Samsung and Boost Mobile have invited us to a press event in New York City on April 5. According to the invite, the two mobile companies are "cooking up something hot." We just hope they're not making an Android stew -- not sure if our stomachs can handle that.

Interestingly enough, Boost Mobile currently only has one Android device on its network, the Motorola i1. Other than that one device, Boost hasn't hinted at any more devices in the past. It'll be interesting to see what the two companies are mashing together. Could we see a Galaxy device come to Boost? Certainly possible. We'll be there live on April 5 to bring you the news.

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KarbonKopy says:

Updates to Samsung phones? Wait...nevermind. OSNAP

ibbeach0 says:

I wouldnt reference the Motorola i1 and Android in the same sentence. This is IMHO a very poor unit. Running 1.5 and no plans to upgrade. Its on the iDen network that Sprint is doing a good job of killing off.
Maybe Samsung will bring a unit to the table that is worth the $$'s.

hotpinkberry says:

i do agree that the i1 was a very big flop. maybe they can make it up by partnering up with samsung...

063_xobx says:

Now all 15 people who use boost will have another phone that won't ever be updated.

manaup says:


hotpinkberry says:

why do people have to make fun of boost and other prepaid companies all the time?

prepaid is just another way to pay. its made for people who cant afford pricier phones or plans or god forbid Verizon (which is pure theft).

it has a certain market just like other phone companies have their market. i know alot of people grateful to have a phone at all, even if it is boost.

so when i found out this info i let AC know right away because it looks like boost is trying to step up their game and offer better phones for their customers.

lorcha says:

People make fun of prepaid because there is a stigma that prepaid is for people with bad credit who couldn't qualify for "postpaid" service. I put "postpaid" in quotes because, if you look at your Sprint bill, you'll notice that you're paying your "postpaid" bill in advance!

But that is changing, big time. If you use a feature phone and don't have much usage (i.e. nobody who is reading this comment right now!), then you'd be an idiot not to go with prepaid. You can save a ton of money.

And lately, the prepaid MVNOs of the world are starting to creep into smartphone territory. Imagine if you could get a mid-range Android device on Boost for (eventually) only $35/mo for "unlimited" talk/text/web. OK, I know that most of us here use hign-end devices, but still, a $35/mo everything plan for a halfway-decent smartphone is a super-hot deal!

So scoff all you want, but just realize that the prepaid customers may know something that you (we) don't!

lorcha says:

What's the story with Boost now that Sprint is retiring its iDEN network? They moving over to CDMA?

cyorke says:

I am sure since Sprint is going to be migrating PTT from iDen to CDMA there will be an option for it on Boost. Unless they just decide to migrate all customers off of PTT. I wouldnt think they would want to do that though.

They already offer Boost as iDen or CDMA since they are on Sprint network. It doesn't seem like it would be that much of a stretch to think they would continue PTT on CDMA with Boost.

NickF227 says:

If you want prepaid, go with Virgin. Good network, and they have decent smartphones that aren't Blackberries.

cyorke says:

Sprint owns both Virgin and Boost. If you go with Boost CDMA you get the exact same coverage as Virgin. look at the maps.

NickF227 says:

Boost was plagued with problems when I tried them, though. Like, iPhones couldn't receive my texts and they were always marked with 'high alert' to Verizon phones...asdajsadjhs. So I signed a contract with VZW. I like my friend's Optimus on Virgin, though.

bencpht says:

loving my optimus on vm, especially the $25 per month. Boost needs to do something before they lose everyone to vm. I realize they're both sprint, but the staff at boost are probably sending out resumes. $60 © boost for blackberry service, vs $25 for droid service at vm.

jlsmarts says:

The phone's probably the Samsung Gem, a low-to-mid range Android device to "compete" with Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus. It would be good if the price for the Samsung Gem will be comparable to the LG.