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Buying a car or bike can be a real pain. Here in the UK, one of the easiest and most reliable way is to use Auto Trader. The magazine has been around for years, but today the company announced a new version of their app for both Android and iOS. That means you can now browse cars with ease all from your smartphone or tablet.

With the Auto Trader app, once you find the vehicle you're interested in you can call the seller straight from within the application. In addition you can get Google Map directions, view the full car spec and even browse the gallery of images.

With a whole host of search categories you really cant go wrong. As well as vehicle make and the distance you are prepared to travel you can also search by many keywords such as mileage, age, fuel, transmission just to name a few.

In addition, there's mobile vehicle check -- an easy way to identify whether the bike or car you're considering has been reported stolen.

Other features include:

  • My Garage update where you can save searches and cars/bikes that you like
  • Check out a vehicle's history
  • Read owner and expert reviews
  • Search for local dealerships

It's available to download for free, so If you're looking to purchase a car you would be crazy not to take a look.

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sebianoti says:

The app is quite shit... so i don't see why you would post this if you weren't otherwise getting a big payday from the company/

JEvoUser says:

and why isn't this available in the US?

JSKershaw says:

They do have a version for the US and Canada. Just search for AutoTrader in the Play store. and are the apps.

Auto Trader US app is trash and has always been..... has a better app

bbond says:

It says it's incompatible with all of my devices, including my GNex and OG Transformer.

bplewis24 says:

Apparently they linked the wrong app. Use this one:

nxtiak says:

Ok thanks, that one works on Galaxy Nexus.
Not compatible with Nexus 7. FAIL!

eyesparky says:

They linked the right app i.e. the one in the UK. The app is compatible with my Nexus 7 and all other devices I have checked so far so perhaps it is appearing as incompatible for those not in the UK (which would make sense). The app you have linked to is something completely different.

FrasierCrane says:

"My Garage" is a weird name for a group of cars you don't own. "My Showroom" would have been better if they felt compelled to make it sound like a physical location.

solstoned says:

Can't even try it out, incompatible with my T700 and my Epic 4G... I'll stick with

nxtiak says:

Not compatible with Galaxy Nexus. FAIL!
Not compatible with Nexus 7. FAIL!

App is crap.

katezoe1 says:

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