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Google+ photo app makes it easy to share and manage your photo collection from your Chromebook Pixel

Google has released a very nice little utility for the Chromebook Pixel today, aptly named Google+ Photos. The application, that we first saw glimpses of in February, allows photos to be uploaded to Google+ when the user inserts an SD card into the reader slot, and provides a nicely done front end to all pictures and albums in Google+ for viewing and sharing.

For now, the app is specific for the Chromebook Pixel, but Googler AJ Asver notes that they are working to bring the app to other Chromebooks as well. After installing the app, your photos are backed up to Google+ from any inserted SD card. Once there, you can browse them and easily share individual photos or entire albums directly from the app and clicking the share button. Your pictures are kept private (just like auto-upload for a phone or tablet) and your most recent shots are made available for offline viewing.

The application uses your Google account sign-in, and displays the images in the new webP format. To get the app, head to the Pixel Owners page while using your Pixel, and install it like any other app or extension. A couple of screenshots are after the break to give you a better idea of how it all looks.

Source: +AJ Asver

Google+ Photos

Google+ Photos


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Chromebook Pixel gets a Google+ photo app, brings instant upload and easy sharing


I don't understand, am I reading Google Central? Or are we getting ready for the eventual merge of Chrome and Android... :)

Re-read his post. It's obvious he's aware of that, but his point is he cares only about Android (as the name of this site suggests) not Chrome.

I feel the same way. I don't see why these sites cover xbox, Mac books, Chome, etc... They do a pretty bad job, it's just not their strenghts I'd rather go to a site that focuses on those technology.

Now when it comes to covering Android phones Android Central does a bang up job!


It's an Androidcentric site, but surely most people who visit are interested in tech in general and have leanings towards Google?

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how will I watch videos that I uploaded to Google Drive
when I'm on a trans-Atlantic flight? :( The Chromebook
Pixel won't have internet access.

Go ahead Jerry taunt us with Hardware we'll never own.

Personally I'd like to see coverage on this device with Linux installed.