Android Mini Collectibles Series 01

Coming soon (and it took this long?): The official Android Mini Collectibles Series 01. Brought to you by artist Andrew Bell and Google, Series 1 will feature a dozen designs of everybody's favorite little robot in cases of 16. Each little guy is 3 inches tall and has a rotating head and arms. Look for them next week. No word yet on pricing. More pics after the break. [DYZPlastic via Vinyl Pulse] Thanks, Keith!

Android Mini Collectibles Series 01

Android Mini Collectibles Series 01


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Do want: Android Mini Collectibles S1


I'm in. I'll be watching this. My gf says I'm obsessed, and I believe her now.
Maybe for series 02 they should talk. Like recite the Droid commercial, like, "In a world of Don't, Droid Does" or have a more professional series. I like the one with shirt and tie, but I'd dig one that has a lab coat.

I don't actually have an android phone yet (waiting to get a cheap upgrade to the Droid). I definitely want in on these even though I'll be in the doghouse...

Ahhhh I love the chance prize boxes! I'm absolutely obsessed with these!

They kid robot ones are generally 2.99 a toy so if they are 1 each then I would probably just buy a whole case of them.

I doubt they are a $1 each, its S1 at the top, as in Series 1. I was excited about that too, until I read more.

They should put one of each in every android phones box too, like special collectible ones.
Then normal ones you can just buy.

It's about time they come out with these cute and cool androids. I will definitely collect these. BRING EM ON!

Wait, if there are a dozen different ones, why does it come in a box of 16? Will there be repeats in the box? I wouldn't mind if there are extra plain green ones (i can gift those easily to my sister and brother-in-law).

Ill take a dozen and pass them around to my friends who have the "idont" maybe this will help them change their mind and switch to an Android phone.

Yeah, I'm buying these. A few at the office, a few at home, and keep some in the car to keep me company. And I have a baby on the way! Nothing like introducing Android to the next generation!