Samsung Continuum

The Samsung Continuum has appeared in a Verizon specs comparison sheet that pits the soon-to-be-released device against the rest of Verizon's high-end Android lineup. It pretty much confirms what we saw in our hands-on, and that means that we like the specs a lot. The Continuum is very similar to the Fascinate, but has a 3.4-inch screen as well as a second 1.8-inch screen that sports a resolution of 96 x 480 pixels. See the full list of specs after the break.

The device is expected to be announced at Samsung's event next week. Who is as anxious as us to grab one upon release? [via Droid-Life]

Samsung Continuum specs comparison


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Samsung Continuum specs vs. the rest of Verizon's high-end Android lineup


This phone probably isn't for me but its nice to see design going forward with a novel concept. I hope it works our for Samsung but I think I'll be getting a wifi only tab instead.

Why is the listed RAM for both the Continuum and Fascinate only 384MB?

Maybe the Continuum, since it's a lower-end Galaxy S, but doesn't the Fascinate (and all Galaxy S phones) have 512MB of RAM?

Can someone clarify?

For me a 2nd screen would only make sense on the back or a mini 1 line screen on thetop so you can glance at info while the phone is pocketed. This would allow the main screen to be full sized.
Interesting idea, however. If it didn't diminish the main screen I'd be interested.

Id prefer if it was I flip phone to reveal a phys keyboard w/separate screen for typing/chatting etc. on bottom and dedicated touch screen on surface. Two on front? IDK progressive I guess that's a good thing

I think someone dropped the ball on the internal comparison sheet, additional storage for those Moto D-2 and D-X is 8 Gb just like the HTC D. Inc. Other than that, the continuum seems cool, it i cared for ticker screens.

3.4in screen is too small for phones these days. My 4.3in Dx is bearly big enough for me. And since it's made by samsung I definitely will not be buying it. samsung makes good products, but cell phones are not there best quality products.

Bing? Android 2.1? Samsungs infamous bad products and slow OS updates?

LOL no thanks!

Good idea tho, but naturally, samsung screws it up