Zombie Gunship for Android

Protect the bunker, wipe out zombies, help survivors, and upgrade your ship

A massively popular shooter game from iOS, Zombie Gunship, has found its way to Android today. Players man the guns in a military aircraft which is circling a zombie apocalypse survivor bunker.

From thousands of feet in the air, you've got to lay down a withering hail of fire on hordes of zombies as they move in towards your bunker, and provide cover for survivors fleeing for safety.

Let the zombies too close to the entrance or accidentally kill too many civilians, and superiors will pull you out of the mission. With the bounty earned from each kill, players can upgrade their ship with new guns, increase rate of fire on existing ones, buy consumable power-ups, and lots more. 

Unlike most zombie games which rely on gorey details to some extent or another, in this one all you're seeing are the silhouettes of figures, which is a more likely perspective from someone firing down from the air. Sure, Zombie Gunship isn't meant to be a realistic military simulator by any means, but the game's esthetic adds an interesting sense of detachment that you don't get elsewhere.  

Anyway, it's a ton of fun - hit the download link above to give it a shot. 


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Zombie Gunship lays down covering fire on Google Play


Finally! This was a really fun game on iOS, haven't played in a long time since I switched to Android. Y'all should get it.

Same here! This game is one of the only ones I have on my iPod Touch that I have been wishing would come to Android to use on my phone and Nexus 7. Looking forward to logging some hours playing it this week.

Never had IOS and my wife doesn't play games on her IP5 so I'd never heard of this. However I remember getting to do this in one of the early modern warfare (2 maybe? No zombies though) games and loved it. I'm in!

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Awesome at last. Best game I had on the cough iPad. Before I so sense and got a nexus. Bought and loaded. :-)

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So is it going to work this time. The last time they released it on Android it didnt work and they pulled it from the Play store a few days later.

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It was never released before on the Google Play store. Those were all scam apps. This is the real deal and it works!!!

We've been hunting down those scammers one-by-one for over a year. It's a shame they exist at all, but thankfully, the genuine article should put an end to that.

Seeing in the reviews people are saying the in-app purchases aren't working correctly. Also, anyone know if this works on/lends itself to the Shield?

Hi everyone, I just want to step in to clarify... we are experiencing an issue with our coins not being credited correctly. We will be issuing an update in the next two hours to correct this. If you've purchased coins and not correctly received them, please contact our support email (zgandroid@limbic.com) and we'll take care of you.

Thanks for playing!
--Arash Keshmirian
Co-Founder & CEO, Limbic

Gotta say Google refunded my money pretty darn quick. We (I) am pretty quick to bash, but man they stepped up!!!

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I love this game and it was one reason I went with an iPad 4 over the nexus 10 this past summer. Cannot wait to put this on my Nexus 7!

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No. You still get nagged about purchases, the graphics are rubbish, and there is a pretty bad ghosting issue on my n4. That might be intentional for effect, I'm not sure. The gameplay is ok, but the hit detection seems very hit and miss, making the game more frustrating than challenging.

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