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It's definitely getting close to that time again. Another Samsung event is almost upon us, and as always theres a Samsung Unpacked Android application to participate in the buzz. Simply titled Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012, the app is free to download right now from the Google Play Store. An initial word of warning though -- it's buggy. It won't open on my HTC One X, so at least for now some of you won't be getting any joy from trying to open it. It could be an ICS thing, as theres already a comment that it also doesn't work on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully come the big day though, it'll be fixed. 

Anyone who has used these apps before will be right at home, it's pretty much business as usual. Naturally at the moment it's pretty useless, unless you're actually going to the event. The address for the venue and travel details from the major hubs in and around London are about all that's present right now. The teaser is also there, just in case you haven't seen it yet.

The important feature -- mobile streaming of the event. If you can't be there, or more to the point, if you're at work, this could prove key to keeping up with events. That and following Android Central of course, as we'll be there come May 3 to keep you guys fully up to speed. You'll find the download links after the break.


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Samsung Unpacked 2012 app now available from Google Play, offers usual slim pickings ahead of event


Samsung shouldnt be holding big events to show off their latest and greatest phones and tablets when my e4gt and gt 10.1 sit with no updates.....still! Im just saying....

The GT I can't help you with, but it really isn't their fault the e4gt is waiting for the ICS update, Sprint is to Blane for this one, I'm running the leaked builds and right now it just seems like Sprint is trying to get the modem (Radios) calibrated, trust me, you don't want the update just yet, but it's getting super close, hopefully before or on the 3rd, they'll be rolling it out.

Same result.

No love on Verizon Samsung Nexus. Remind me again about how this is cutting edge phone from Samsung, ahead of the others? Which ones are the others?

Looking at the reviews, I'm pretty sure that so far this only works no Galaxy S phones... They should fix this soon.

Just DL,ed it and it works fine on my ATT Galaxy Note. Not much info.
Mostly says to wait til may 3rd.

Works just fine with both official and CM9 ICS on SGS2 and also on a HTC Desire HD running Primo-S v3.4

not functional on a GSM Galaxy Nexus either, unfortunately. Would've loved to watch the event through the app. Guess we'll have to find the web livestream again, like I did with the GNex event.