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We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the first community feedback session. The excellent comments we received all played a part in the next design iteration. We’re now calling on you to share your thoughts again.

We are hard at work designing the Android Central phone comparison tool. By clicking on the image below you’ll be able to see the full screen version of our Buyer’s Guide. This will of course be fully interactive once it is live.

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  • Are we missing anything you've just got to see?
  • Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?
  • Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?
  • What phone do you have now?

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Reader comments

Help Android Central on a new feature (Part II)


I really like this. Phone comparisons are really handy tools to help you make a more informed decision and I like that feeling of having a good overview of info at your finger tips. I would like it better though if in the specs you also list if the battery is removable and if the memory is expandable via micro SD card.

I too would like to see expandable storage via microSD and removable battery listed. Other than that, this is really looking good.

agreed, these are two things I see people lose sleep over when talking about a new phones specs so I think they'd be important to add. really looking good AC team can't wait for this to go live. :)

A little editorial assistance for you re: Galaxy Nexus...

"neither is it nothing to sneeze at" means, of course, that it is something to sneeze at.

Just sayin'

It would be great to have links to major reviews ... AC, engadget, cnet etc. Ok maybe not cnet ha.

Are you seriously asking AC to promote other websites?

I'm willing to bet you're not a business major at college...

It's hard to comment until we see how you arrive at this page. Or are there no choices to narrow it down by, other than "compare these phones?"

will there be a way to select the phones you want to compare?

Example: Say I wanted to upgrade from my Evo4G, I'd like to be able to select that phone from the list and then select the next candidates to compare and see what I will be upgrading and for what prices. Also a display of the carriers for that phone would be nice.

The Layout is great, but in the Case of the Samsung Galaxy S II, where there are multiple might be nice to have a listing of the different flavors that are available for that device.

Right now I see that the Screen Size is listed as 4.52, carrier is AT&T, and the CPU is the Snapdragon, but Sprint and T-Mobile offer different flavors.

Just might be nice to see a listing that notes that in some way.

First, this will be extremely helpful and the layout is quite beautiful. A few small comments:

Putting the phone name into every single subheader is useful, but you might want to drop the contrast a little bit. It can be distracting to see the same phone names written over and over and over.

If the SGSII is already getting 610H of standby, any phone that gets much higher standby will require creating a new baseline.

The colors on everything are great except in the pros/cons section. You could likely benefit from something that isn't so primary.

For a family of phones that appear on multiple carriers, you might want to link to the rest of the family. For example, you could link to the Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile versions of the SGSII from your AT&T example.

Any reason why the header for multi-line spec items (screen, sensor, et cetera) are not aligned vertically?

Maybe offer a way to collapse subsections?

Make the full review link much more prominent.

Differentiate between internal and removable storage

The Galaxy S II says AT&T and then says Quailcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor... the AT&T version has the Exynos 1.2GHz processor and also a 4.3" screen, not a 4.52" screen.

AT&T has 2 SGS2 devices. The first SGS2 which is as you describe, and a second one under "skyrocket" branding for the LTE network which has qualcomm and 4.5".

I think this goes to show that variants need to be closely documented.

It's pretty long. (that's what she said) perhaps add collapsible sections. Also, I didn't see anything for prices... perhaps detail those on various sites.

Are we missing anything you've just got to see? Maybe a unique features section -- ie for the galaxy nexus, you could say, updated by google (fast updates) or maybe also saying it has nfc and for the droid razr you could say it's ___ mm thick, ect
Will this help you make an informed purchase decision? Yes
Does this help you pick the best of the three phones? Yes
What phone do you have now? Samsung Continuum and HTC Thunderbolt

An explanation on where the battery stats came from would be nice. Is this the manufacturers specs or real world use or stress test results from AC reviews etc. If available a comparison of the battery stats mentioned would be helpful also.

Unless I missed it, can you add the OS version, ans possibly a tag that labels it as "upgradable"? I have a RAZR and really hoping for ICS upgrade soon!!
Also, announced and release date come in handy. And not sure how to put this, but it would be nice to see if this is the "latest" model, sometime there are several iterations, like the rumored RAZR MAX, or something like that, haven't really nailed it donw tho...
Looks very nice!! Keep it up, I'm a newborn Android fan (formelry Crackberry fan) and looking forward to learn as much as possible and mymanin source as always...ANDROID CENTRAL!! You rock!!!

I'd like to see a bit more tech specs, especially for us power users. Such as battery info (specifically amount of power), if the bootloader is locked, type of glass used (ie: gorilla glass), NFC and possibly bloatware. I know that last one might be stretching it, as I'm not sure if the review units you guys get have the bloatware on them or not.

Another thing to possibly think about, is listing reliable sources where one can purchase a device unlocked? As I will never, ever, ever, purchase another device on contract. (Yeah Big Red pissed me off with the Nexus)

I always find myself searching multiple sites and sources to get all of this information, as well as the information you guys already are providing within this new buyers guide. So to have all of this info compiled into one site, would eliminate such a headache for me when I'm making a new purchase.

Thanks for all the work guys!

Good layout to start with. Need to mention the presence/absence of microsd slot; battery details (removable, capacity, extended option, etc...) Price should include full retail along with the contract price. An effort should be made to keep the order of features consistent across fields, allow you to compare that information at a glance. Currently, the sensor section has the features in random order across the devices. Probably easiest to stick with alphabetical.
Might even want to offer an advanced feature listing available ROMs for each device.

This kind of feature for android tablets would be amazing, especially if it mentions whether it has Android Market access (and if not what app store it uses), bluetooth and the charger type (hopefully they can be forced to use a standard charger eventually).

I definitely agree with keeping the order of features consistent across fields - horizontally. (for example: most noticeable when looking at cars that have the same features but they are all out of order) Speaking of which, maybe the differences can be highlighted too. It would be really easy to follow if they are all in the same order and aligned.

I'd also like to see the full dimensions for the device too. It appears that the phones are aligned in the bottom, but if I have the full dimensions in the "Specs" section then I can have a better idea of how much taller / shorter / wider a phone is when combined with the comparison image views. Some people care about a few millimeters (not me) but we saw that with people being concerned about how much thicker the VZW GN is over the GSM GN's.

The weight section can be removed and instead of illustrated graphically, it can just be text in the "Specs" section. I say this b/c any comments / text placed in that area are all relative and I feel may not really add any real value. For example, "substantive weight without being too heavy", "... forget its in your pocket", "... very light for its size" (what are the dimensions? light for a 4.5 inch phone? light for a 5.5 inch phone? what does too heavy mean to the reviewer vs the end user?....)

I think all else is great!

I agree with the above comment about additional storage. I'd also like to see if the phone has an international Version, such as Sprint's HTC EVO Design 4G phone, or the Motorola Photon, and I didn't see any mention of GPS and whether or not it's an assisted GPS.

But other than that, I find the comparison chart very helpful!

Are we missing anything you've just got to see?
Nothing jumps to mind, you link to everything i would need

Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?
yees a very well informed decision. Though i think other smartphone options (iOS, WP7) should be included in your phone data base linking to crackberry and tipib

Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?
yes it makes it pretty clear the better performer is the SGS2

What phone do you have now?
LG Optimus V

I really like this. I really like that the UI section scales the displays based on their size. I'm generally not impressed with stand-by time as a measure, however, as it doesn't seem to be consistent with actual use. I'd devise some sort of real battery test suites and show those instead.

Battery life, dimensions and total volume are important me. The latter two have a lot to do with combatting excessive pocket bulge.

I like the format. I looked for a comparison in the past and its hard to find one. When I get ready to upgrade its nice to compare the new phones coming out. I also give direction to my wife and kids on the phones they carry. Showing a comparison with common terminology sure would help with that. That isn't to say that I don't want to see the tec specs as well.

Layout is good. I really don't think I would find the "You Say" section very helpful in making a buying decision. I'm not going to read through 300 comments to separate truly valuable input from troll posts.

I would find a section with links to high quality reviews on other sites useful.

