Sirius XM Android app

Remember how a change in the Froyo code has borked the audio for a good many apps? That included the Sirius XM satellite radio app (read our review here), which has left us hanging for a good many weeks. But it's finally been updated, and things are fixed in Version 1.1.0. You still need a Sirius XM subscription, and you still can't get the app in the Android Market. But you can learn more about it here (or download directly from here) and stream from the heavens until the cows come home. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Sirius XM app updated to fix Froyo bug


Can you use your existing Sirius/XM account or do you have to pay for a new account like on the WinMobile devices?

You just call in and they add it on to your existing account ... mine cost $10 for the year to add it to my phone

The fix did fix problems with app. working with Froyo on EVO 4g. However, big problem still exists. For those whose real desire is to listen to live NFL football with the premium package, on their smartphone, this application DOES NOT ALLOW FOR YOU TO TURN IN TO ANY MANUAL CHANNEL. IT ONLY ALLOWS YOU TO SELECT FROM PRESET STATIONS- which do not include any of the NFL games I'm paying for. Please fix ASAP, as XM tech support indicated would happen, and has not!

Love Sirius, but this is still a horrible app in terms of quality and design. With the update, it now frequently freezes, not letting me even use the home button.

For design - How about pausing playback if headphones (BT or otherwise) are removed? Nothing like stopping your car, getting out, and 30 seconds later have it start blaring whatever you were listening to in from your pocket. Speaking of pausing, why is this control so unbelievably small and in the corner? That's what you do with an audio app, PLAY AND PAUSE. Make it easy.

This is a mobile app, used on the go - how about increasing the visibility of the information I want, like song/artist info? Chances are I'm already aware of what channel I'm listening to, so does its graphic really need that much space?

And really, put it in the market already! That's how I know there are updates. Side-loading it is just a PITA for no benefit. I guess they don't want to make it easy for people to comment on it. This app is an embarrassment to the service.