Now integrated with Google Now, DashClock Widget, Gmail, and calendar apps

Tasks -- the app that looks so good you'd think it was made by Google -- is getting a big update today. No longer limited to typing out tasks, users can now use the voice command "note to self..." in Google Now to add task entries to the app. The ever-popular DashClock Widget gets Tasks support as well, with the ability to display pending tasks. But the app integration doesn't stop there -- support for related Gmail messages has been added, along with support for third party calendar widgets.

There are a handful of other notable changes, too. Reminders now have a snooze function, and an indicator has been added for overdue tasks. Lists get the option to sort items alphabetically, and the date picker is now easier to use with new shortcuts for today, tomorrow, and next week.

Upon installation of the new update, a permission change is requested. This adds the option to donate to the developer from within the app. If you're using the free version, we'd suggest getting the full version before donating. Hit the Play Store link at the top to get started.


Reader comments

Tasks update brings multi-app integration, better usability


Love this app. It is so clean and fast. Nice update too. It works well with the "Note to self" voice input.

Awesome app, but I've lost interest in this as well as Evernote since Google Keep was released. I'll have to try out the new update.

Same here - I actually uninstalled it today after seeing that the update would use "note to self" - I prefer Keep for that.

I bought this app but now i use keep. I wish google update "keep" with reminder and website save feature

I like the idea of Keep but will use it when it has more features. For now Tasks is where it's at for me. Integrates with Android/Google very well.

It's a great looking task app. Unfortunately it still doesn't support recurring tasks. To me this is a must have feature for any task app.

I agree. The problem is this app is so tightly tied to Google Tasks which doesn't support recurring tasks. Google gives no attention to Tasks anymore, so we may never see it. The outcome of no development means fewer users attracted to it, which means Google Tasks could disappear one day. I hope the Tasks team is prepared for such a possibility.

I bought this app. It is nice, but do wish it would add some Any.Do like features like prompting to plan for the day. I love the GTD philosophy, and anything to better enable it is welcomed. Will download update, which sounds fantastic, and give it a test drive.