It's not clear from this arrangement whether the "Editor's choice" note refers to the Galaxy S II camera or the Galaxy S II itself (since there are no other Editor Choice designations

You used my playing card idea, sweet maybe add an option where you can overlay the card over the device our devices over eachother. Like I have a DX and I would like to see how that is on top of and next to the Razr. Although I understand that would be a huge pain to make.

I like the collapsible sections and suggest a section with more feature points like SD card, removable battery, and even little things like charging contacts.
Also a link to accessory pages so people can check out what kinds of extended batteries and docks they can get for each device.

Are we missing anything you've just got to see? Maybe a speed test/quadrant comparison or something. It gives processor speed but doesn't help if you are looking at network speed. There really isn't anything to help someone looking to see how the phone handles data. Also I'm a bit confused when the Specs say the Razr is on AT&T and the comments on the phone refered to Verizon Bloatwear. Just saying.

Will this help you make an informed purchase decision? It's a start, but I need some more details.

Does this help you pick the best of the three phones? Not really, but it does help narrow it down to two phones.

What phone do you have now? Epic 4G

awesome! im so excited.... i hated goin back and forth from phone arena and here for specs.. most of their specs are wrong anyway so i was a waste.. great so far!

Everything is nicely done, but you should have put in that there are more than one version for the SGSII, and list the specs of the versions. That and dimensions and removable SD card, though I think those are listed, maybe skipped.
It will, because I trust Android Central's opinions, and I definately like specs and recommendations.
Yes, and I'd pick the SGSII if I didn't already have another phone.
I have a LG Optimus 2X, could say that the GPU is the best alongside the Mali in the Market. Processor is a bit slow though, could've went for 1.2 or 1.5 GHZ. The other is a good ol' HTC Magic.

This jumped out at me because the commenter is obviously miseducated, but if you're going to have consumer reviews, there should also be a rating system for those reviews. The first Galaxy Nexus review where it says the processor is "just as fast" as the SII makes it appear that all processors are judged solely on CPU speed alone, which we all know isn't the case.

Carrier has to be front and center as often this is the first and biggest "spec" people look for.

I agree, mention of different version of the SII with links.

Looking at this - I think I want an SII over a Nexus now ...

good start although being a Galaxy S2 owner (SGH-i777) of the AT&T variant you goofed a lot of your facts up.

It's an Exynos 1.2Ghz, 4.3" display and $199.

Anyways, friend just bought a Nexus Galaxy (I just went with him to pick it up last night). We're going to root it and have fun later when he gets off from work. Initial presentation I'm not overly blown away. Plus if you line up the start of the Nexus screen where the software buttons end it's actually less screen real estate than that 4.3" Galaxy S2 in terms of height.

Not if they're referring to the skyrocket- AT&T has two versions of the SII and these specs are consistent with the skyrocket, which is their LTE version.

I like the idea overall. I would like it better if there were links to a side-by-side comparison of full tech specs as well- so users can get all the information they need in one place. Also, I noticed a couple errors on this draft. The biggest one is that you have the Droid Razr listed as an AT&T phone when it is exclusive to Verizon. I think those things are important to get right.
Additionally, the fact that the Galaxy Nexus does not have a slot for the microSD card was only mentioned in the user comments, but not in the cons section. I think that's a pretty big con. And there was a comment about the galaxy s2 where it was referred to as the SR- might be helpful to keep the references the same for clarity's sake.
Helpful Note- AT&T carries two versions of the Galaxy S II (The HSPA+ version and the skyrocket) The specs here seem to be for the skyrocket, but if a customer asks for the SII, they might be given the HSPA+ version leading them to have a very different experience with it!

You Say Section: I think this is great, since it feels as if some websites are paid to give a good review this section makes it feel legit. I think adding a star system on scale of 1 to 5 for each user and an overview would be great (amazon style)...

Btw, camera quality is a big one, I'm glad there is an actual photo. I would recommend taking pictures of the same scene with same lighting... Day and Night shot would be great...

