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PlayerPro is one of those great music apps that does a lot of the tedious and menial things involving your music for you. For example, it automatically finds album art, but in addition, also has images for genre and artist as well. The album art thing should definitely come standard, but the other enhancements really help round out the package.

PlayerPro also supports a number of skins (all free on the Market) that you can use to customize the look of your player to your own tastes. All the included screenshots are using the stock skin that comes when you install, but chances are you can find something more your style if stock doesn't do it for you.

Probably PlayerPro's strongest asset is it's equalizer. You can pick from a number of sound effects as well as adjust individual levels, the volume, and the bass. I can speak from personal experience that the bass dialer works well, as evidenced by my booming car when I started playing music for the first time.

It's a bit pricey at $4.99 for the full app, but there is a trial in the Market that lasts five days. If you're looking for another solid music player and have a few bucks to burn, PlayerPro might be the way to go.

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Android Quick App: PlayerPro


This is absolutely the best music player on the market and I've tried them all. Not only is it extremely customizable (choosing artwork, EQ, lyrics, edit tags, etc.), but the interface is stunning. It integrates well with iSyncr and support has been good.

The only issue I'm having that hasn't been resolved yet is with genre tagging. It seems that when you edit the genre, it doesn't take effect when browsing by genre. I've even refreshed the media scanner to no avail. The only way it takes effect is if I delete the song and reimport through itunes via iSyncr. Not a good solution.

However, aside from that, I love this app!

PowerAMP is too heavy for me. It seems like there's way too much going on and it overwhelms me. :/

No integration with Google Music?

No thanks.

Album art and organization are pretty much automatic with GM, and not something you have to do on each device.

You miss the single most useful thing about this music app (for me):
It syncs ratings with iSyncr WiFi (which syncs songs and ratings with iTunes)!

PlayerPro + iSyncr Wi-Fi is unbeatable.

I tried all of the free music apps, tried Poweramp. Then I tried this one an never looked back. Absolutely the best. Beautiful, easy to use, highly customizable, what more could you ask for?

I tried a lot of different players in the past. This was the best one to me. I bought it about 6-8 months ago and I've loved it ever since. It's the only one I use.