T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

T-Mobile just dropped a few more deets on the upcoming Samsung Vibrant -- the U.S. carrier's version of the Samsung Galaxy S. Here's what they said:

  • Samsung "Hummingbird" processor at 1GHz.
  • 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen.
  • It "benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, but it’s not an HSPA+ device." (Oooook.)
  • Dimensions: 4.82 x 2.54 x 0.39 inches.
  • 5MP rear camera. (No front camera like on the Euro version of the Galaxy S)
  • Will launch with Android 2.1.

So, nothing we didn't already know, really, but it's nice to see T-Mobile (slowly -- painfully slowly) give us some more info. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant will launch with Android 2.1


The phone's processor + GPU is what stands out the most.
It seems great, but no camera flash and the fact that it looks like an iphone... is a joke.

Why Samsung would want to put an iphone looking skin on it... is beyond me.

But darn I want that screen + GPU.

when i first saw that t-mobile had changed the design a little (namely the bottom row), i didn't like it. but it's definitely growing on me.

It means you wont get HSPDA+ speeds and your regular speeds will be a bit better because of HSPDA+ availability. You may have the Tollway to drive 100MPH but your car will only go to 60MPH because its a hoopty, :-)

What does this mean?

"benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, but it’s not an HSPA+ device."

I thought the benefit of HSPA+ was that you didn't have to purchase a capable HSPA+ phone. What will then a "HSPA+ device" do for you?

(sigh) Why T-Mobile, just why would you remove the damn front camera? I'm definitely not getting it, because it wouldn't even be much more different then my Nexus One. Looks like I may switch back to Sprint and get an Evo 4G.

Uh... do you know how fast this thing is? Compared to a N1 and EVO? It has the fastest GPU of any smartphone out there and a fast 1ghZ CPU PLUS a Super AMOLED (no one else has).

Don't know how real experience would be, but some people from Korea reported this made about 800 score on Quadrant.

Considering N1 and EVO scored somewhere around 500, it is about 60% faster.

Only problem is, although it's rumored to have better spec than Droid X, Droid X scored about 1100... Don't know why.

That fact that it's being released with 2.1 & how slow Samsung has been to upgrade other phones makes me wary. I'll probably wait for a 4+ in screen with 2,2 installed. I like this phone, But wary of updates.

This is the most disgraceful news i have had to tell my friends. After telling them that it has just about the same specs as the iPhone4, i am really ashamed. T-Mobile really sucks, They always start out advertising the "next big thing" only for it it be a the next "dumb" product. Next in line for the dissapointment is the rumored HTC device they are calling the Emerald. Supposed to be like the HTC EVO4 and it supposedly running dual processors and comes out during the holidays with Gingerbread (Android 3). Dont hold your breath, everything is SUPPOSEDLY !!!!

what a bunch of whining little BITCHES, "it does not have FFC" I do not hear anyone bitching that the DroidX is not a super phone because it does not have FFC. Other then the EVO what android phone has it?

Quit whining about it it is gone on all US based versions on the SGS.

Ok my rant is now over!!!!

We are not on Verizon, DUH, we are complaining about our provider and what other devices have. If you want to be stuck with old technology then shut up and dont post dumb responses. Ranting out coz we thought we were going to get a good device

Compair the Vibrant to the other talked about devices coming out and it is good without the FFC. I am a TMO user and I could care less about the the camera, also getting this phone the day it comes out.

Cool specs! I can't wait to get the Galaxy S Pro. I wanted to get an Android phone but wasn't diggin the Evo. Hope to get a release date for the GSP!

My dad just got a job with T-mobile so i guess we'll be switching (on verizon now) i was gonna get the droid x but it looks like this will be my next phonem but hey im not complaining this is a great phone

Sorry but until I see evidence that samsung isn't going to stick me with an old version of Android forever they can keep their phones

That's a good idea. I highly recommend it.
Thinking what Samsung did to Behold2, buying Samsung product right away feels really bad choice.

I am personally glad they left out the FFC. It may decrease the MSRP cost a little bit. Also it's probably something I would never use. I just don't see the point or the need to see someone when I am talking to them.

I am still torn between this and the Droid X. I like the camera flash and screen size on the Droid X but I like the better GPU, better looking display and more responsive screen on the Galaxy S.

I live in Baltimore, MD and never travel. Both Verizon and T-Mobile have great service here but T-Mobiles 3g is faster than Verizon'e here, not to mention they are bringing HSPA+ here pretty soon.

Those of you wandering how non HSPA+ devices benefit from the upgrade, I will explain. Just because the device is limited to 7.1 MB/s does not mean it can't benefit from HSPA+. It just can't go past 7.1 MB/s where as a HSPA+ compatible device could reach 21 MB/s. T-Mobiles HSPA+ network is completely compatible with all of it's devices just like your computers wireless N network card is compatible with a wireless G router. 7.1 MB/s is damn fast for a mobile device.

Most intelligent post on this topic yet. I agree completely. The fact that the Vibrant doesn't have a FFC is not a deal breaker. How many of you are going to use video calling on a daily basis? How much battery life will that waste on a call? Also I wouldn't doubt that Apple has something to do with knocking out the FFC on as many phones that come to the US. They have no hold in the EU/Asia.

HSPA will be faster than your 3G. And yes 7.1 MBps is fast..faster than Wifi.

Everyone needs to stop complaining. If you don't like it choose another carrier who will ream you on service charges. Go Magenta!

(Not an HSPA+ device.) - (flash) - (forward facing camera) = FAIL!
Put that on T-mobileclue.com morons. Leave it to T-Mobile to ruin a perfectly good phone. T-Mobile is the fat chick on a blind date. What a letdown!

A little disappointed that there is no ffc but that's not a big deal for me. There is no one to use it with anyway for me. And I like the 4 touch sensitive buttons a little bit better. This phone will be one of the best android phones out. And I forgot about the flash I never use it any way I use a real camera if I want to take any pics worth keeping. The screen is soposed to be a little better in some was then the iPhone 4g so that's worth it. I'm giving up my nexus one for it. And I'm sure it will get 2.2 it's a top of the line phone.

I noticed the back of the samsung Vibrant BOX it says it has UMTS I, II ,& IV . I want to use it on AT&T , and according to Wikipedia, UMTS II is At&t's 1900 Frequency of 3G. . . . wouldn't it make sense that the Vibrant should be able too see At&t's 3G NETWORK !?!?!?!