It's overall pretty good, though there are some inaccuracies eg the RAZR is not on AT&T and the GS2 seems to have its versions crossed (the international version is pictured, AT&T is listed as the carrier, and neither of those two have the 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor or a 4.3" screen). Plus, the camera photos for the S2 and Nexus are identical, which is not only near impossible, but also confusing when later on you say the S2 has a far superior camera.

Also, you might reconsider using full quotes from user reviews, opting instead for a 5-star rating on the main page and keeping the link to user reviews. In addition, more detail on screens would be welcome, for instance the resolution and dpi. After all, with smartphones becoming more and more media-centric, having a beautiful screen to watch video on is extremely important.

Looks like you go the relative scale correct on the phone images. But the screen grabs are off(SII is shown as smallest screen, easier to compare if the scales are kept true.

Maybe a column as to whether the boot loader is locked/unlocked/unlockable.

I like it. I may be nitpicking a bit, but the international version and US iterations of the GSII have varying specs, correct? (I may be wrong here.) But overall I think you've got it.

•Are we missing anything you've just got to see? - YES (microSD yes/no)
•Will this help you make an informed purchase decision? - YES
•Does this help you pick the best of the three phones? - YES
•What phone do you have now? - Galaxy SII (AT&T)


This is by far the best layout I've seen, although the "you say" section isn't that helpfull.
I would like to have it as amazon or even the android market
125 reviews
***** 70 reviews
**** 25
*** 15 reviews

you got the point. I find that sometimes you'll only get 3 random reviews that don't necesarily reflect the products true value.
Thanks for helping us have a better Android experience and Happy Holidays!

Have a way to compare there relative size to eachother by being able to put like a ghosted image over another phone or say a deck of playing cards so we can see how they compare to eachother in that department.

I didn't see any notice that the nexus doesn't include an SD card slot. Maybe the max capacity or lack of a slot can be mentioned in storage.

An advanced section with locked or unlocked bootloader, CPU scaling possibilities, etc.

Two things that I know people look at (myself included) that are hard to quantify over the net are the speakerphone and screen. If the data for these comparisons is generated from third parties and you don't have the phones then these could be hard to do. These are wish list items and do not necessarily reflect in any way that I feel they are realistically achievable.

Screen. Take a picture with an SLR and then take the same pics (same time of day, area, angle, etc) from each camera. Then take a pic with the SLR of each phone screen showing the picture they took. Everyone always talks about the pixelation, yellowing, vibrancy, etc. Some way to at least give a hint how that phone looks and acts in real life would be great. Also show a common image on all 3 phones as well. Maybe a grey scale or color chart used in html?

The speakerphone. Some recording software to show decibels and 'noise' compared to a nominal file. Play a song from the phone on speakerphone and record it at 4 locations 90 degrees apart from around the phone (typical head height and distance away from the phone while sitting and making a conference call). Same room, same table, etc. If the phone has a distinct advantage being flipped over, then show the results once for each orientation. Report the decibels and change or noise deviation from the original track played. Show us how loud it is, and how 'noisy' it is.

A similar decibel and noise test for phone calls put through a recorder on the 3.5mm plug and the standard speaker would rock as well.

Wind and road noise reduction testing.

Does it blend?

Nothing will beat going into the store and actually looking at the phone though. I think of these comparisons as a way to weed out which device I don't want, rather than the one I do want. So maybe focusing on the negatives more is helpful than trying to put the spit and polish on every phone???

I'd like a few more things.

Editors comment on battery life. You can have two devices with the same "factory specced" battery life, and one lasts two hours longer. I'd like the short text after the chart to be either an editor comment on the battery life, rather than the chart. If it already is, maybe put it under a sub-title "real use comment" or something like that.

In the camera section, I'd like to see clickable links that expanded full resolution shots from said camera.

Maybe a geek specs section. Locked bootloader, CM support, manufacturer hacker rating (how they treat the hacker community, do they fight them) etc.

I would like to see actual screen resolution, e.g. 400x800, somewhere in the tech specs. Also, in the camera section, I would like some sort of quality rating. The megapixels aren't that indicative of a good camera, and the software can always be augmented by apps in the market. But its the actual camera hardware - lens aperture and sensor that most affects pictures taken. I'm on my third Android phone over the last three plus years and the best picture quality I've seen is on an Iphone 4Gs. And that's because of its great lens and sensor.

