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One thing I love about Android is the ability to quickly set up shortcuts to menus in your Settings or simply having a widget that you can toggle to change things. Quick Settings bests both of these methods by having nearly everything you might want to change on your phone just a notification bar icon away (its the gear looking one). 3G, WiFi and GPS are the things I most often change on my phone, so it is great to have quick access to them. You can either toggle them on or off with the button on the right, or jump into each's menu by tapping on its name to the left. 

The other really useful feature is easy access to the various sound levels on the phone. Android doesn't use a one-sound-level-fits-all system, so if I want to turn down my alarm volume (or any other volume), Quick Settings gets the job done elegantly and quickly. You can even toggle between silent or vibrate settings. In addition, it shows free RAM and memory from your microSD card. It is available now for free on the Market. Click past the jump for another screen shot and the usual download links. Thanks to JP for the tip!

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Android Quick App: Quick Settings


Dose this lock the volume settings added via the app as I was forever lowering my ringer volume unintentionally, untill I installed volume locker it now gives an audible warning and if you take no action it resets the volume to your predefined setting. But would love to use such things that auto change my settings for night time exs.

I love Quick Settings. I have a Samsung Captivate, I like that the battery indicator (in the app) gives you a percentage of the battery. You can quickly turn on or off the Auto Brightness of the phone and adjust the brightness level. Quickly access airplane mode, on/off auto rotaion, adjust the screen timeout and a couple others.

I recommend it to everyone I know that has an android phone and they love it as well.

I used this for a few weeks, it might be the worst app in the market. It doesnt work even a little bit. Every time I tried to change the WiFi settings it didnt work. If it was off and I wanted it on, it stayed off, it was on and I wanted it off, it stayed on. The only thing that worked was the volume control, but it didnt not show in the status bar.

Great application, I've tried other similar apps but always come back to this one. Been using it on my Nexus One since I bought it back in April. Great app for quick access to multiple settings, every function works as described for me.

I've used this app for long time... months and I really like it. The convenience of this app is awesome.

Snppr22, I'm not sure why it didn't work for you but I used it in my HTC Hero for months and been using it on my HTC Evo for the past month and a half and haven't had any issues. You may need to contact the developer cause your situation maybe special.

This is one of the first apps I ever installed and I use it every day--it's on my home screen. Has always worked flawlessly. Lots of options, and the multiple volume options are very useful. Should be a paid app--it's great!

Thanks Kyle for the info. Looks like a nice app, and there appears to be a lot of good feedbacks. I have an Evo with Froyo, and just downloaded the app, but how do I get its shortcut in the notification bar?

You set this option in the settings under the status bar option. I've been using this app since I got my Captivate at the end of July; Love it!

One option I discovered by accident is that you can add it to the long press action for the search button. Just long press the search button and select the Quick Settings option.

Actually I hate to see these Notification Area shortcuts starting to appear.

They pervert the intent and functionality that the notifications area was designed for. You can quickly see that if every app offered this feature (or worse yet, required it) it would become an unworkable mess.

Far better to use the sliding Launcher Dock like LauncherPro / ADW, but thats not stock Android yet.

Sometimes just because you CAN do something, doesn't make it a good idea.

I'm pretty sure you haven't actually looked at the app beyond this write-up. You CAN SET it to be available via the notification PULL-DOWN WITHOUT having the annoying ICON taking up space. THAT is what gives it the awesome functionality on top of the customization of accessible settings! Quick Settings App / Menu / Pref's / Status Bar Short cut / Add & Hide Icon. JP

Question, why mobile data and wifi can't be on at the same time with this app? When I turn one on the other turns off. Is that a bug or it was intentional? Evo with Froyo.

Awesome app. I was able to sweep five widgets off my home screens in exchange for a notification icon. I'm going to recommend this to my Android peeps. This is why I love AC!

I'll admit that this program is slick, but with QuickDesk, the stock power control widget and a few other choice widgets that I actually use, I'm pretty much covered.

I'm always surprised to see people touting settings apps or talking about settings widgets on their home screens. Between QuickDesk and multicon, I've cleared my homescreens of all my setting shortcuts/widgets and any apps I need rapid access to (ie: barcode scanner, camera, shazam). Plus by simply tapping the home button twice, I can easily access them from anywhere in the phone with minimal effort & without leaving what I'm working on at the moment.

I guess I'm just surprised that more people don't mention or use QuickDesk. I use it literally all day, effortlessly.

I've been using this for months and LOVE it. I also love that you can navigate to it from any app via long press of the search button. Saves time and effort.

This is one of the first apps I downloaded on my Moment and it is still one of my faves.. Makes setting up everything so easy :)

Almost there but not there
Using Dell D630 running Win Vista 32 bit and Evo 2.2

I Have the App installed and can detect my EVO, but unable to Authenticate past device and checked settings on Laptop Wireless settings and EVO settings to make sure they match.
Stupid question, is this App using Wireless to Tether Evo to Laptop to get to internet or do I need cable?