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Google has plans to release a number of updates to its Android Wear software before the end of 2014, which will include adding GPS features for the devices that support such a feature in hardware.

In an interview with CNET, Android Engineering Director David Singleton stated that another update will add a way to link a Bluetooth headset with an Android Wear watch. He added an example of how both GPS and Bluetooth would work:

"If you're someone who likes to go for a run, it might be convenient to be able to leave your phone at home. So you can start recording your track with GPS on the watch. You can throw on some music and have a really enjoyable run. And when you come back home, everything will be synced up with the apps running on your phone."

Another new feature that's coming will allow third party developers to develop and release custom watch faces via the Google Play Store. Singleton said that one update for Android Wear will be released this week, which should "improve the navigation experience and some of the voice action experience."

What do you think about Google's future update plans for Android Wear?

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Google to add GPS and more features to Android Wear in upcoming updates


this is obvious. Not sure why it wasn't included before. Still, we'll need to see watches with GPS. I'd like Nike+ GPS support in Android Wear, like the Gear S Tizen watch.

GPS running watches have HORRIBLE battery life. We aren't talking just one day. We're talking many won't last over 6 hours and that's using their usually monochrome displays.

Do any watches out now have this disabled GPS hardware on it?

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Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Tizen is truly KICKING THAT silly Android Wear featureless butt period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Didn't Samsung release a statement saying tizen has been pulled completely? So aside from a few smart watches its hardly going to be the number one dev choice. If they can code for android wear and the experience is the same for every device they'd rather that :)

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These guys are typical clowns who bend over to all things Google or stock android.

Android Wear is DEAD on arrival a sad joke just like the featureless Android platform.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or Tizen for that matter.

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Douchey douche above posts "Android Wear is DEAD on arrival a sad joke just like the featureless Android platform" on an android website, via the Android Central app on an android based phone. What a muppet.

Yeah, Android is dead. lol.... ^this guy....^ Featureless.. how about bloatless in it's purist form. And now, more apps that used to be only available to manufacturer's own phones (e.g. HTC) are being available to download on the Play store for any Android phone - for those who want them. I've never seen such a Samsung fanboy who dares to insult Android. I feel you are my Android brother but how dare you!

News flash dumbass the note 4 will run on the "featureless" android platform. So you can suck on all the monkey balls and periods you want but Google runs the show its not even comical......did I miss any of his ramblings?

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But Richard has never once called anyone "silly", let alone the vocabulary to come up with "knickers". Usually it's been just a straight up "your useless" or "your a bum" type of comment (and yes, I intentionally misspelled "your", because that's how Richard spells it in that context).

I just think it's way too much of a coincidence that this person made an account, commented right away in richard's defense with the same typing style as richard, had richard reply right away, and currently has no other comments aside from this one.

That would be crossing the line, I guess.
AC is too cool to ban the guy.
Maybe they got the letter from his doctor to let him be. In the end, it saves us (taxpayers ) money, more safety on the streets and gives us a few cracks here and there.
Keep up w the BS work TrollMeister - most of the people are entertained this way or another.

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"just like the featureless Android platform."
... which you are currently using to make that ridiculously ignorant comment. Oh that's right, according to you, all the crap Samsung throws on their phones isn't based on Android at all, nor does it use any of it's framework, apps, services, etc.
What a retard.

Please, tell us more about how Samsung already has this functionality on Tizen, or how exactly Tizen is "kicking that silly Android Wear featureless butt".

Well duh, Google did the same thing with Android from 2009 to 2012. They simply sent 2-3 updates a year. It's no surprise they're doing it with Wear as well.

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So this means that future Android Wear devices will have GPS receivers.... Should be interesting to see how that affects size and battery life.

Battery life, physical size, weight, antenna issues, drivers and software support, expense. There are a lot of reasons to have ignored GPS, not the least of which being the very few people who could benefit from it. Most people are simply not going to leave and run around without their phone nowadays.

A LOT of serious runners do actually... I'm not very serious and I still prefer to run my 4-7 miles without a phone, it's just too cumbersome regardless of whether I stuff it in a pocket or wear a sleeve for it. My Fitbit Zip and SanDisk Clip Zip are both light enough that they disappear while clipped to my shorts.

GPS on a watch might be useful but as you said, we'll have to see how battery life pans out. A frequent runner could just recharge after running while he/she showers/etc tho; wireless charging should make that more seamless.

That being said... GPS is absolutely not a necessity to track a run (unless you're pretty hardcore), accelerometer/pedometer based approaches are good enough for most. Personally speaking, I probably wouldn't wanna wear a fancy watch while running either...

The potential for theft or accidentally scathing it or just wearing it out with sweat/rain would probably dissuade me... But I'm thinking of something fancy with a leather strap and whatnot, I'm sure it won't be long until we see sports geared Android Wear watches.

would be happy to ditch my running-watch for a gps-smartwatch and bluetooth in-ear plugs. offline mode will be fine for mapping and listening to music/podcasts, just like in ipod-times

Actually, this is what the MOTOACTV already does and the reason why I was holding off on Android Wear. Now I just hope I can store and play music off the watch with out bringing my phone....

Good to see that the prosess has begun, another year and I'll be looking at Android wear in mind of purchasing a new smartwatch to replace my Sony.

Sounds great! But I for one would want my phone with me anyway, in case I need to make an emergency phone call.

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Google needs to release a major update for Wear along side Android L this Fall. These things aren't a necessity like phones for most people so they should move a little faster to make it more enticing for consumers. They didn't make this mistake with phones they allowed manufacturers to add some flare to Android which pushed it to the next level. Strong guidelines instead of total control would've been better for Wear.

I disagree. With Android wear being such a niche product total control is necessary in order to consistently provide the same experience. Wear would be even more in the hole if there were stories bandied about how terrible the software is a la low end android devices of yesteryear.

He has a point, to an extent, OEM throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks spurred a lot of innovation for Android, e.g. small tablets, convertibles, phablets, lock screen controls, notification pane widgets, etc etc. That wouldn't have been possible without some freedom on the software side...

That being said, I also agree with you, smart watches are never bound to be a necessity, they'll always be kinda niche IMO (until they're just silly cheap); so keeping it locked down makes some sense too. They gotta iterate faster tho (in typical Google fashion) and promote more third party development.

In my opinion Wear kind of sucks on it's own and manufacturer's couldn't do much to make it suck more. The battery life is bad, the features are limited, watch faces are limited, designs aren't perfect(not Google's fault), no standard charging etc. It's still just a good idea to me waiting for the right execution. I'd rather it be Android before Apple or Microsoft.

I went for a 4 mile run today (I run about 20 miles/week). I put on my bluetooth headphones, strapped on my bluetooth HR monitor (after swapping out the battery on the Polar HR monitor - I go through one about every 3-4 weeks), strapped my pebble to my wrist, started Google Play Music, selected my Running playlist, started Runkeeper, started "running" on the app, then put my phone in my pocket. Then I started Running.

I think a Wear watch w/ built-in music player (especially if I can store 2-3 playlists from Google Play Music), built-in HR monitor, and built-in GPS can definitely make my daily life easier. BT Headphones and a wear watch sounds great to me!!!

Exactly. I'm imagining a thinner MOTOACTV because it will have no usb port or headphone jack, with better battery life and more versatility because I can wear it as a watch and workout device.

Apparently GPS is a bigger deal then the faces.

Of course customizable faces just makes sense and a given. Watches with a custom picture as a background or that looks like a Dick Tracy or Star Trek or Hello Kitty face... Possibilities are endless and cool. I particularly like the possibilities in line with the LG R. The one with the Bezel. I think a cool watch face with customizable bezels is full of possibilities. Actually customizable watch faces means that you can put a Bezel on any Android watch :D

Ya. The extra 100 grams a phone weighs over a watch is a REAL killer. I wonder how much time that may add to a run!! Definitely justifies the purchase.

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It's not about the weight, it's about the bulk.

A 5 inch slab on my bicep or a 1.5 inch circle on my wrist? This is a no brainer for long distance runners....

I am still bemused by Google's approach. Motorola had this a few years back by the name MotoActv. Forget the execution aspect (one that I did not have any serious issues with) but the concept was already there. A connected device that can stand-alone. All Google had to do was to refine that concept from a UI perspective. The MotoActv would work two days after a 5k run on each. After 2 years, Google came with a concept that lasted half as much without any standalone capabilities. weird. Not to rub it in but MotoActv also supported ANT+, BT-LE (with other sensors).