Google at its breakfast this morning announced Chromecast, bringing the Chrome OS to your TV. Plugs into your TV, powered by USB, and brings you all your favorite Google content.

Born from the ashes of the Nexus Q, Chromecast is an HDMI dongle just a couple inches long. It connects, as you'd expect, to your Android phone. It's able to automatlically turn on your TV and switch inputs, and start playing media automatically — if your TV is CEC-enabled.

YouTube, Google Play Music — all available through Chromecast and accessed through your phone. You can set up a queue of videos to play while still use your phone for other tasks. Browse, take phonecalls, check e-mail — whatever you need to do. Streaming is handled from the Chromecast — not from your phone.

And Netflix? No problem.

And what's more — it's cross-platform. Chromecast will work with Google's iOS YouTube app as well. You'll need to be running Android 2.3 and up, iOS 6 and up, or have Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7 or a Chromebook Pixel.

Chromecast costs $35 — you can order directly from Google Play now! It'll also be available from Best Buy (as early as July 27) and Amazon.

Update: Chromecast is now available from too.


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Google announces Chromecast: Bringing YouTube and Google Play Music to your TV


I understand that Google wants to lock you into Play services, but even AppleTV has Netflix, HBO Go, ect.

Without it, this is still pointless IMO.

I ordered one and then when they announced it would be at Best Buy in a few days, cancelled it. Why pay $4 shipping to get it a couple weeks later than if I went to the store?

Doesn't stream content with captions. 35 Million reasons not to but. Thank you Wii!

Without streaming content WITH captions, Google missed the boat. Why disenfranchise 35 Million + deaf, hearing disabled and other hearing affected customers?? no thought beyond coolness and will-it-sell.

apologies, I replied too soon. It seems that a microUSB cord needs to be plugged in at all times. (Something that the promo shots never show)

Yes, reportedly a usb power source, but still haven't been able to find an image or details on what it looks like. I'm assuming it can't be anything too crazy.

Yes, sadly I've been corrected. HDMI is powered at the source, which wouldn't apply here as it's wireless.


Sorry, I wasn't clear.

My hopeful design was that there was not a need for a power cord because the Chromecast could be powered by the HDMI plug (HDMI standard require power to operate).

But I was told by an engineer that the power for HDMI comes from the source device (blu-ray player for example) and not the end location (TV).

So the Chromecast is considered the source in this scenario and needs to provide the power, and thus the need for a power cord.

It doesn't matter. Most modern HDTVs (think: 2011 and newer) have USB ports that can be used to power the Chromecast. Only sets without a USB port would need to use the power adapter plugged into the wall.

A lot of TVs have a USB port on them, if not then your BluRay will. That should hopefully be able to power it without a power pack.

Look at the pictures on the Play store. You can see the micro USB port on the end. Newer HDMI ports may be ok.

I'm guessing the Mirco USB port is used to add the details of your network to the device and connect it. Not for power.

This is awesome... I'm still looking for an image of the "power source" as well @tbaptista, is it a simple usb pigtail or what? I don't appreciate the intentional absence of it in the promo images and such... but an awesome idea. Should be interesting to see how it stands up to what the public will try to do with it! :-)

Bit of false advertising to not show it in all their demos. Though, i'd wager that its nothing more than a short cable you'd use to charge your phone. On the playstore page for it you can see the port at the top of the device.

It's HDMI, which is powered.

5V charge at 50mA if I'mnot mistaken. Someone smarter than me will know.

From the product page on the Play Store:

"Power cord required (not shown)."

Really strange that they didn't show it in the video or pictures, but whatever.

Does this have wifi built in or do you need a tv with wifi already.. Hopefully comes to the UK asap

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I agree that Miracast would make this a complete streaming solution, but at $35 it's still a great deal. I'm wondering if the gallery app will somehow gain the Chromecast capability. It would be nice to project personal videos and slideshows to the TV.

This is the nail in the coffin for Google TV. At least for me it is since I don't use the GTV for anything but movies and streaming music. Anyone else disappointed with this announcement and no news about GTV?

I already have a Google TV downstairs, so I picked one of these up for the bedroom. That $35 price point made it a no-brainer. My wife and I were just complaining about not being able to watch Arrested Development in bed.

Curious to see how this compares to Roku, and if/how Roku responds. Will this, e.g., stream content from a local media server?

(Kind of a moo point to me, personally, as my teevee is still a reg-def CRT. But still curious.)

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I just ordered one too. $35 bucks plus shipping and I can stream my content through my TV from my phone, laptop, and tablet. Too good to pass up.

google may have killed AppleTV and so many other set top boxes with one little unexpected announcement. This is HUGE!!!! I wonder how many people realize it.

Ugh...placed the order, they accepted it. Then immediately cancelled it since they do not deliver to PO Boxes. Now I have to wait a couple of days until the hold Google placed on my account is released to order it again with my correct address.

Talked to a google rep and she said they AREN't sold out yet. I just have to wait for the charge to drop off now to reorder. Crossing my fingers.

Difficulty ordering hardware item through Google Play? That impossible!

(Sent via my Nexus 4.)

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It goes in and out of stock. I refreshed and the "Add to cart" button was back. The "Ships by" date keeps changing though.

Kind of struggling with the functionality.. I have a Roku XS and already get 700 channels including Netflix, Pandora, Plex, etc. I can save YouTube vids to watch in HD on the Plex server. Trying to figure out if there's any real advantage here other than adding Chrome. I have a GS3 to sync it with.. Thoughts?

Could you use this to stream videos from hulu, xfinity, etc from your browser to your tv in full screen?

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu it's out of stock and now I have to wait til next week and raid every best buy in Las Vegas for it!

Tempted to order but...

1) Wish it had miracast
2) I see that it says it requires Android 2.3 - while I assume/hope my new S4 is going to get 2.3 I've been burned by Samsung on OS updates in the past so I'm a little wary.
3) I can't tell from the descriptions where it streams from. Meaning does it connect over wifi and stream from the source or does it only stream from your mobile device so you're feeding what you're streaming through your device on it's way to this deal. I assume it uses it's own wifi but I've learned not to assume anything anymore...

Still 3 free months of Netflix (including for existing accounts) and a $35 price point seems like it's practically free and worth trying.

Re android version: look at the digit to the LEFT of that decimal point. :)

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Got 4.3 on my mind this morning and totally missed that 2 instead :D

Well there's one concern down!

If my bank hadn't just forced me to get a new card that I haven't had a chance to put into my google wallet yet I'd have it on order already :) Guess I'll have to wait until lunch now.

Yeah, I read that page 3 times but didn't see any clarification on whether it was streaming through your mobile device or directly from the source. But - I did see in some of the other comments that apparently they explained in the live announcement that it does stream from the source and your mobile device can sleep while watching something.

Maybe a video explains it on the page...but I'm at work and have no speakers so videos are pretty much useless to me.

So I'm in, looks like mine ships Aug 2nd.

Still wish it could act as a miracast receiver...but for the price I couldn't pass it up.

Yeah, a bit disappointing that it is only compatible with Android 2.3+ considering not many phones have that yet.. If they will get it at all.

Seeing as how you can't stream media that you have on your hard-drive or sd card, I really don't see the appeal...

I wonder if you were to open local video and audio files in Chrome if it will throw them to the device? Guess I'll find out since I just ordered one. I bet somebody like Winamp or VLC will add support for it too.

uhhh. Will this work with Sunday Ticket Mobile?!? That would be so cool. This could anger some companies. They weren't afraid of HDMI connections because its an added inconvenience. This looks pretty simple if they get the chrome tab functionality ironed out.

My living room TV has no HDMI. Been using Roku through RCA's.. I know I am living the the past but the TV just won't break.

I'm with you. (And the Roku replaced a haxxor3d x-box running xbmc.) The combo of Roku and running Plex on my basement "media center" puter is so smooth that it would take so something pretty amazing to get me to switch.

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This is going to be HEAVILY dependent on Developer Support because if they only get Netflix, Pandora, and Google (duh) as support and nothing more, this will be dead in the water.. If Devs realize the potential of this and work with it and make their apps compatible it will be a massive hit..

Probably not an Apple TV/Roku Killer but just another product that will make them step up their game to stay competitive.

How does it handle Play Music? I don't use speakers on the TV, but instead through my A/V receiver. If this is plugged into my TV, how does it control playing music through the receiver?

Like the idea... just need to see how it works.

Whatever sound would come out of your TV would come out of your Chromecast is HDMI in on the TV, and then what ever source you have to your stereo (which I hope is digital).

My sounds comes from my U-Verse DVR. My receiver is only component (not HDMI). If I switch inputs on my TV, then there would not be sound at all coming from the TV to the receiver. My Apple TV is connected to my TV via component cable and audio out to receiver.

My TV is about 8 years old. So I guess this will not work with many TVs that don't have HDMI-CEC and need to connect the audio to a receiver. The way I have used media devices like this, is via component/hdmi and using audio output. My Apple TV, Sony DVD, Roku, they all have audio out separate from HDMI.

I guess is time to upgrade my old TV. :-(

Perhaps I'm not understanding... but I don't run any audio output from the TV back to the receiver... so input to the TV's HDMI in doesn't route audio to the receiver.

Sounds comes from the satellite receiver box (or any other non-TV source connected to the A/V input), which is routed to the A/V receiver, which connects to the speakers. I have no such setup that runs TV audio to receiver. For instance, my Roku is connected to my receiver, not to the TV. Audio and video are switched and handled by the receiver, upon selecting the proper "input" channel. If I connect a laptop HDMI to my TV, I have to turn on the TV speakers to hear the audio for the TV input source I'm providing, otherwise the external speakers (connected to the A/V receiver) play the receiver input channel audio.

In my den I have an overhead HD projector, source fed from an A/V receiver. Plugging this into the "TV" (projector) again won't route audio properly in this setup.

I'm guessing one could plug this into the A/V receiver HDMI input, but I'm curious as to how it switches inputs on the receiver to play pass the proper audio / video signals then.

Again... perhaps I'm missing something here, but I'm not finding much in the way of answers on the product page. Curious as can be... and waiting for the answers.

Just bought two but, is wondering if it will be able to stream local media, for example from my pixel. I was planning to replace my two revues, but it might not be what I hoped. Also I hope devs, can get game mirroring to work.

Exactly. Plugged into an a/v receiver will it work. They keep saying best speakers in your house. I would assume a/v receiver pass through support but who knows until some reviews.

Will it auto detect and turn on your receiver and select the correct imput and also turn your TV on? I assume I will have to manually turn all of those on for it to work.

Will it auto detect and turn on your receiver and select the correct imput and also turn your TV on? I assume I will have to manually turn all of those on for it to work.

Great question..They need to put far more information on the page. If I understand correctly, it ONLY syncs with an Android or iOS device once you install the app? So then you're draining your phone batter for hours when you use it too? I have a Roku and Marantz HDMI receiver and use a Harmony remote.. Just not sure about the advantages and set up to access the dongle :)

No. They covered this during the presentation. Say, for instance, you want to stream a Netflix film. You can start and control the movie with the app, but the Chromecast streams directly from Netflix. That way, your phone can go into sleep mode if you don't use it while you watch TV and it doesn't kill your battery.

Can't wait for Amazon or Best Buy to start pre-orders.

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And I'm surprised that Amazon and/or Best Buy haven't crashed yet. I'm sure I'm not the only geek that keeps checking their sites.

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This worked on my TiVo a couple of days ago and I was wondering what it was.

If you have a TiVo premiere, you can connect your phone to it and Cast from your phone to the TiVo Youtube app.

Will be great to see what other apps will work on the $35 dongle. Super excited.

US only. When exactly will US companies learn there is a whole world outside of......well......the US?!?!?!?

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For the same reason Sony/LG/Samsung release sweet phones/products outside their respective territories first.. Because it's easier for them to penetrate that market first.

The Netflix 3-month coupon is for existing accounts also!!! So, if you're a subscriber already, that's equivilent to another $24 off the price.

Lots of questions yet to be answered including whether you'll get a 3 month Netflix credit if you're already a subscriber and about 20 other important things not addressed :)

Read this for a Netflix questions

Everyone gets the 3 months!!

Google FTW

"You'll need to be running Android 2.3 and up, iOS 6 and up, or have Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7 or a Chromebook Pixel."

Why wouldn't it work on other Chromebooks?

Try to sell me on this : I have a sony blue ray player that streams Netflix / Amazon / Crackle / Hulu / Youtube.

The only thing I want is HBO Go.

hmmm might have arrange an accident for current TV- HDMI ports are burnt out from thunderstorms. Was just getting used to the composite too.

... and we can have it tomorrow or Friday! I'm gonna order one and cancel my Google Play order later.

I just ordered one from Amazon. I chose 2-day shipping, and the site said I would get it here by 7/26/13. I then place the order, and the delivery date changes to 7/29/13. I chatted with customer service, and he upgraded me to 1-day shipping. I should have it here be Friday! I love new Google products. Don't let me down, Google.

Not sure about this. I have an Ouya, Xbox 360, and Google TV in my bedroom. How can this benefit me? There is no Miracast. I mean it is cool, but I already have options to get stuff on my TV. If they do mirroring via Chrome or something on my laptop and mirroring from my cell/N7 then I will buy. Just not sure ATM. For $35, though, once those features get added, they can open my wallet and home some money :)

I have a smart TV that's streams Netflix,Hulu etc. Before I move forward with this. Is there a reason I should purchase this?

No, it makes no sense, for you to purchase this. This is for people that don't have smart TV's.

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This didn't really explain what it does.

And how is this much different than using the TV's inbuilt youtube app, and/or streaming video from my phone to the TV, and so forth.
Doesn't seem to be able to do anything we couldn't already, or even much more conveniently.

"Chromecast is not available in your country" SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! seriously, here I have money... Why don't you want it?

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