How convenient. On the same day that Apple released the sixth iteration of its iOS, Samsung has released their latest Galaxy S III commercial. Must be some kind of coincidence.

In this latest commercial, you can see many consumers waiting in line in front of an unnamed store, apparently waiting for an unnamed phone. They all seem to be wearing white headphones though, I wonder if that's some sort of clue?

Perhaps my favorite line from the commercial was this one:

Girl: I heard the connector is all digital... What does that even mean?

Man: What? Who knows??..... long pause.... I'm psyched!

Anyway, the commercial does tout some of the SGS3's features such as a large screen, NFC and the fact that it's had 4G for a while now. It's pretty funny and unlike their print ad that ran a few days ago, this video was fairly clever. Head past the break to watch.


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Samsung's latest commercial: The next big thing is already here


Small thing amuse small minds. :P

If you want the best of both worlds check out the RAZR M if you're on Verizon. Nice compact size overall with a 4.3" screen which is the same size as the standard RAZR. I've played with one quite a bit and the screen is very nice and it is a fast device as well.

freaking hilarious. Unrelated though, what's up with the audio ads on here AC....not cool at all when browsing the web get audio blasting out of my tablet....not cool at all.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but then again I keep adblock plus installed at all times. Time to root your tablet and put an ad blocker on it.

I feel so sorry for Samsung i really dont think silly pathetic little adds will help them claw back the $1billion they had to pay apple. Loosers

Nah the retards will still get the iphone because they don't know better and the ones who get Samsung understand the joke

The ones they're insulting won't switch anyway. They're making fun of the Apple Worshipers that'll buy anything apple puts out just because it's from Apple. Those people will never convert.

Those who have half a brain and use it once in a while will enjoy making fun of those apple people and may actually look at something else.

You could interpret the Apple "Think Different" campaign as insulting to customers too if you think this wonderful Samsung ad is insulting. "Do I need Apple to tell me to think differently? Are they calling me stupid, unable to think for myself?" See?

I think Applers are offended by the ad not because of a perceived insult to potential customers. They are offended because it's rooted in truth, and it makes them and their phone look silly. Blind obedience is a good target for good humor.

Apple needs to change the slogan from "think different" to "stop thinking, let us do it for you".

You mean those humorless brainwashed hipsters who are standing in line? This commercial wasn't meant for them. It was meant for people with a sense of humor, not people who get butthurt at a little jab.

BTW, the part that got me was the dude who was saving a spot in line... for his parents.

It really isn't any different than Apple and their "Mac v PC" commercials - apparently if you don't use a Mac you are a stodgy old fart who is out of touch with everything!! History doesn't seem to support your theory - as long as these types of commercials, be it Samsung or Apple, actually demonstrate/talk about features of the products the commercials don't typically come across as insulting to the every day consumer. Apple's rising PC' market share from the days of the Mac v PC ads through to today is evidence of that (despite their incredibly condescending attitude to PC users).

Hi steve jobs!!! I checked all your posts.
I guess you are an apple fanboy who came here to troll. I guess u r butt hurt

Apparently Samsung is such a loser that they are still marching forward with more products. Like my future Christmas present the Note 2.

It is loser, not "looser". Since you are grossly uninformed ben ten, samsung didn't actually pay the money yet. Do you think any of that billion dollar settlement payment will be made up in higher prices charged for samsung made components to apple to make their magical products? I'd wait for the results of the appeal before I start spitting your level of stupidity.

Flash Storage is small beans... wait until they attempt to find other parts elsewhere. Actually, I think they tried that once... it turned into the iPhone 4S. ROFL

Good thing Samsung has control over cheap,Hasbro toy plastic. Maybe they should make their devices out if quality material. Think I found a Samsung phone in my breakfast cereal this morning. ROTFLMAO.

I love how people think light materials are "cheap". :)

I carry an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S3 (Work reasons) and I love/use the S3 as my primary phone simply because I don't like the way the iPhone feels/operates. As far as quality material, I'd take the S3 design over the 4S any day. I don't feel like I have to have a case around the S3.

He obviously hasn't held the iphone 5 yet, which many are complaining is so light it feels cheap.

You're fun. :)

I also prefer my S3's screen over my 4S. It's more pleasant to operate on a larger screen. After using the S3 on a regular basis, it is VERY hard for me to go back to the smaller iPhone for even basic browsing.

Do you actually own an S3 and have you used one for an extended time? It's hard to make accurate claims against the two otherwise.

Good call, because Android hasn't improved at all over the years. Oh wait, that's IOS. It's the one that hasn't changed in 5 years. hmmm.......

Haha what? I understand going to a site that revolves around certain products and pointing out bad things about those products because you aren't biased, but not when you don't even like the products. Yeah you're free to visit any site you want, but if you're not even interested in Android, why are you at Android Central?

Yes, going in with a biased opinion and playing with it in the store is the same as using it in the real world for an extended period of time.. good job.

As I've said, I have many devices and primarily keep the S3 and 4S (The top two (Arguably) on each platform in this debate) with me. I honestly prefer the S3 and Android over the iPhone and Apples closed and dated platform.

They haven't had to pay Apple $1B and I'd be surprised (Although a lot of dumb things are happening these days) if they ever have to pay $1B to Apple due to the lawsuit you're referencing.

There will be an appeal and we'll see what happens with that. Either way, it'll be a long and drawn out back and forth battle and the S3 will be a thing of the past by the time anything is final.

Samsung hasn't paid Apple anything yet. It all depends on the judge's ruling after the Dec hearing. She may over-rule the jury too.

The publicity they generated is well worth the $1 billion they had to pay. Go troll somewhere else, dude, this is ANDROID CENTRAL in case you missed it. Your pathetic whining is NOT welcome here!

Pretty sure those "loosers" haven't paid a nickel (despite some Internet rumors) and I have faith the judicial system won't fail twice during the appeal..
Nice troll tho.

Yuh, but the case not over yet... So don`t feel sorry yet. After December we all will see the final to the case.... Mostly Apple and Samsung will go into licence deal before anything over yet... So keep your hope down until than.

That was pretty funny, I don't think it's going to change many opinions one way or the other and it is of course one sided, but it was funny.

I don't know. Part of me me says that a lot of Apple buyers will just get the Apple stuff with the full knowledge that they are doing what they are supposed to do, and not questioning their options.

But I also think there are a number of them out there that are starting to question if they are becoming the butt of jokes. Surely there was someone out there that watched the webcast of the iphone5 release and said to themselve, "Sweet, an all digital connector." Only to later watch that Samsung commercial and then think to themself, "Man, I'm that dumb girl..."

At least that's my hope.

Also, I did like the part where the guy's parents came to get in line.


Funny thing is I know plenty of people who have done the opposite. (Including myself). I can't think of a single person that I know who started with an Android phone and switched to iPhone.

.. Just saying.

I would be willing to bet that they tried Gingerbread. I have yet to meet anyone who has used ICS, or especially Jelly Bean, that prefers iOS.

Funny thing is I went from iPhone 4 and 4s to the Infuse 4G and Galaxy Note because I don't want a tiny screen and jailbreak so I won't have the same boring UI as everyone else.

Very funny stuff, The funniest thing about the entire commercial is it is very true. The SGS3 is far and away past the new I-Phone in all ways, the software and spec are just better, the innovation that Samsung put in the SGS3 software is unbelievable. I love the pure Google experience but the amount of cool stuff that the SGS3 does out of the box I just don't want to leave it. Everyday I find something new that they put into it. The I-Phone 5 has very little to be proud about but their marketing. They can put the spin to it all they want but what kills me the most is the amount of bragging that has been done about the longevity of their new mystery battery. No one even knows the size of this thing or no one from any news source including Android Central has asked or even mentioned this fact. I have seen so many articles from Imore bashing SGS3 and Android but when this new IPhone is mentioned it's mums the word. Maybe that is just being professional but at least be honest about the facts. This is the first article that was released from this website that mocked their new phone and probably because it was from Samsung. I guess Android Central is just too Professional to lower themselves and that is a good thing. Just My Opinion

Yeah my friend and I were talking about that just a bit ago. With other phones it was no time to drop Touchwiz/Blur/Since, but this touchwiz is really nice. The only thing I don't like is the name Touchwiz, makes you feel kinda dirty lol

You love iPhones and hate Android, we get it. It's sad that many people that use the iPhone are angry at other people for using something different. It's a phone, get over yourself bro. Samsung made a commercial to market the S3. It's not like Apple can't fire back and also make a commercial. I hope Apple is paying you to wear pompons and stand on the sideline cheering them on.

Ya, because we all know that the amount is sells related to how capable it is. I guess that means that clothes from wal-mart are the best out there too since they sell more than quality clothing elsewhere.

Isn't google activating 1.3 million android phones/day? so in 100 days, that would be 130 million android phones just in case you're having an issue with math.

I was waiting for the next big thing from HTC, ie the mythical One X+ for T-Mobile. Looks like that was bullshit.Fuck you HTC. I will be converting to Samsung Galaxy S III

The one thing that irks me about the One series of phones is HTC's RAM saving measures they programmed in where apps will be closed even though there'll be enough RAM to keep them open. Even though I would much prefer a vanilla Android experience over skins, that reason alone is why I would pick a Galaxy S III or Note II over an HTC One device. I'd feel out of the box one of those Samsungs would much better suit how I feel the software should run.

I think the Apple reply will be to state that more IPhones are sold than GS3s...of course it's not a fair comparison since GS3s are only a fraction of the Android market.

Just because Apple sells more iPhones than Samsung doesn't mean they can't still be proud of selling 20 million S3s. 20 million is a lot of people. They're in business to make a profit. If they're doing that, then it doesn't matter how many iPhones are sold. And the CEOs of these companies are rich either way, so they're eating more cake than both of us lol

Way better than the print ad they put out. It's better to actually show a feature in action the Galaxy S III has that the iPhone 5 doesn't than to just blatantly not list some features of the iPhone 5, even though the software is clearly lacking in major updates with iOS 6. Even Engadget's review they give very little praise to iOS 6 at the moment but don't even list it as a con in their review cliffnotes.

Well at least it isnt like the Iphone that can't even do real multi-tasking or even add attachements to emails or do NFC or share with any app or have an HD screen or have a normal size screen or have widgets or have anything except static icons or do mobile payments or share playlists/files or use it as a storage device or drag and drop files from your PC to your phone or use Swype or any other kind of keyboard besides the crappy one they have or not having tactile feedback or use a standard micro USB cable or being a phone that isn't for complete retards and victims of marketing that have no brain. ;)

Why is Apple going after Samsung (in court), but not after LG or Sony etc.? Simple, because Samsung has the balls to take Apple head-on. They can fight fire with fire and have expertise in each and every field. More than that it's proved that Samsung is the only one now challenging Apple in terms of finances.

This is why you should not get it and get the GS 3, Note 2, or LG Optimus G. Very good points. Honestly it's the truth they got more features than that thing.

It's all reality! It just shows how certain people
are 'locked' in on a company and only hears what that company tells them is important.
My daughter is an Apple devotee and was amazed at my GS3 and what android does and has been doing. She has a 4S but she is NOT getting the 5. Her contract isn't up until next summer so she says see will be looking very hard at the android phones before she makes the final decision. I have a long time to save her from apple!

Just so I'm clear here.....

Samsung is mocking Apple for not being innovative enough by using a re-hash of last year's commercial? And in order to market their product they are going be condescending and try to label their potential customers as idiots?

Cool plan, guys. Should work out well.

As a non-Samsung user, I still have no idea what the Galaxy SIII actually does. All their TV marketing campaign does is try to make people feel inferior for not having one (the girl on the toilet screaming "aww man" is still weird). You hardly ever see a solid ad just showing what the phone can do. Seems way too much time and effort is spent trying to belittle people who use something else.

They are mocking blind obedience, which is a re-hash of every iPhone release.

"As a non-Samsung user, I still have no idea what the Galaxy SIII actually does."

Be honest. You don't have interest in knowing what the SIII does. The ad showed SIII do a few things.

"Worse phone" is a matter of preference. The S3 works great for me. If Android doesn't work for you, then don't use it. Apple is a more polish OS. But, Android does have more features. And the S3 has alot more features than the iPhone 5. Does that make the S3 a better phone? Again, that is a matter of preference. By belittling everybody here that uses the Galaxy S3, you're basically doing the same thing as Samsung, only without a commercial. Just sayin...

Yeah, and I'm sure you weren't just like every other Apple fanboy last week jizzing in his shorts as the 'revolutionary' iphone 5 specs were being announced.


You have "no idea what the Galaxy SIII actually does"? From the ad, you can deduce:

1. It's a telephone.
2. It has a big screen.
3. It lets your transfer files and stuff by touching another phone.
4. It has LTE

From logic, you can deduce:
1. It is an Android Smartphone

It truly is a nice ad.

And how is this any different than Apple's "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" commercials. Treating PC users as out of touch stodgy idiots didn't seem to to impact Apple's sales - their continued increase in PC market share is evidence of that.

And just like those Apple commercials, the ad does highlight features of the device being marketed as well as being a little loose with the arrogance - NFC, screen size, LTE, etc... Maybe if it had a white background, or a celebrity asking if it was raining or to remind them to do something in an hour!, the commercial would be more to your liking.

I wasn't a huge fan of those commercials either, but there was a pretty big difference. In the Mac/PC commercials the actors were representative of the devices themselves (Hi, I'm a Mac). It made the PC out to be a slow, clunky device and showed the Mac as being...let's say fresher.

In the Samsung commercial they hit the product as well, but knock out the customers as part of the collateral damage.

To me....that's the big difference.

I would argue that the actors were representative of the products and the users. Clearly if you are a Mac, you are hip and cool, and up to date, but if you are a PC you are boring, out of date, and clueless - clearly the intent of the ads is that no person watching those ads wants to be identified with the PC. More subtle than the Samsung ads but still doing the same thing

Let's see how many iPhones are sold in 100 days. More than 20 million. :p

They can sell one million or twenty million it's still the same ol boring iphone
Quantity sold won't add new features, just gives them more money

It's a double standard when you defend Apple for selling more iPhones, but talk down about Samsung for being proud of selling 20 million S3s.

Interesting tidbit - I have had my GN since release and yesterday was the first day I was able to try the NFC transfer with another phone. Everyone I know has an iPhone. I finally had a meeting with an SIII user. It took me 10 months to find an Android/NFC user!

If you wanted to try out the NFC couldn't you try those card things to automate some stuff? Or try the NFC payment thing?

Probably, but I have no idea what the card things are that you are alluding to. Also I prefer to pay with a credit card in hand, but will most likely migrate to NFC when it is more widespread.

You sure are spending a lof of your time on an android site for someone who hates android so much. I'm sure they're happy for all the page loads you're doing considering you're directly supporting this site.

Face meet Palm

Haha wow so you hate a phone OS? Sounds like somebody needs to use their happy sock. Android isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And if Android did "die", what would you hate next? I just want you to personally know that Apple doesn't even know or care that you exists. They just want your money. Would you hate your parents if they used Android phones? Would you be willing to lose a friend over a phone OS? That's sad...

Hmm. Looking at your profile, you call yourself Androidopensourceproject, then proceed to post nothing but bashing of android/Samsung and blinkered, slavish praise of Apple (all in this thread, incidently). The stink of troll is very strong.

Lol... How pathetic and low can Samsung get? Make a good product a maybe you too can have people lining up to get it, and that sharing playlist by just touching phones is pretty cool, the only problem is if you own an S3 the chances of you knowing anybody else with one are very slim. Since every else eather own an iPhone or is on that comercial standing in line to get the phone the matter..... Your welcome people.

My wife and I both have SIII phones so we have been able to try out the NFC stuff without too much hassle.

Sharing photos and videos is amazing with the WIFI direct thing. I can't beleive how fast it transfers HUGE files.

A friend at Church just got an SIII and so did my mom. When the prices come down I'm going to pick up some used S3s off contract for my kids.

I really like using the DLNA capabilities with my Samsung TV as well. It is so cool to be able to share photos and videos with the family hassle-free on the living room TV.

I don't know if iPhones can do this kind of stuff or not. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of the coolness so I hope they can.

I'm looking forward to picking up the Samsung Allshare Cast thing so I can do wireless mirroring on the TV from any of the phones in the house.

Also looking forward to trying out the wireless charging.

I don't mind the commercial everyone is talking about today but why not make a commercial showing off these kind of features?

Well, you eather supporting Samsung all by your sell or your lying your ass off, and I'm betting for the second one, you know what I like to do with out hassle? Upgrade my phone everytime a knew OS come out.

Oh, so he's lying because he likes his S3, uses all the features it has to offer, and wants to buy some for his kids? How exactly does that make him a liar?

The 20 million people who have bought SGIII's would disagree with you. And upgrading Android (late b/c of the OEM or not) is just as easy as iOS - over the air...done. Don;t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great piece of hardware and iOS is very slick (even if a little dated looking for my taste) but its just not the end all be all of the smart phone space - the same goes for Android and Windows 8.

