Google Docs for Android

Can't tell you how long we've been waiting to be able to view Google Docs on Android -- but that day has finally come, all without having to download the file (or even an app, for that matter). It's all done at from your Android browser. (Or iPhone and iPad, too.) And from there you can access all of your Google Docs. No editing yet, but viewing's better than nothing, right? [Google Mobile blog]

Edit: Yeah, so the Google Docs thing isn't that new. But PDF and PowerPoint support is. Better than nothing. We guess.


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Finally, you can view Google Docs on Android (and PDFs, PowerPoint and more)


You kno what? I'm glad for the enhanced functionality, but dangit; we need an Official Google Docs app on our phones NOW. And I dont care that it'll prolly just emulate the same function of the web apps do (on our phones atleast). It would just be nicer to use the online interface through a program rather than the web browser.

And shoot, while they're at it, give us a Google Reader app and a Tasks app too. I get tired of having to use Bookmark Shortcuts on my Homescreen so I ca pretend like I'm actually using Applications to access those particular Google services haha. Come on Google, make them secret/surprise Froyo features? Plz?

Why would you want an app for google reader?
Any RSS Reader is almost useless without the ability of jumping to the linked articles, so you are going to use the browser anyway. Just more local storage taken up with no improvement in functionality.

In fact, reader pretty much trumps all RSS reader apps I've tried on Android, iPhone, or desktop.

I'd like a separate reader app so I can log into my multiple Google Reader accounts without having to do the physical login/switch/toggle between each one.

Have you tried NewsRob? Its a client for Google reader and its pretty decent. I may consider using the mobile version of reader on my phone anyway.

But I agree on Google apps. They really should look at an app for it.

Wait, no editing?

I've been editing a spread sheet for over a year on google docs. First on my iPhone then on my N1, along with business partners on their blackberry.

Its been working all along.

Ditto. I accessed Docs this past Saturday and edited a spreadsheet. I'll add that at first it didn't look like my changes took, so I looked at the spreadsheet on my laptop and viola, the changes were there...!

Yeah, I've edited some spreadsheets that were on Google Docs this past weekend as well. It wasn't very user friendly (had to select "Edit" on the left side of the row and scroll over to the column I wanted; Perhaps that's been modified) but it's been functioning for a short while, at least.

Man I needed this not just 10 minutes ago when trying to work with my wife on a doc.

However I think you should specify that this is for docs as in word processing documents. You can edit spreadsheets on the mobile page.

Ok not really sure what is new. I have been going to for awhile now to view files. I've known also that spreadsheets can be edited or information input. Maybe the update hasn't rolled out just yet. The screenshot above looks nothing like when I go to There is no download link either, that would be great option to share files via email. Or they should make it easier to share like it is via desktop web. I would like an official Google docs App, don't really like the GDocs App.

Huh? What's new here? Been viewing docs on the mobile site for over a year. What exactly is this article about?

Ok, I read the Google blog entry. I think the Android Central author is confused. The new thing here is an app called "Google Doc Viewer" that, among other things, lets you view PDF's and Word Docs. This has nothing to do with "Google Docs", as in *documents* you created using This is a "fluff" feature as far as I am concerned because I can already view my Google docs and pdfs. What a waste of time, Google. How we do not have a document EDITOR on Google's own OS is beyond me.

"What a waste of time, Google. How we do not have a document EDITOR on Google's own OS is beyond me."


I've been using NE Gdocs in conjunction with Note Everything (NE) to access my Google docs and edit them on my phone. It works pretty well, but I haven't tried powerpoints on them... I don't think I have any to use for it :)
It would be nice to have a native app though, but I don't think I use any of the Google-provided apps except Navigator :)