giving me what I assume is the tablet mode on my nexus 4. Anyone else having that?

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I would say i preffer Amazon to ebay-the one click option is just for there app store i may give it a try as i cant purchase from google play as they dont accept my card meastro so thats a gripe from me to google lol

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This is MUCH nicer. It's speedier and cleaner. Of course, there are still bugs to be found. Mainly it seems like after downloading an app, it may ask to install it an additional 2 to 3 times.

Amazon's app store is garbage. Slow to non-existent updates, low app selection, no Google apps. It's like buying from the Windows Phone Marketplace on Android. That's not even taking about the DRM they place on apps where you can't use them unless you are logged into their App Store. Try deleting their Store on your phone and see what happens to the apps you downloaded from it.

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Yeah their app store kinda pisses me off. It logs me out a lot and I have to log back in to use any apps I've downloaded. Nothing like trying to use tune in radio pro on the road, only to get that damn sign in message. Might as well buy it from Google so I can at least not worry about having to log in to use it.

I dropped the Amazon App Store a few months back.. The file is too big and I needed space in my phone. I do miss a couple of the apps I got on there. Too bad I can't use them unless the app store is installed..

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Anyone know why after updating the Amazon appstore yesterday, I suddenly today have 89 amazon apps (out of 124) that show an update waiting? Normally, I might have one app a day that needs updated and often no updates. I really don't want to do all those updates and I'm wondering if it's a glitch. I check for updates every day so this is not because I haven't checked in awhile. This is over a 24 hour period, I suddenly have 89 updates needed.

I have yet to successfully get the new version 7 to work. I've downloaded and installed and also gotten the update from the old version 5. It installs and opens then says it can't connect to my account and closes. So I'm still on the old version to get my apps to work.