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If you're excited about Android Wear, you'll be happy to hear that shortly after the Google I/O 2014 keynote, Google Maps was updated to support your favorite upcoming smartwatches. Seeing as Maps will be a major use case for Android Wear, this is great news regardless of whether you're getting the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, or LG G Watch.

Of course, Android Wear can do a whole lot more, including handling media, communications, health tracking, and, of course, telling the time. Do you guys see yourselves using Android Wear for turn-by-turn GPS directions? Are there any new use cases that a watch might enable that otherwise aren't practical for a smartphone?


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Google Maps updated for Android Wear


One of the pictures on the Moto 360 page is of someone using maps while riding a bike. That's where I think the turn by turn navigation will be the most useful. Being able to glance down to see directions without buying a bike mount for your handlebars will be really nice.

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Agreed. I always feel awkward walking around holding/looking at my phone while I'm getting walking directions. Being able to glance at a watch seems like it might be more natural.

But how much battery life is maps gonna suck out of the watch, that's my question.

Ian B

This is a completely un-educated guess, but I would guess "not much". The GPS and actual routing are being handled by the phone, the watch is just showing you where you need to turn. Probably no worse for the watch's battery life than receiving any other notification.

This is tied for my biggest use-case for Android Wear, and the reason I pre-ordered the LG watch (and why I'll order a Moto 360 when it's available).

When you're riding on a motorcycle and you want Navigation, the only options you really have are buy an extremely expensive GPS unit (while car nav units are ~$100, motorcycle nav units are generally 4-5x that price), or mount your smartphone somehow to the bike. The latter isn't great for a variety of reasons, but mostly that you have to somehow operate smartphones to do many things, and they don't like getting wet.

Android Wear means I can just look at my wrist any time I need to check up on my path. With a small vibration I know a turn is coming, and a quick glance shows me exactly where. This is the *best* thing about the device, in my opinion.

This is an awesome use case. I have to pull over on my motorcycle often to check on directions. Although, I'm not sure we could feel a slight vibration on our wrist while riding a motorcycle. :-)

I was thinking this myself! I've got a bike trip in a few weeks, so I'll get a chance to test it out.

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Or you could just get a waterproof phone (of which there are plenty) and bluetooth-enabled helmet. Much safer and much more convenient - save for having to attach the phone to the bike each time, of course.

I wish I could remember where I saw it, but someone makes a water proof case and mounting bracket for motorcycles.

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I know they make them for the Galaxy Gear so I'm guessing they will be available for all the other watches soon.

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No, but then that's my feeling.
IMO, iOS8 is a huge update in terms of "opening up" the iOS. For the 1st time in life, I actually thought about apple devices after looking at iOS8 features. Lots of features borrowed from other OS, but I couldn't care less. They will even have freaking multi-window..

Absolutely. I ride my bikes and my motorcycle on a regular basis and having turn-by-turn nav on my wrist alone is well worth the price of admission for me. Can't wait. Moto 360 a must though, it still has to look like a fashion accessory for me.

This, for me, is totally going to be one of the three pillars of Android Wear... along with playback controls and Hangouts.

Im curious about fitness apps like runkeeper or mapmyrun and whether or not they will work. Im sure in time they will. And second will it work in heavy cover? Like if want to use it hunting in the mountains or dense woods. I would like see side by side comparison between moto 360, LG g, and other smart watches against the Garmin fenix II. Ive been thinking about getting one for a while.

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I use Nav Me on my Pebble to get Google Maps directions on my watch and I love it.
Can't wait to try maps on the Moto 360.