Android Mini Collectibles Series 01

Coming soon (and it took this long?): The official Android Mini Collectibles Series 01. Brought to you by artist Andrew Bell and Google, Series 1 will feature a dozen designs of everybody's favorite little robot in cases of 16. Each little guy is 3 inches tall and has a rotating head and arms. Look for them next week. No word yet on pricing. More pics after the break. [DYZPlastic via Vinyl Pulse] Thanks, Keith!

Android Mini Collectibles Series 01

Android Mini Collectibles Series 01

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Anonymous says:

AWESOME!!! Where do you get these?

rufflez says:

I'm in. I'll be watching this. My gf says I'm obsessed, and I believe her now.
Maybe for series 02 they should talk. Like recite the Droid commercial, like, "In a world of Don't, Droid Does" or have a more professional series. I like the one with shirt and tie, but I'd dig one that has a lab coat.

jms67 says:

I don't actually have an android phone yet (waiting to get a cheap upgrade to the Droid). I definitely want in on these even though I'll be in the doghouse...

archboy says:

I'm in!

Anonymous says:

Ahhhh I love the chance prize boxes! I'm absolutely obsessed with these!

They kid robot ones are generally 2.99 a toy so if they are 1 each then I would probably just buy a whole case of them.

rufflez says:

I doubt they are a $1 each, its S1 at the top, as in Series 1. I was excited about that too, until I read more.

ethan says:

Wait, can you already get these individually?

Chad says:

They should put one of each in every android phones box too, like special collectible ones.
Then normal ones you can just buy.

voghan says:

I've been looking for something like this. I'm going to buy it.

gbhil#AC says:

yeah. I'm in. Who's name do I put on this check?

Networx2002 says:

ill take one.


Those are awesome!

xjunkiex says:

It's about time they come out with these cute and cool androids. I will definitely collect these. BRING EM ON!

Sweet! I want at least one.

rufflez says:

Wait, if there are a dozen different ones, why does it come in a box of 16? Will there be repeats in the box? I wouldn't mind if there are extra plain green ones (i can gift those easily to my sister and brother-in-law).

ulken says:

omg i want some!

beto599 says:

Ill take a dozen and pass them around to my friends who have the "idont" maybe this will help them change their mind and switch to an Android phone.

mstiffany7 says:

I love this. I have a kid robot one too.

johnolesen says:

awesome. ima buy a box of em.

Anonymous says:

they need a baby costume for halloween :-)

Anonymous says:

Yeah, I'm buying these. A few at the office, a few at home, and keep some in the car to keep me company. And I have a baby on the way! Nothing like introducing Android to the next generation!

Anonymous says:

I am an iPhone user, but I can't resist these cuties..!

Anonymous says:

i will take some they are awesome for my desk at work :)

ryobi43 says:

Kinda pricey. $7.25 each or $112 for a case of 16. Heres the link to the website to buy. (They are sold out of all right now)

colin11 says:

The official facebook page for Android Mini Collectables has a competition going on, x5 Mini androids to whoever sends in a pic of their Android in the most random page & gets the most Like's.
Search. Android Mini Collectables on facebook

loog5566 says: