Samsung seems to be taking a different path with advertising for the Galaxy S5, actually showing off what the phone is capable of in commercials. The latest ad spot, which just hit YouTube, is a full minute long and focuses on a few key features of the latest flagship. Just like the previous ads, you see how the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, can take pictures quickly with "double the resolution of the iPhone" and can track all of your fitness activity. The Gear Fit makes a couple of small appearances as well, naturally.

Hard to argue that these ads aren't a complete 180-degree departure from the often odd ad spots of the early Galaxy S4 era, and we think they get across the high points of the Galaxy S5 and new Gear devices drastically better.


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Samsung releases new Galaxy S5 commercial, focuses on water resistance and fitness tracking


Adjusting filters before a camera shot?
Running water on your phone to clean the screen?


My mind is blown!

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It is a nice commercial. The only spoilt part was that they had to mention the goddang iPhone. Why, why, why... Galaxy devices can sell without being compared to the iPhone.

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Great Job Samsung bringing to the masses, innovative features/hardware the average consumer cares about.

Guys like me will remain stagnant tweaking their N5 while checking for 4.4."x" updates.

I like this commercial! Straight forward and shows off what the phone can do. Too bad they didn't mention Android tho :/

It appears that Samsung knows its name is "bigger" than Android (to the average consumer).

Google knows this too hint the implementation of the "powered by Android" start up animation.

Really like the SGS5 but with a pathetic 16gb of int storage, that is just ridicuolous. With the restrictions on the sd-card on the Kit Kat update it's useless for anything but music and videos and pictures. How the hell can Samsung build a Dynamite ?Smartphone like the SGS5 and only put in the US market models 16gb of int storage? Today's modern Smartphone user, at least I do require a minimum of 32gb 2with sd-card support, without sd-card support the minimum is 64gb. Will never settle for anything less. The OnePlus One with 64gb of int storage is for me.

Up to 128gb of external storage. At least Samsung still offers expandable memory. I think people have to complain about something.
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Today's modern smartphone user doesn't need all that. They don't even know how to change that annoying whistle notification sound

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They missed the biggest opportunity with this commercial. Why not add the shot of post-dump and flush?

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I think highlighting the water resistance is a great move. It's something everyone can relate to and few phones have at this point especially the fruity one.

So do they replace it if it gets damaged or is it going to be the old sorry but it has water damage not covered.

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It is IP67. That means it can be in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. However, it has survived in 5 feet for over an hour. I know they don't want to say that it is waterproof, but it is.

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IP ratings means, if your device fails because of water damage, it's never covered. Simply because they're not intended to be used under water. I think AT&T learnt that the hard way with their promotion of the GS4 active last summer when they ended up having to replace all water damaged phones because they made a commercial promising abilities IP67 wasn't intended for....

Actually if you look at the warranty, water damage is covered. Depending on country I believe. The only exclusions are if damage was caused by:
-improper closure of the back cover or the USB cover
-submersion in water for 30 minutes or more
-depth of more than 1 meter.

That's a great commercial. If I didn't already own an s5 that commercial would make me consider getting one.

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Samsung makes really good commercials they have a good marketing team

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Ppl knock Samsung for features and say they gimmicky, but as u can see when its time to market to the public u need cool features, not a premium build or loud speakers.

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Right, the average consumer loves all these features on Samsung phones. You might not use them all but I guess it's wonderful to have the option.

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Doesn't it bother you that, instead of building the best phone they can, they build the phone they can best market? Just a little bit?

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Well to me personally it is the best phone for me. I could care less if it was made out of plastic, rubber, tin, or glass. I'm going to put a case on it anyway. I returned the HTC ONE back after 2 days because I became bored with it. It's pretty, but it is boring.

This message has been brought to you by the Galaxy S5

Came into work and a coworker said they saw it yesterday. ...during a playoff basketball game....brilliant.

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One question I have about the water resistance, will it have a water detection thingy inside of it that voids the warranty if it gets wet? I would hope not.

Update: oops. I see this was asked and answered above. Sorry.