If you think about it tthose number are not that impressive, well maybe for a droid phone but I'm sure you don't wanna get into a number dabate with me, at the end of the day Samsung will never catch up to apple as long as they keep making irrelevant phones that don't work as well and smooth as the iPhone, it doesn't matter how many gimmicks they put on it

It's true that the majority of people will have an iPhone over an S3. So? Why take this so personal? It's a commercial. Unless you're directly related to Steve Jobs or work for Apple, it shouldn't really mean anything to you. I doubt you're being paid by Apple. At the end of the day, it's to make people laugh and sell a product. I showed this commercial to my room mate, who is heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, and he loved it. Thought it was funny; Will it make him by an S3, hell no. But, he didn't get all butt hurt about a company that doesn't share the same opinion as him. I understand that Android fanboys do go to iMore and other iOS fan sites and post stupid stuff. But, you don't have to stoop to their level. Just sayin...

Lol, nobody here is above anybody's leve is not that serious, I just can't belive the Samsung would actually make a comercial were they pretty much admit the people prefer to stand in line for days to get an iPhone instead of walking to store and get an S3. It takes more the all those gimmicks they put on their product to make a good one, when they start making phones with out bugs or lags or the ability to upgrade as soon as the next OS come out maybe they can have some people standing in line for a galaxy. I would bet on it though.

Haha I see what you're saying. Samsung is basically making fun of Apple for making a more popular product. I will admit that some of the "features" that Samsung baked into its Touchwiz skin are gimmicky at best. S Voice, for example. Tried to use it once, and vowed never to even look at it again afterwards. The Galaxy line has worked great for Samsung. However, until Samsung creates that "must have" ecosystem, and stops releasing a million phones a year, they will never have anyone lining up for days for their products.

Hilarious! Dude said they should have a priority line for people who waited five times, lol!

I know dude Hilarious!! Imagine Conan making phone of jay Leno because of his tv rating!! What a clever and well thought comercial.

Samsung dares to do what no other OEM, up until now, has been willing to do. Take the fight, and go on the offense, right at Apple.

Most OEM's have left Apple alone, and IMO they have failed to point out the flaws and limited capabilities of the iPhone. Therefore, the iphone went unchallenged and gained more and more market share.

Don't get me wrong, the iphone is a really nice device, but it has its flaws and there are other options out here. Samsung is willing to spend their marketing, and research & development money on pointing this fact out.

If other OEM's had, or would, take this approach I think the limitations of the iphone would be more and more apparent to the masses.

Love the way he's saving a spot in the line for his elderly parents. I've been thinking for a long time that the iPhone is only really being bought now by isheep upgrading and technophobes.

Actually i found that interesting too. When my mother last asked me about what smartphone she should upgrade too i rattled off a few android devices obviously but then told her an iphone may be best simply for its ease of use and lack of features she will not use.

I mean this is the lady who calls me up once a month asking for step by step instructions on how to change here desktop wallpaper(background)...

i think if you use your smartphone mostly as a phone then the iphone is great.

but if you use it mainly for its smart features then android is the way to go.

What was your favorite line in the commercial?

My fav was: "We're going to get that for sure... maybe not this time, but next time, right?"

IPhone is simple and stays simple, android can be simple or get as advanced as you want to go. So yeh if you want basic, well get an iPhone. If you want more for your buck, well get an android. So I guess I'll be sticking with android, innovative and more bang for my buck.

I have been a HUGE Android fan for 2 years now. In those 2 years I have always had glichy apps, outdated apps, and apps I really need/want but is not on android. I've had an Asus TF101 for a year and crashes like crazy. The home screen crashes every time I pull it out. I've had a Droid X for a year and its super slow even with like 10 apps installed. Like come on the iPhone 4 came out the same time and it's still fast. I just bought a Droid Razr not to long ago and Motorola still can't say when the 4.1 update is coming. WTF!!! I'm sorry but I can not stand the android update procedure or that I can't use every app because it isn't "compatible". If I hate every Android device I have right now then why would I buy an S3. My next upgrade is the iPhone 5. Like seriously at least I know it will not crash on me, it will always be up to date, doesn't feel like holding a plastic piece of crap, and have every app in the world possible. Unless Google does something to fix all this I will reconsider Android.

I've been an android user since Nexus One (2010). The little inconveniences I have with it are no match to the headaches I get managing iOS devices.

SGS3 is actually quite fast. SGS2 was plenty fast already.

What about that last report that came out saying that iOS crashed more than Android? I dont know how you managed to get such bad devices but I feel bad for you. Is there a problem with your RAZR on 4.0? Mine works flawlessly on 4.0. Would I like 4.1? Sure, especially now that I have it on my Nexus 7. 4.1 is a whole other level of smooth. But, ICS works perfectly and it doesn't crash. Also I am yet to encounter an app that isn't compatible. Just so you know, iPhones are generally less durable than any android device. So protect it.