Casey's Captivate

Casey P just shot us an e-mail to let us know he was somehow able to wring a Samsung Captivate (see our hands-on) out of an AT&T store. The phone isn't officially supposed to go on sale until Sunday. So, any AT&T users out there who want to jump onto the Android bandwagon might want to try their luck at an AT&T store as well.

As a reminder to users on America's other GSM network, T-Mobile, the Samsung Vibrant is on sale today as well. [Big thanks to Casey P for the tip and photo!]


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AT&T sells a lucky reader a captivate already


Its nice to see that at&t finally has a good android phone so now all those poor iPhone users can finally switch to a phone they can hold with either hand. Ha ha ha

Yea. I went into my local AT&T store yesterday and the woman at the desk first ignored me. Then, after the "you are bothering me" look, asked me "can I help you?" I asked her about the Captivate and she said "we don't have it." "But are you getting it?" I responded? "Yes, and it's popular."

That was it.

I'll be getting mine online. I may try to stop and see if I can get someone who cares this evening. I can say I definitely would go out of the way to make sure that woman did not get a commission from my sale.

WTF! I will try at lunch time! If I find a store in the Semi Valley, CA area I will let you know.

If you guys find any let us know! Lets work together and get this baby earlier :D

I just got a call from my local At&t store and they have been authorized to sell me the captivate early. Going to get mine tonight :)

So I went in to get my phone, the store only received 6 and they were sold out before I left. I did get mine though. loving the phone so far.

waked in today and they said they got the e-mail the night of the 13th that said they were approved to start selling them. i went straight to the story and had a Galaxy S phone in my hand by noon. i was the first one to buy it (at that store) and i'm loving it.

I called in earlier and found out that the store was getting a shipment in early afternoon.. By 4:30 I had one in hand and it hasn't left it since!

Awesome phone!

Same here. I called all week to see if they had them in. Every local store but one stood by the "not until the 18th", but one said they'd sell them when they got them in.

The shipment came at 4:00, and I was there at 5:30. I got the first one in my area, and the 2nd guy came in while I was there.

They said there were several of us calling about tuem, and they only got 3 in. All of the reps were playing with the demo phone and talking about replacing their iphones. Funny.

I love the phone, but wish i could figure out how to remove preloaded apps, use fm radio, and find a podcatcher that doesn't suck.

Good luck everyone!

I got mine today!!!!! the guy at ATT said they are allowed to sell them to anyone that asks. I got pics of mine on my blog,!!

I visited the AT&T store near my house in Edmond, OK today looking for a case for my HTC Aria. Just as an afterthought, I asked the nice lady if she had a Samsung Captivate to show me. A few moments later she had returned from the back with an orange box that she promptly began opening. I spent the next half-hour giving the captivating Captivate the third degree, and I'm very sure that this woman would have let me walk out of there with that phone had I asked nicely. She told me the shipment they had received today had 30 Captivates! Typical southern hospitality, or just good salesmanship. Seriously, if your itching to get a phone that is on par with the Evo, and your stuck on AT&T, give this phone a chance. If I wasn't completely in love with my more pocket-friendly Aria, I would have walked out of there with that phone. My only regret is that I didn't take any pictures.

I went to two stores yesterday and both pretty much told me to get lost until Sunday...although one was a little bit nicer than the other. Why do stores that depend on walk-in customers treat us the way they do? It just doesn't make any sense.

out of curiosity how much are people that are getting them early paying for them off contract?