At least two popular beta testing platforms still available for all

Not too much to report here, really — app beta testing service TestFlight will shutter Android support on March 21st, 2014. If you're not familiar with TestFlight, it is a free platform for developers and teams to deploy early versions of their apps for testing among users, collect feedback and iterate on apps more fluidly. "No user will be able to upload any Android builds to TestFlight" after that date, but there isn't any indication of how long you'll still receive analytics and feedback from participants of previous builds.

We're not entirely sure if this is a response to Google Play having proper beta testing support or another reason, but the end result is the same. We now have one fewer beta testing platform — alternatives such as HockeyApp and of course Google Play exist, so we expect those to pick up the slack with ease.

Update: Turns out TestFlight has been bought by Apple.

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TestFlight beta testing platform killing Android support March 21


This might not be a big news to you and me but some people still use it. dev team at my work place use test flight and to them its news

We also provide a beta testing platform for Android that focusing on improving productivity of mobile app development by simplifying the complicated beta downloading process. On the contrary to TestFlight, we've just started supporting iOS apps. https://deploygate.com

This is fairly big news for developers who were trying to standardize on a beta/testing distribution method. Testflight has lots of good support for Jenkins. Just shows how much of the readership of android central are actual developers I guess :-P

Will have to look at deploy gate or hockey app as alternatives...

This is what happens when you're too late to the party. TestFlight could have found early success on Android, but instead they placed all their eggs in the iOS basket, and now that's all they have.

No real loss here, folks. I've tried it, but it was a pretty horrible experience.

No big deal. We were lucky to migrate to Ubertesters (http://ubertesters.com/) two weeks ago. And I can say this mobile app testing platform is much much better than testflight, it's free and... YES it supports Android.

You should all try Ubertesters.com The only robust platform to offer complete, end-to-end mobile app testing solution. It supports both Android & iOS and combines most of the available tools today in a single environment.
In addition to the controlled build distribution and crash reporting, we offer Bug-submission tool that enables the tester to define, edit and mark the bug screenshot prior to sending it to the developer from within the app. And gives you management tools to control the build/team/devices so you can manage internal as well as external team members. Lastly – it offers on-demand, professional testers for hire. Check it out at www.ubertesters.com

We`ve been using Ubertesters for 2 months and since that time they proved to be a great service to use. Our customers love to monitor the work in real time and have the full transparency of the process, and they can easily interact with the team. So basically it`s a very good system both for internal and external usage. highly recommended. and don`t cry too much about TF ;-)

Not sure why you haven't included the full story here. Apple bought the company that runs TestFlight.