Beautiful Clock Widgets

One of Android 4.2's forward-facing feature improvements was the lockscreen, which now has a system for integrating widgets of the users choice. In the stock shipping software, there's an anemic selection of stock widgets such as calendar and a world clock, but we know how many Android developers there are out there making great widgets. Beautiful Clock Widgets is one of the first to be updated with this functionality, and it has a great selection of customizable clock and weather widgets for the lockscreen.

It was only a matter of time before we saw more apps hitting that integrated their own widgets into the lockscreen, and we'll surely see more apps be updated with the functionality in the future. For now, go check out Beautiful Clock Widgets at the Play Store link above. It's free, and if you want to unlock more widgets you can get the paid version for just $1.29.


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Beautiful Clock Widgets app integrates with Android 4.2 lockscreen



"Beautiful Clock Widgets" is completely unaffiliated with LevelUp Studio, makers of Beautiful Widgets. I'm sure they're won't be any confusion about this at all.

Stay classy, AntTek.

Yeah, would be nice to have the usual link to store here to avoid confusion.
So, where is this? Not seeing it in the store. Maybe that's the reason there isn't a link. THX

Pretty sneaky. I had to read it about 4 times to get the difference. The app isn't even showing up for me in the play store on my nexus phone.

Pretty sneaky. I had to read it about 4 times to get the difference. The app isn't even showing up for me in the play store on my nexus phone.

Andrew, is that wallpaper stock 4.2? It wasn't in the system dump that was leaked a few weeks ago.



This App is worthless! I started with the free version then went to the Pro version. And I can't even get the weather set on any of the widgets. The App says "Unknown" for my location. I never knew that Minneapolis, MN was that small of a city. GPS and everything is on. I refunded right away and will stick with HD widgets which I think is the best weather App/Widget in the App store period!!!!

I ran into that too. It only has a limited selection of what I suspect are the most frequently searched places or some crap like that. If you type the location into the search bar and hit the search button it pulls some more locations of the web for you to pick from. It was able to find my middle of nowhere TX town after I did that.

I expect level up studios to come down on them for trying to cash in on their name.

It is a very poor app over all. It is beyond worthless. The location services just do not work at all and hard to read.

Well, if this is what can be done with the lock screen widgets, then the complainers can shut up. This will be great once more developers update their apps. Though google should have retrofitted all existing widgets to work instead of making a new widget system for the lock screen.

Edit: Once UCCW get updated, things will be awesome.

I'm on a custom ROM for GNex (toro) and the app isn't working. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling but that didn't work either

Not the OP, but it doesn't work correctly for me either. Using a CM10 ROM, Nova launcher. It isn't displaying the correct time - 00:42am at the moment, and it's actually 11:42am.

Could you check the location settings of the widget? Maybe on older version, auto-location detection is incorrect.

I'm a fan of HD Widgets ... bought for 25ยข during the recent sale. His switch bars and switches are way cool and have some neat uses. Really good bargain for clock, clock+wx, wx, and switches functions on the home screen and lock screen.