Fly Delta

The Fly Delta app got a big update today, and bundled in the list of changes is support for Android Wear. That gets us excited, but there are also some bug fixes and smaller features that we don't want to forget.

What's New

Fly Delta for Android 2.7.1

  • Support for Android Wear™ - once checked in, view your eBoarding Pass on your watch
  • Manually remove trips that aren't tied to your SkyMiles® account on the Trip Overview screen
  • Bug fixes and a few small updates

Add in a tweaked user interface, and a great app for travel just got a whole lot better. You can bet Phil will be trying this one out in the near future!

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Zig261 says:

As long as lots of developers and companies make apps for Wear. The platform will do just fine.

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lindseybp says:

With so many android users out there I think we will see good support.

Maggnus says:

Now Motorola needs to hurry up and release the moto 360

This is turning out to be popular already we have companies supporting a watch that isn't out yet.

Dizfunctions says:

While I personally won't be using this technology, it's nice to see that companies are implementing these features so quickly.

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aitt says:

This is why Pebble, Sony, Toq and others will fall behind Android Wear. Sony SW3 and Toq2 needs Wear.

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