Samsung and Jay-Z

We just received this picture in our email, along with a cryptic reminder to "Tune in Sunday" from Samsung. We're not exactly sure what we'll be seeing, except that it involves Samsung, and producer, entertainer and entrepreneur extraordinaire Jay-Z -- and that we will want to turn up the volume.

Tune in Sunday (June 16) at 8PM Eastern on ABC to find out what's up. 

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fishygraphx says:

Really wish he would work with HTC instead. My favorite rapper works with the enemy! Unfortunately Samsung has officially taken over.


Small numbers should be spelled out instead of using their numeral representation.

Except when spelling them out puts your headline over the optimal 70 character limit. 

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xeroslash says:

You could have saved some characters by just saying "Samsung, Jay-Z planning something during game five of the NBA Finals"
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texizboy says:


BasPilot says:

Or when... Who the hell cares? Go find the guys that can't use your and you're correctly... Those are the ones we need to educate.

Besides, spelling five or using 5 is a style choice. Not everyone shall bend to your style.

Check it out, I used 'your' correctly!

planoman says:

Might make be reconsider my support of Samsung. Why not Beyonce instead?

Remember the Beyonce phone? I had the non-Beyonce version. Samsung Upstage.

osubeavs728 says:

Probably a response to beats.

Gearu says:

Must... Resist... Hating on arrogant couple who believe they are superior beings to everyone else on this planet...

Adamsville says:

projecting? I think so

swimmaholic says:

A brand new feature for the S4 where you can add LeBron's hairline back to his head

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Nreeldeep says:

And the feature where he lists how much money he made this season with a receding hairline!

josegb2011 says:

Maybe Galaxy note 3 ? You never know.

Besides, spelling five or using 5 is a style choice. Not everyone shall bend to your style.

Check it out, I used 'your' correctly! duℬ40 .ℭℴℳ

verdana says:

A S4 attached to a chain necklace

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Gekko says:

well at least it's not Yeezus.

Jowlah says:

Maybe Samsung will release a Beyonce Knowles app the shows you if she's pregnant. Or maybe not.

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Joseph Esch says:

I have no idea what that commercial meant

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dedicado says:

Go to

It was an announcement for the new album... and how its free for 1st million GS3, GS4, and Note 2 users

dgene84 says: on June 24, free for the first 1 million Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 owners and they will be activating it on July 4th with a free song download

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s2weden2000 says: