Lloyd Flex Case

Word's getting around about the Lloyd Flex Case. We've been occasionally teasing the TPU cases sporting everyone's favorite Android Central mascot on Google+ and Twitter, and the inevitable question is "Where can I get such a wonderful case?"

The answer, of course, is ShopAndroid.com. And more specifically, the Lloyd Gear section. Currently they've got cases in stock for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and the Nexus 4. They're each made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, that sort of half-rubber/half-plastic that's become quite popular in cases. 

Right now the Lloyd Flex Cases are all on sale for $14.95 -- that's $5 off. So not only do you make your phone look good (and help support this site in the process), you get to save a little cash in the process.

Here's where to buy the awesome Lloyd Flex Case:

Need international shipping? Can do. Check out all the details here.

More Lloyd Gear!


Reader comments

Where to buy those awesome Android Central Lloyd cases?


Hey Phil...I think you guys should make an account at the company I work for www.zazzle.com and sell Lloyd "customizable" cases there (or anything else you'd like). Check it out! I can get you in touch with the corporate marketing side if you wanted to create a specialized account. Such a great feature to have and to get the Android Central name out there (you know...to the 3 other people who might not have heard of it haha)!

Not available in Canada. Awesome. Typical Canuck here bitching about these cases availability. Is it really that difficult for you guys to send a phone case to another country.....

It's really not that difficult. Not sure why it's not showing in the Canadian store (which actually is separate from the U.S. store that ships internationally). Will have someone check on that.

Phil I'd love to see you guys come out with your own line of cases, some high quality stuff, rather than just the tpu cases.

I have a TPU case from another supplier and really like it.

Now if I could get a good shipping deal on a Lloyd case to the UK.....

I use the steelie mount so I have a small disc that I stick on the back of my phone, on the nexus I had cut a hole in the case but now I just go caseless on my S3 but this case would be perfect. Would not want to cut a hole in Andy...lol

If you have the Galaxy Note 2 I highly recommend this Lloyd case. I have the clear version. I've had hundreds of people ask me where to get it from. Nice grip and cool look.

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