TuneIn Radio

There's no shortage of Internet radio apps out there. There are so many, in fact, that I once ran out of music while testing a few for a roundup. Yes, there are more Internet radio apps than there is music on the Internet. Go figure.

But the reason I keep coming back to TuneIn Radio is simple -- local stations. There are times I want to listen to local public radio, be it for the news, or local music, or just because. And TuneIn Radio has my local public radio station -- WUWF, for those of you stalking from home. It also has private local stations, too.

The app itself is pretty foolproof. Fire it up, chose "Local Radio" and it determines where you are through some sort of black magic (or any of your phones location services, we gather) and gives you a few options. Plus, you get all sorts of Internet radio stations, too.

Are there better Internet radio stations? Perhaps. But TuneIn Radio's worked very well for me. And at the low, low cost of FREE, the price is right. Give it a shot. More screenies and download links are after the break.

TuneIn RadioTuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioTuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio


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Android Quick App: TuneIn Radio


This is an awesome app. I do not use it often since I typically podcast my talk radio shows, but when I do use it, it works flawlessly.

THE BEST APP IN THE MARKET!... Damn I love it lmao... Can you Imagine it plays ESPN Radio better than the $5 Official ESPN radio app that barely works half the damn time.

This thing has saved me a couple times this season when I was on the road and couldn't keep up with Football games. They have really solid live feeds. (Lets Go Pats!) . . .

If you haven't you MUST try it...

AWESOME find! I die for ESPN radio apps driving through the middle of Illinois when I am trying to listen to football. Thanks Sprint for losing the NFL deal. This should do just dandy for now.

love the search feature. Want some slayer? Search for "slayer" and tunein will search the world of radio for a station playing slayer.


well i use this app every day it get better reception on local channels in the car than my alpine does lol plus i can hear this band i wanna get here from russia on a couple internet radio stations this app works

Id love one that streams Sirius/XM like Pocket Tunes if you already have a Sirius account. That way we're not obligated to pay an extra $2.99 for mobile app feed by Sirius. Plus i get to listen to Howard Stern.

Anyone know of anything like that out there? Thanks.

One thing I like about TuneIn is that at any time of day I can search for a radio personality (e.g. Laura Ingraham) and it shows me all the stations that are playing her show as well as how much time is left of the show in that particular station. Great App!

Tried it and it has just replaced Xiia live lite for me to stream various talk radio. I wish ap devs would take some cues from this and just make apps with simple elements instead of trying to make these game interface monstrosities. Its easier to jump into a simple app at the stoplight to tune in a station to play in the car.

Get to listen to NBA games broadcast in their local cities?!? Win!! I can listen to the wizards radio while sitting at staples watching them lose by 20!

This is the best radio app in the market. I've tried quite a few and none have worked as flawlessly as this one. It's a life saver because CT radio is awful so i get to listen to my favorite Boston sports talk station (98.5), shameless plug I know, on my way to work and don't have to deal with the constant dropping I got from other players.

Loooove this app!!! I use it every day to listen to sports talk radio from my home town back east. Stuff i wouldn't get to hear anywhere else or on any podcasts. App has worked flawlessly. Definitely recommend it!

Absolutely one of my favorite apps. I use it all the time, for local stations, and old favorites all the way across the country. Not only is it free, I gained memory space by uninstalling the crappy ESPN radio and iHeart apps.

Just downloaded it, fantastic app. Live in the Boston area and enjoy sports talk radio. (Patriots back to the Super Bowl) This app plays all the great local and west coast radio stations perfectly. Using the Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G. Thanks for this tip, never really tried radio apps after using one a while back on my old blackberry with lousy success.
Thanks Android Central.
PS Would be better if it would go to sd card.

I use the BlackBerry version of this app and it is by FAR the best radio app around! The Android version looks just as good, if not better!

Love this app I believe you can still register at RadioTime.com and set up favorites there as well. Used this originally on my Palm Pre and now on the Epic. Only thing that it does not have is Clear Channel stations because of Clear Channel's doing but iheart radio has those.

Great app, use it quite often and supports almost all local Chicagoland area radio stations.

As mentioned before, best part its F R E E ....

Butcherchop.... the xiia live app has Howard Stern free. Just type Howard in xiia live search bar. They have west coast and east coast feed... they also have a commercial free Stern station. Hope that helps. :)

For functionality, perhaps the best ap out there... One of the very few I would actually buy.

Used every day because the AM in my car sucks.... Much better quality streaming over the droid.

Great app. IOS version is better though. Allows you to record and gives the option to fast forward which is nice. Looking forward to an update.

Simply the best app! I love drive and listen to my favorite argentinean stations in Miami. Priceless. The iPad app ($3) is awesome and let's you record up to 2 hours.

I love TuneIn, a few months ago it had issues of constantly cutting off streams but it's working great now, I can listen to my favorite station while away out of town and to find some stations around the world playing genres that you won't get in your own country (like electronic/dance from the UK).

It bothers me that you live in the same city as me and I don't already know you.

Good to know there are other decent android loving folk in this shittown.