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Marvel has announced an awesome limited-time promo as a part of their SXSW presence. Anyone using the official Marvel Comics app for Android can download over 700 first issues for free. These #1 titles range from the classics to the more contemporary stuff. The frenzy over these issues is pretty amped, so your download speeds might not be so great right now. You'll still want to get in on this, because it wraps up at 11 PM Tuesday night. David Gabriel, one of the dudes from Marvel, commented on why they kicked off this promotion. 

"At its core, Marvel #1 is all about bringing new readers into the fold. That doesn’t just mean fans who have never read a comic, but [also] longtime fans [who want] to jump into books they may have been waiting to try. With a plethora of great content and digital devices—be it tablets or smart phones—in more hands than ever, there is no better time to launch an initiative such as this."

So, any comic fans ready to get downloading? How about those of you that used to be into comics but not so much anymore? Will this generous sampling actually get folks to start buying digital comics?

Update: Marvel has acknowledged that they're having technical issues. No ETA on resolution, but sit tight.

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Marvel Comics app now offering 700 free first issues


Been trying all day to get into the store to get my issue. No success. Marvel servers are busy. Grr. You wouldn't like it when I'm angry Marvel.

It's on hiatus for now. When you go to the page it asks you for your email address to be notified when the promo will start back up again. I'm glad because I only got 10 or so and I'm really interested in seeing what else there is.

I didn't get any, just linked me to a page that says, "working through the issues" pissed that I couldn't get a single issue

I've been trying off and on all day to do it through the webpage with spotty success. Last I saw I had about 25 in my cart but I haven't been able to get the store to load most of the day. It isn't working right now either.

I haven't even been able to get my account to sign in on my app on my phone all day. It keeps telling me the password wasn't accepted. They were not ready for this at all. You can apparently do this through the Comixology app too. Any luck there?

Nope. You can see the comics in the Comixology app but when you go to purchase them it just goes back to being free. Again...go to the website and sign up to be notified when you can download them.

Mind sharing a link? I'm not seeing anything regarding signing up to be notified when they're available for download/the servers aren't overloaded.

I imagine device since people are downloading them

If you have a n4 you are sol... Lol


lol... I made a funny

I imagine device since people are downloading them

If you have a n4 you are sol... Lol


lol... I made a funny

Their servers are still down. How much do ya wanna bet they go back up right after the "700 free" offer expires?

Register...fails, but sends email somehow, confirm email..OK, log in....FAIL, not gonna get any freebies, major feck up.

Terrible app. Haven't seen this many pop up failure messages since I borrowed my friends iPhone. Really. I got registered but it took 11 tries and it keeps signing me out and it takes five tries to sign in again. Then I get to 6% on a comic download and the whole thing starts over. Marvel should extend the cut off time so less people will be trying to get stuff at once. I have hundreds of real comics but I am giving up on this nonsense.

Omg its even worse now. Loses connection five seconds after opening app.

I know this is android forum, have a droid phone but have the app for iPad and the severs are just getting crushed. I hope this gets resolved soon

Thanks for the link to the Comixology CEO response, which links to Marvel's site where you provide an email to be notified when the promotion resumes.

AC, please put this in the main article.

Why does such an app need to know who is calling me or who I am calling? Is this stupidity on Marvel's part, or on Google's, that they incorrectly identify permissions.

Comixology has totally frustrated me with this stupid promotion. I have a large library of non-marvel paid comics on their server and my apps won't even let me log on for the last four days because of all the "I want a golden ticket" freeby chasers clogging the server. They are cutting out consistant paying exisiting customers from products that have already purchased. I hope they enjoy the thousands of new customers who will never purchase anything from them as they lose the faithful paying customers to Graphically and Dark Horse. Really bad business promotion.