Some of you kids might have to ask your parents what MySpace was ...

MySpace is attempting to reinvent itself as a the space for music and video discovery, and today it took itself out of beta and is available for anyone willing to sign up for yet another space to discover music and video. 

"Millions of musicians, artists, filmmakers, designers and curators are making their way to the new Myspace," reads the tag line. "Start connecting with them and channel an ever-widening stream of culture, creativity and sound directly to your eyes and ears." 

So there's that. There's also an Android app "coming," MySpace says in an e-mail blast today. Assuming it's on par with the iOS app (currently available), you'll be able to create animated gifs and browse people and music and videos. So, hang tight.


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Yes, a MySpace Android app is coming


"You know, it's funny. I was just thinking that if only MySpace had an Android app it would all of a sudden be relevant," said nobody.

I know right? Wtf I didn't realize there wasn't one and I somehow care even less after learning about the app.

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I am in complete agreement with both of the above posts.

I didn't know there wasn't a MySpace app, I don't care one bit that there is one now, and I doubt anyone else does, either.

MySpace is a walking corpse.

I wonder, out of the millions of accounts they have on their servers, how many of them are actually being used? My guess would be 7.

Well if you heard it on the internet it has to be true. They can only put the thruth on the internet. You know how I know? I hear it on the internet.

/love that commercial

News articles are reporting that users are leaving Facebook. Maybe they're going back to Myspace to escape their parents?

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Once upon a time (a long time ago), MySpace WAS a good resource in finding new music and bands. However the last few times I was directed to MySpace, the band's page had clearly not been updated.

Who knows - maybe they can make a comeback. (Now if I can only remember by MySpace password...)

A quiet, lonely place populated by millions and millions of dormant accounts that haven't seen the light of a computer monitor in years.

What we have to look forward to...

Five Random Questions about You

Please answer and share with all your friends (except Tom).

1. Do your mom and dad know you have a MySpace?
2. What would you do if your BFF asked your boyfriend out?
3. Which is better, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, or Twilight?
4. Have you ever listened to your parents' CD's, and which album is least likely to make you throw up?
5. How many friends do you have on MySpace?

Funny... After reading this I suddenly have the urge to start blasting Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy"... My MySpace page is all totally pimped out, got people begging for my top 8 spaces......

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Given the number of active users they have, they can probably run the whole thing off a 1st generation Pentium connected to a 6 meg DSL line in rural Utah.

Of course, remembering how slow MySpace used to be back in the day, that's probably what they were using then.

Yeah, it pretty much is irrelevant, but give everybody's friend Tom (remember how he was always your FIRST friend) credit for the onset of the Dragon known as social media today...a pimped out page was the bee's knees at that time though! Man, I AM actually old enough where explaining MySpace to my kids could start off "Now you see, kids, back in my day, there wasn't a plethora of social sites, because all we had was...."

Yep, and Tom knew when to cash out. He sold it at a huge premium to News Corp. and still kept his job there. Ol' Rupert really took a financial bath on that deal, although it took him years to realize it.

Wow, I never knew they didn't already have an app. And to find out that they are just releasing an app is pretty funny.

And i just went to and shocked by what it looks like now, holy crap. Has anyone else seen the way it looks now?

I have not checked it since the "relaunch" with Justin Timberlake all over the place.

The only reason I went then was to make sure I grabbed my websites name.

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Instead of a plethora of duck-faces, we will have a resurgence of the "angle" and Yeti will come crawling out of it's lonely hole.

I only use g+, never used Facebook, but a year ago or so I read that j Timberlake bought MySpace and was revamping it and trying to make it current again.....I decided to check out out cause visually it looked nice in the article and I will say it did look very nice.

Facebook looks so bland it's not funny.

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Um MySpace already has an app. Has for years. Im looking at it right now MySpace by MySpace Mobile. Version 2.1.2 so its not new.

Myspace and Facebook and all social media has never been my cup of tea and is a complete waste of time!

I am on this awesome new social site where if you want to contact someone you actually go and see them in person, or pick up a phone, or write an email or a letter. Its totally mind blowing and everyone should try it!

It was originally for people, like Facebook is. It branched off to music a few years after, then went down from there.

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I believe that they DID actually have an app.. but nobody cared. I think I tried to use it once and it was like pulling my own teeth out..

Um.. just give it up. I read somewhere that Myspace was actually gonna close. Guess not? They probably should of gone through with that. There is NO way the masses are gonna come back.

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Sorry MySpace, or now known as My_____. There's just no more space for you in the social networking realm.

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Amazing how hipsters that think they are cutting edge are so clueless.
I'm on MySpace at least 4 hours a day at work.
My cars will play Pandora, but if I could get MySpace on my phone that's all I would use when driving.
Every person I've shown the new MySpace to has completely abandoned Pandora.

If your interest is in posting your personal beliefs or conversing with imaginary friends, that's what Facebook is for. Don't get me wrong, all that social stuff is still there in MySpace, but if you're addicted to feeding your private thoughts and data into Zuckerberg's databases then there is certainly no need to change because of MySpace.

MySpace is no longer competing directly with Facebook. In fact, it acknowledges that you are probably on Facebook and links up.

MySpace went into the music space a long time ago and now they are conquering it.
A mobile app would absolutely kick *ss!

well, It's hard to haul my desktop into bed with me----heck, I'm a cat----I can't even pick up that thing----not even a laptop....but why are we talking about ANY of that on an ADROID page????? Good ole Simplify22 is clearly NOT using anything ANDROID because there is NOT an App for THAT---MYSPACE, that there's the irrelevance in MYSPACE----they don't friggin' care enough to attract the rest of the world....I don't think Apple cares that much about them-----it's too busy with iTunes owning the music world....MYSPACE might try to be different, but the where and when I (and all ANDROID USERS) can access and use it is, well, unlikely ("soon" has come and gone) MYSPACE is unreachable---guess it's waiting until I'm too old to care until they develop an APP?????? Remember, in CAT years I wind up aging pretty quickly....oh right, MYSPACE doesn't care....

I read all the conversation and thanks to all for giving their valuable time.

I just want to know answers of simple question. Expert please answers as I don't want to bur apple phn to access the myspace app. I want it in Android

When will be myspace app launching for Android Devices/Phones ?