Critical software flaw restarts UI when trying to remove a user-installed application

Update: These issues are fixed in the Android 4.4.2 update for the GPe Z Ultra, which is rolling out to devices now.

Original story: A second ugly software bug has reared its head in the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition. Applications installed from Google Play can't be uninstalled — the process instead causes the entire phone UI to restart. This is the second serious bug found in the software on the Z Ultra, the first being no way to open the "Security" section of the device settings, as found by JR Raphael at Computerworld

Both bugs are more than mere inconvenience to the user, and present security as well as usability concerns. This latest bug affects all user-installed apps, and is present regardless of network state. We were unable to test side loaded applications, as access to side loading is currently blocked because we can't get into the security settings.

We can't be 100 percent certain we are running the final consumer build of the operating system, though we have questions out to Google and Sony to get the definitive answer. I've been talking with a few other early adopters about the issue and we've found it to be present on all devices so far. The device is currently available from Google Play for purchase.

We're fairly certain Sony will push an update to fix these issues in short order, but if you've already received your Z Ultra, or it's on the way now, it looks like you'll have some issues to deal with. 

More in our Z Ultra Google Play edition forums.

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NoNexus says:

Ouch, what a flub.

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

anthonok says:

Wtf Sony

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Google released 4.4.1 and then 4.4.2 very fast after 4.4 launch.. And now from SONY side... May be Google and SONY are in mood to give nightlie releases than stable firmware....

TonyHoyle says:

How does a bug like that get through even basic testing, let alone general release?

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timoseewho says:

My first thought lol.

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TonyHove says:

Was wondering as well! Surely two errors such as these could have been detected during the first round of beta testing! But I'm sure just like the initial bug with the Xperia Z they will quickly release an update

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hmmm says:

Something like this should be caught way before Beta testing.

They are human beings remember!!!!

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mssca says:

Yes, this is not a bug, this a super bug!

The same bugs were encountered by users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE when they flashed the GPE S4 roms on their devices. Maybe Sony just ported a GPE rom to the Ultra rather than making one themselves.

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Guys when the update of z1 is coming. 4.3

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rawpower87 says:

Wow! this and then the security bug. I think people are better off getting the regular xperia z ultra from Sony.

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Unibrow says:

What happens when you try uninstalling directly from the Play store?

*edit* nevermind, watched the video

it still doesn't work

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eszklar says:

How about using a third party Uninstaller from the Play Store like Easy Uninstaller or the like? Not being able to get into the Security settings is a big issue I must say. I'm sure Google/Sony will get this on this ASAP. I'd love to have the GPe Z Ultra myself - but its unavailable in Canada directly.

That being said - AC giveaway contender (current problems and all)??

Looks like they mapped the reboot ui to all the uninstall buttons. Lol what a fail. Hope it gets fixed soon. That ain't just a slow focusing camera.

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Sony messed up on that one ...smh

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L0N35T4R says:

Was this never tested before it was rolled out?

DataHawg says:

Major fail. Yikes!

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geoff5093 says:

So much for the GPE being more stable than the regular versions running CM...

tr-1 says:

This proves that they do not test it at all.

tr-1 says:

This proves that they do not test it at all.

hmmm says:

I wonder how this made it through testing?

Michael G1 says:

Another reason no to pay more and just get a Nexus 5

baldypal says:

I guess you can't try a paid app and get a refund either, huh? Not something i'd recommend to my mom, but does ADB UNINSTALL com.adobe.air [<-- enter correct package name here] work at all? just curious.

LB LB says:

how could it even be?
they are just changing the drivers, and not the OS itself, no?

jdbii says:

could you at least do a factory reset?

BigTwinkie says:

I can do a reset on mine, but it's not a fix.

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nokia4life says:

Flop this is sad and shows why they fail so much.

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TheDu9du says:

I didn't believe Google when they said they let App Ops by accident on 4.4.0 and 4.4.1; now I do.

xchange says:

Nice going Google, way to muck up a premium device. Sony's ZU doesn't have this problem. Very sloppy. I'd just get a Nexus if I wanted to deal with stuff like this.

How did something like THIS go unnoticed in the software testing? Like, c'mon...

mathiasjk says:

Look at all that wasted space on the home screen, such a waste of beautiful screen estate.

Adrien C. says:

Well, I found a solution to the Unknown Sources for the S4 until Faux123 released the fixed kernel that should do the trick here for those who already bought.


Paid apps are needed to do it(SQLite or Tasker). Long term, Tasker is a better investment.