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The latest version of Google Maps has just been pushed out in the Google Play Store, and offers a large bit of functionality to the app. Now when you are using Google Maps on your computer, all of your searches for maps and directions will be synced between that device and your phone or tablet -- provided you're signed into your Google Account and have your web history enabled, of course. For example, after you look up a restaurant listing on your computer, as soon as you launch Google Maps on your phone, your search results will be pre-populated with the result you chose on the computer previously. Also new is the ability to go back through your past searches and completed navigation directions through the "My Places" menu. Additionally, if you choose to enter pre-defined addresses for your home and work and tie them to your Google Account, simply typing "home" or "work" into the directions field of the Google Maps app will give you directions to each place.

It's the little bits of integration like this that make Google Maps the premier example of an integrated mapping experience. If you haven't yet, go grab the update in the Google Play Store at the link above.

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Google Maps updated with synchronized search history


Any idea how this will impact battery life on the device? Maps seems to curiously suck it down already, even when it's not being actively used.

Only if you are using Latitude otherwise it should not suck any battery. In my experience though the battery efficiency of Latitude seems to have greatly gone up over the past few updates.

Actually, anything on your phone that needs location (weather apps etc) tend to ask maps where they are, so maps ends up accumulating battery usage even if you never launch it.

Its running in the background all the time.

The real update in this release you missed: one handed zoom by gestures.

You also should mention:

1. This updates deletes any shortcuts in folders or desktops
2. The Latitude icon is now gone (fucking idiots)

Latitude was always built into maps but I for one really liked having a separate app for Latitude. I use that more than Maps at times and liked having the shortcut on my home screen.

Here's hoping that they do the same with the "Local" icon, which is already integrated into Maps also, and is in the bottom menu bar of Maps also.

After using Waze for a while, I decided to go back to Google Maps and was blown away by how much better Waze is for me. I've heard a lot of people say that Google Maps gives better directions, but my experience has been the exact opposite. Add in live traffic conditions and other reports, and I don't see myself going back to Google Maps any time soon.

Get out of the 6 cities where its popular and Waze becomes useless.
The maps are obsolete, the zoom level is pathetic, and it can't even find gas stations.

I tried Waze and after it crashed 4 times in a row when trying to navigate, I uninstalled it. If a program doesn't work, it's useless.

when will the navigation function can be used in malaysia?? i'm tired of using another 3rd party apps like sygic and waze.. :(

so if someone goes to Nevada and uses Google Maps to find the nearest legal brothel,
his wife can see what he was searching for from the computer at home?

wow... excellent new update for Google Maps! :)

Fully under user control. You can turn off search and location history any time you want.

A guy sneaking around on his wife wouldn't have his wife be using his google account anyway.

Perhaps I'm imagining something. However,it seems after the update that the map doesn't show as many buildings as before.


i was worried that they would take away the on-screen zoom buttons with the addition of the new single-hand zoom, but they didn't. good show

The single finger zoom is AWESOME! Can't wait to see this as a native Android feature. AND, AND, AND will move the whole OS away from iOS. Peace in our time!?!