For those of you still rotting away stuck on Android 1.5 or 1.6, we thought we'd do a little hands-on with the new Google Gesture search, which is only available on Android 2.0 and up. Because we're sadists and love twisting the knife every chance we get doing the best we can to help get your phones upgraded.


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Hands-on with Google Gesture Search


This really sucks... Google truly starts to disappoint me and annoy me. Developing for version 2.X is a bad manner, that keeps people from buying android phones. Google sets up this trend and others will follow. This time, we may get an update, but it's just a matter of short time and Google or whoever says, sorry Hero/galaxy/whatever users, your phone is outdated, go buy another one. I'd bet, that there's no update on Android 3.X for Hero/Tattoo/Droid eris and even Legend coming. I understand the hardware matter around the google earth, though I think Hero would menage somehow, but limiting the version of the OS, when a proper way to update all the devices in short period of time is not here?

Sorry for that... It's just, that I'm seriously frustrated. Never thought it would turn out this way when I bought my Hero. Google said, they were working on activating payed market ASAP and still nothing. HTC said the update is coming and nothing. It's just more frustrating because I know, that my country is usually the last on the list to receive one. (learned from update to 1.5). And now, even Google threw us of the board definitely. First with the market, then the navigation that's not unlocked for our country (so even after the update, we can just cry and hope, that one day...) and now other cool aps keep coming and We're just swimming in the sea and watch people on the board enjoying them.
I used to be Google enthusiast so much... The deeper is the fall to the rock solid ground of reality...

No multitouch?! Argghhhh... Isn't it supposed to write letters? I'm using two pens writing on the paper all the time and there is no multitouch here... How come?!?!? ;)