Android Central needs to come up with a solid, Premium well designed app for us fans... Just saying...
Android for life

I agree. I'd like to be able to read user comments on stories from within the AC App and not have to do it through the browser.

I would say that this is not missing anything.
If I were to read this it would definitely help me decide and ultimately purchase.
I currently have the Galaxy Nexus, so based on my preference to receive updates your comparison would have shown me that.

*Point I would like to note, I'm not sure where the 4 comments under reviews were pulled from or how they were chosen, however if all are somewhat negative, it may lend one to not look at the other glowing reviews and bias themselves on the fact that the small sampling was enough of a deterrent. Yes you provide a link to the other 300+ or however many other reviews there are, but most will probably stop with the few that are posted. It may fair better to pick some positives and negatives, to allow the reader to make the decision either way.

I still think the primary info should go right to the top for the comparison tool. Put the carrier in & let it auto filter the choices available on that carrier. Or just allow a little button to "SELECT ALL" carriers or something along those lines. That is the primary consideration when buying a phone & signing these long term contracts.

I like what is shaping up otherwise. The colors are looking good a
& eye pleasing. I'd probably be able to pick a phone out from this list although I'm one those people that likes to put his hands on the phone (or any tech device) I buy first. Also, since you have the partnership with Best Buy Mobile, why not put a link into the tool that allow you to go right to the store & order your phone? It could also auto filter with the appropriate accessories choices for that phone as well. Just my 2 cents. I do almost all of my shopping, aside from life necessities like gas, clothing & groceries, online so make it easy to do (ala Amazon) & I'll buy it.

My current phone & carrier: Droid X2 & Verizon

Compared to the last iteration, I think you guys are right on the money. I will agree with a couple of comments, that I would like to see SD-Card expandability be included, as well as a definitive "Removable Battery" listing. I realize it's in the description for the razor, but I think something just about the battery life graph that says "Removable: Yes".

And I also kind of agree with the commenter that said that you could stand to drop the contrast on the phone names in each column for the subsequent sections just a bit. *just* a tiny bit. Too close to all the other text right now, IMO.

Great job, guys. I can't wait to see this go live so I can start directing people to it when they start asking me questions about which Android phone they should get :)

There's two things I would add, the mAh ratings of the battery (to then compare to any "extended" batteries on the market) and the off-contract pricing of the phone for those looking to buy it straight up.

I am trying not to repeat a lot of the things that have been said above.

I would like to see:
Date of release, or to be released.

Wireless type? b, g, n, bluetooth 3.0? ADL? DlNA?

Battery size?

Buttons vs on screen buttons

current android version, and/or android version which it was realeased with.

I currently have the htc incredible

Your post alone does help me in picking my phone, i think the important must have item that is missing, is the battery size next to the battery information. Current android version and release android version would seem like something that would also push people towards a certain phone.

Overall, I think it looks great. Very readable and informative.

I think it would be extremely helpful to have a "real world" battery life measurement in the battery section. Maybe establish a standard daily use (e.g. 3 phone calls 10 texts, 30 minutes of web-browsing, facebook and twitter use, and 15-20 minutes of games).

I also second the collapsible sections suggestion.

Fact check much? Lots of bits of info are incorrect.

I'd make some suggestions but it seems that my suggestions in the last round were largely ignored so why bother? didn't listen to ALL the responders. I wasn't the only one who commented that the Screen Description needs to include actual pixel resolution. I know it's difficult to put yourselves into the position of an average Android user, but trust me, the average user doesn't know the difference between Super Amoled HD, Super Amoled Plus, and Super Amoled Advanced. All we see is "Super Amoled" and we think they are all the same. What's the difference? It needs to be in print if this is going to be as informative as you want it to be.

Also, what about putting the dimensions (Height, Width, Thickness) right on the first picture of each device? I've seen this on the carrier sites, the height and width arrows really help when comparing the devices.

Looking great!

