If you love using widgets and enjoy the look of a nice, simple, clean looking home screen you won’t want to delay the download of Minimalistic Text any further. This widget, which is really 11 different widgets in one, allows you to display a variety of different information on their home screen in text form. Whether you want to display the time, date, temperature, weather, or battery percentage on your screen you can do so easily with this application.

Minimalistic Text allows near-complete control of the design of the widgets, ranging from widget size, text direction, alignment, color, and nearly anything else you could think of. There are a bunch of preset designs layouts, but they don’t limit you to use only those, users can create a custom layout with the information of their choice and have that displayed instead. Once the widgets are set, simply clicking on them allows them to be changed again, so if you want to change the text size, color, background or anything else. For the amazing price of free in the Android market, this is an application that many will find use for, as there is a widget for just about everyone in it. Download links available after the break.


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Android Quick App - Minimalistic Text


God I love this app, but for some reason it causes major wakelock on my evo and I haven't been able to figure out why :(

I've been using this app for a while, works WONDERS with WidgetLocker. Good app in my book.

Nice pick guys.

This looks like ADW launcher that comes with CM7. ADW allows you to change the icons on the desktop to literally any image you want that's on your SD card. You can download text icons like this by googling "ADW icon text" or something like that. You can also download themes directly from the ADW settings. Once a theme is downloaded, a long press on the icon of choice will bring up an 'edit' option. Click that, click the icon, and boom... change to whatever the flavor of the month is.

I'm pretty sure you can use ADW with sense without root, but I'm not sure. I rooted and run CM7 RC2 (need to get 3 tonight).

Actually, it could also be LauncherPro, with the Myn's Warm skin. =) It's quite a nice look and feel on it, and runs very well, even on Sense based OS's (I have it running on my EVO).

Looks like Rainbow Wood....wait, I mean,,, I hate that they took refracted light as their symbol!

is this ur app ? if yes then u mind telling the exact font wallpaer and setting how to get same as in the picture ???

@devmill, great app but maybe include some predesigned templates/skins like this one for a future update. I reproduced this screenshot on my phone but it took some time to get it done.

I wish I knew how he set up the time setting because thats really cool, the fact that the minutes text is bigger and different font is awesome.

I wish this would work on my EVO for some strange reason it was working perfectly than out of no where all of the settings ment nothing and it would just look normal

Simply... AMAZING!

Brings out the designer in all of us.

Thanks Devmil for giving us the aesthetic control on or Android devices.

Excellent app. I have no issue paying the $1.37 for it. It's even more fun and customizable when you add your own fonts.

Ok, for the life of me I can't get the weather to work? When I first installed it, it came up ok but then something went wrong and I cant get it back to work. I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the time up, but then whenever I try and add the weather it comes up in a clock format?? What am I doing wrong here?