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It looks like the Amazon Appstore for Android is finally rolling out across the world, following its US-only launch earlier in the year. Reports are appearing from a variety of sources in the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and India suggesting that customers in these countries can now directly download the Appstore and use it to install free or paid apps.

There's still no official link to the Amazon Appstore on any international Amazon sites, but we found that visiting by visiting on our phones, we could download the app and sign in using Amazon UK login details. From there, we were able to grab the free Kindle app and the paid Angry Birds app, as you'll see in the shots above. It should be noted that prices are still charged in US dollars, so if you're oversees then your card provider may charge an additional fee to handle transactions in a foreign currency.

If you're anywhere that's not the United States, then be sure to try directly installing the app from the link in this post (you'll need to enable non-Market apps first), and let us know how you fare in the comments.

Source: The Digital Reader

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upsfeup says:

Was able to download and login in to the Amazon Store from Portugal.

iamthecosmos says:

Yup, it worked for me in the UK! Not actually tried downloading any apps from it yet - think I'll wait until there is a decent free app of the day!

IceDree says:

Its working in Saudi Arabia, but requires Amazon Gift Cards to buy apps

Was able to download and login in to the Amazon Store from Brazil.

Unibrow says:

I'd like to welcome our international brethren to the awesome sauce that is the amazon app store. Glad you guys finally got it as there are some nice things there that you can't get otherwise

y2whisper says:

Canada is back on the map!

groan says:

Yup, Confirmed Ottawa Canada can use Amazon Appstore! Woot

dherran says:

Confirmed from Venezuela.

Grimmy says:

About time... I was able to download the free app of the day on my Nexus S here in the UK.

Yep, working for me in the UK too. Suspect this a dry run in advance of Amazon rolling out it's tablet. I will probably still use the Google Market as my first choice but the free app of the day and certain exclusives will no doubt tempt me.

tintedgreen says:

I'm happy to finally get this in Canada.

I was using a fake address workaround before. I had to uninstall some games and rebuy an app, but works great.

Igothakrull says:

I can now download from amazon App store from Sweden to!! :)

Works fine on both my Desire and Asus transformer in the UK, not optimised for the tablet yet but you can't have everything :).
Still not sure about this having different markets available thing though, would seem like a better idea just to have the official one as it just seems to overcomplicate it all in my opinion.

Lozula says:

Working fine in Germany on a Galaxy S :)

andesig says:

Works fine here in France. Desire S chez Bouygues. Downloaded free app of the day. Update: That was yesterday. Today it seems to be blocked. Good while it lasted!

slayerpsp says:

I cant log in haven't been able too for over a month now. im in the USA. there was a temporary error signing you in.try again in a few use to work but no more. UPDATE I fixed it said i had like 20 devices registered to my account so i had to deregister all the ones that weren't mine and bamm it now works cool

xZeDgEx says:

Says not available in your area when I try to download an app. (Canada)

funkyblue04 says:

Not working here in Australia.

nikezz86 says:

I'm in Hong Kong, China for business and confirm Amazon App Store is working for me. I just thought it worked from the start, I didn't know I coordinated with the international launch. Go Amazon!

Janisse says:


I can log in with my UK credentials but when I try to download an app, even a free one, I get the dreaded "The Amazon Appstore for Android is not yet available in your region." message.

Zaphod0 says:

It was working in Ireland for me yesterday. Not working today. Looks like a huge accident.

anthoras says:

Same here. Also in Canada (on Bell with my SGS2). Worked brilliantly yesterday. Today, not so much :/

slayerpsp says:

Looks like the Amazon Appstore jumped the gun a bit on making it available to non-US customers. Yesterday, many of you were able to access the Amazon Appstore and download the free paid app of the day. We noted that Amazon had yet to change their disclaimer that the service was only available in the United States and we questioned whether or not it was an error. All that can be put to rest, though, as users outside the US haven’t been able to get in on the fun for a second consecutive today. Perhaps Amazon was testing it and mistakenly allowed you guys access? If that were the case, it could mean official European support could come soon. For the sake of everyone, though, we won’t get our hopes up.Droid Gamers source

Robot T says:

Here in Taiwan, the Amazon App Store app is (still) missing from the Android Market. But yesterday, I was able to download and install the Amazon App Store.apk via mobile email. Unfortunately, any purchase made inside the app is immediately cut off with a message "The Amazon Appstore for Android is not yet available in your region."

This is indeed very frustrating! More than two months ago, Google suspended the paid apps section of the Android Market in Taiwan. This is due to a law which finds the Market's 15-minute refund window unlawful, with Google consequently being fined for it. Right now, there's no way for us to download paid apps from the Market. Other alternatives would have been fine, but curiously I can't find Refraction and Mahjong Artifacts in Getjar and Mobihand's OnlyAndroid stores. Yesterday, I thought I could finally get my hands on these apps via Amazon, but it turned out to be too good to be true.

And yes, even free apps won't download, too.

Callforduty5 says:

why did Amazon launch the Appstore internationally without any official announcement? Maybe it’s because Amazon is testing the international release before an international launch this articles has a theory is that Amazon has a made a mistake and will rollback soon. or may be to see how to deal with pressure in the future. Perhaps it’s related to the upcoming Amazon tablet.

Ironman510 says:

As of today 2013 February 2nd the Amazon app store doesn't work in Hong Kong or China or Thailand yet. I tried all countries today during my vacation travel i really thought Hong Kong would allow this but no. It says: the billing address blah blah not supported in your countr.

Now i have $50 gift card balance. Useless