- Need more details on storage. Internal vs SD Card (is any provided with phone; what flavor (MicroSDSC, SDHC, SDXC, etc) & max capacity supported (bad move Nexus).
- Need more details on battery: Is it removable (bad move RAZR); capacity?

I thinks it looks great. One of the best comparison pages I have seen.

Are we missing anything you've just got to see?
I think the comparison pictures should all be of the same target if possible. Makes it easier for ... um ... comparing. ;) I would be great if the sample pictures taken by the devices were also clickable so you could see the full size uncompressed picture.

Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?
If I were shopping for a new phone, yes.

Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?
I think it helps about as much as it can in a webpage. I usually send people to touch the phones they are thinking about purchasing when they ask my opinion, but I know you can't provide that here. :)

What phone do you have now?
Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Are we missing anything you've just got to see?

As others have mentioned, more tech specs. As many as you can think of, streaming down the page to infinity. I don't care if you don't have a spec for one or more of the phones under comparison, if you've got it for any of them, display it. I've had to go to two or three different sites to get comprehensive specs; it'd be nice to have one stop shopping.

Make sure that the pictures of the phones are all to the same scale. Not sure what would be best for the screenshots, but you need to be clear and consistent about it.

It'd be nice if you could have the same photo for each phone, but that's pretty hard to arrange. Consider at least having a particular indoor scene you shoot for all phones.

Weight chart is nice. Battery chart would be nice if it wasn't basically made up numbers -- everyone's battery life is totally different...

Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?

Hell yes. This is the kind of thing I've been looking for, but everyone else seems to have a half-baked version for only a couple phones.

Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?

Define best... It would certainly be a great tool when the time comes to get my next phone.

What phone do you have now?

Evo 4G, CyanogenMod 7. I'd like to make it last until 2014, when the Tegra chip I'm working on at NVIDIA comes to market, but realistically I know I'm going to be overcome by gadget lust way before that. Hopefully Sprint will have a good Tegra3 phone this fall when my contract comes up.

Just throwing this out there but... what about including information for people outside the USA? For example, I'm up in Canada and seeing a phone as on Verizon means little to nothing to me because there are few to no CDMA devices released up here anymore.

Just a thought... especially since you guys do report info and announcements from abroad, not just the USA.

1) External storage (SD card) slot: yes (up to x GB) or no
2) List the radio bands (CDMA/GSM, HSPA, 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz whatever) -OR- make a radio band checker: "This phone is (not) compatible with *Carrier* in *Country* (assuming the phone is unlocked)
3) "Change phone view" is very good feature, but I only notice the control after 2nd pass (maybe will be more noticeable when it is interactive.)
4) Another two interface screen shots would be great, to show what it means to have the TouchWiz/Sense/MotoBlur/Pure Google interface:
- one with notification bar dropped down (to see if there are any control widgets)
- the dialer screen (smartphones are still phones! and each OEM has done it differently)

Three suggestions:
1) It would be good to have a list of carrier differences on each model that has multiple carriers. (eg: No Google Wallet in Verizon's version)
2) I'd also like to see a list of (at least some) of the available ROM mods with currently supported features for those of us who consider custom ROMS.
3) Definitely include links to accessories (for your own "store" of course), maybe even a few popular ones with prices.

A thought I have is the ability to pull up the specs on the phone that you currently own. This way you could see why your drooling over that new phone. It would help the non-phone geeks. The database should grow over the years to be a pretty cool site.

1. Are we missing anything you've just got to see?
Keyboard (e.g. QWERTY slider, QWERTY portrait, bundled swype); MicroSD included (plus parenthesized capacity); sensors should be standardized and have hover or clickable tooltips or "pop-up" definitions of the term (e.g. I have no idea how an EAccelerometer is different from an Accelerometer, or why someone might actually want a barometer in their phone); latest official ROM Android version; rootable?; custom ROMs available? (Obviously these last three require updates over the lifetime of the phone; affirmative answers would ideally be clickable to a forum or news post.)

I'd also like to see an easy visual indicator of which of the phones has the best and worst spec for a given item, where applicable. e.g. Internal storage of 32GB is clearly superior to 16GB, so that box could have a very faint green background; if one of the phones had only 8GB, that could have a faint red background.

2. Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?
Yes, I think this would be a helpful tool.

3. Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?
"Best" is obviously somewhat subjective to the user's personal preferences/circumstances/needs, but in general, yes.

4. What phone do you have now?
Motorola Admiral

1.Are we missing anything you've just got to see?
Well not commenting on the CONTENT OF THE DEMO. Depending on the links and such would really suffice. For example say in the camera quality if clicking on the picture would open a new window to really show case the quality of the picture.

Also I think maybe having to be able to compare more then 3 phones, somewhere along the lines of say 4, just because of the big 4 here in the US. Other then that I like it.

2. Will this help you make an informed purchase decision?
Yes, I think this has many items to ponder over and choose in particular a link to the possible plans available.

3. Does this help you pick the best of the three phones?
Although, "Best" is subjective as mentioned earlier it would greatly help for the particular individual

4. What phone do you have now?
Nexus S 4G

Looks good to me but like has already been said it needs to have more details like NFC yes or no, Removable battery yes or no, and be clearer as far as the memory goes weather it is external (SD card) or internal, devices with memory partitioned for storage vs app space vs those that don't, Sense (does it support or not), Touch Wiz, Motoblur, etc versions) and weather the memory card is included and how bit it is expandable to. Other than a few details like this it looks great to me.

Well, for starters, Android isn't capitalised in 'All android phones'. The yellow highlight is a bit odd, but okay. Mention the shutter lag? How come Galaxy Nexus doesn't get cool display? ): And another typo, 'EAccelorometer'. Inconsistent capitalisation in that row. And 32GB is only the LTE model...

Much better than the last version - good job using the feedback. Typo - RAZOR is not on AT&T. Too much talk about the camera. Add a line about microSD card in Y or N. I'd go 5 deep on strengths and 3 deep on weaknesses. Add an other field to mention things like "beats audio" for HTC phones, NFC and ICS for Nexus, ....etc.

You MUST add the audio and video (mainly video) formats supported as this is one of the most important of the specs for me.

a phone without h.264 support makes me sad

One other thing I forgot. Maybe a link to the devices respective AC forum, to for an easy portal to other users opinions.

Here are my 2 cents:
you also need to mention the different resolutions.
And you should highlight that when you output video on s2, it can only show around 480p, which doesn't look that nice on a hdtv; whereas gNex can show 720p.
Also, gNex has a native aspect ratio of 16:9, which is nice imo.

Not sure if it's mentioned, but I'd like to know where the charger plugs in (top, bottom, left , right) and whether or not it's a standard battery port or something for that manufacturer only. When I upgrade, existing accessories often play into which phone to buy and knowing what fits my car mount and spare chargers is a huge advantage.

1.i would like to see
.price without contract, so its more useful outside US
.some additional info (ex. waterproof, damage resistant, playstation certified etc..)
.if it has gorilla glass or similar
.Screen resolution
.video recording resolution and quality with a video preview
.a list of installable custom roms (at least the most famous ones) if you click on the logo of the custom rom it opens the official webpage
.if it has dlna, nfc, and other fancy stuff
.device sizes
.if it has hardware keyboard
.relase date
. if it has a sd card slot
.if there are gadgets, accessories available only for that device
.which one would be your choice
.benchmark rating
.android version (with a warning if it won't be updated anymore)
.if it has flash

(just for fun)
.maybe a comparison with the latest iphone, so you can make sure to buy a phone with better specs and make fun of those with an iphone

2. It will definitelly be the tool i will use for my next android purchase

3.Yes it helps me choosing the right device for me, i wish i had this when i bought my android

4.I have a HTC Desire HD (MIUI rom)

Hi,great review on all phones,but a big issue for me is VOLUME and SPEAKER performance. There are so many different scenarios where you may need to have your volume set at max so you can here it, how loud is the volume and is that speaker tinny or does it give great sound . Thoughts ?? . Keep up the great work .

The screens show AMOLD plus, AMOLD HD, SUperdooper AMOLED. The question for me is always what's the difference between the types of screen.