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The pictures tell the story, Android's U.S. market share is growing at a huge rate in all categories.  We're pretty big fans here, and most of you are, too.  But Quantcast isn't -- they're a third party who makes money by measuring things for people who need to know where to focus their marketing.  In this case, they are measuring the percentage of web use based on operating system, and focusing on growth (or lack of).  While iOS (yes, that includes iPods and iPads) still holds the lion's share, they're slipping.  As a matter of fact, everyone is slipping -- everyone except Android that is.  Whether you look at the numbers by the month, the quarter, or the year as a whole the trend is the same, and if it continues Android will have the majority of the US mobile browser market within a year according to Quantcast.

In business you either lead, follow, or get out of the way.  A steamroller driven by a friendly green robot is coming through, and that huge user base some others have been enjoying isn't going to be enough to stop it. [Quantcast via TechCrunch]


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Android mobile web usage climbing while others fall


I wonder how much this metric was affected by the change in AT&T's data plans, since that's affecting all newly-purchased iPhone and iPad data usage.

Still, good news for the green guy.

Wow, so this is why Steve Jobs brought up Google's reported 200K activations a day on Androids at his last press conference, this should make him a bit nervous.

That's a huge increase, then again there's like hundreds of Android phones on the market all over the world. I bet a good chunk of that has to do with Froyo 2.2 and flash player 10.1, some of those flash games and websites are awesome.

I read carefully and noted the error which is why I commented Dragoneer.

Is the iPad included in mobile? No, we do not count the iPad as a mobile device. This is a judgment call and we fully expect that over time the distinction between device classes will continue to blur and these decisions will get even harder (as they will with the forthcoming slew of Android tablets). As mobile becomes a more significant portion of all web consumption and as more devices appear we may drop the distinction and shift solely to total web consumption share (if you have thoughts on this please let us know).

If a Quantcast chart shows iOS in respect of mobile web consumption, then it includes both iPhones and iPod Touch devices, but not iPads.
source: blog.quantcast.com-mobile measurement methodology-sept 6, 2010

I read that at Engadget too. Quantcast stated that they did not include the iPad in previous studies. They make no such claim for the August numbers.

All that data usage is because of the Flash updates and everyone is now streaming PORN. More than ever on Android.

A beautiful graph to be sure, but that's an inaccurate headline.

Android's SHARE of mobile web usage is growing, but that doesn't mean its competitors actual mobile web usage is falling.

If Android web usage went from 1 GB to 4 GB while iOS web usage went from 1 GB to 2 GB, iOS's share would fall by 17% while Apple could legitimately point to 100% *GROWTH* in data usage.

To be perfectly honest, I'm an Apple fan when it comes to computers and multimedia devices. However I definitely think the Droid Inc. is better than the iPhone in most regards except for people who aren't as tech-savy. I will say that part of android's advantage is that they did go with verizon which has the best coverage and a larger user base. I would be happy to see Apple get demoted from this sort of "fashion/pop icon" status and go back to when their more humbler days. I think this appealing to the masses has "dumbed down" the Apple computer and I see less useful innovation. Just my opinion here.

I'm not surprised, in my family 6 people switched to android this year. 3 people went from blackberries and the rest went from a dumb phone to android. There is at least one more person switching from a blackberry to android in my family.

Personally I switched from a blackberry to the Evo this year and never going back to RIM.

This is music to my ears...I can't wait for the next chart to come out, I think we will all see a big jump in Android useage and devices...it's only going to get better. I wouldn't be surprised to see an even bigger jump once many of these new Andriod tablets start coming out...they look awesome and with Froyo 2.2 on them with Flash 10.1, why would you want and Ipad???

I try to remain dispassionate and objective when it comes to individual loyalty to certain tech platforms, but the incessant whining, ignorance, and sycophantic stupidity of 90% of iPhone users is now too much for me to ignore. In ~2-3 years when Android dwarfs iOS devices (even when the iPhone/iPad goes to other carriers) we may be just as obnoxious as the majority of iOS users are now.

Until that time, I will continue to shove statistics like this in the faces of the iOS simpletons who refuse to understand there is life beyond their holy fruit.

Thanks to AC for continuing to post these breaking statistics.

I think the difference is new users compared to upgraders. Android gets a lot of both, while iPhone gets a lot of people upgrading from earlier versions. You need new users to grow.

ChrisX, a negative sign can mean lots of things, depending on what it's relative to. And Aaronwe is 100% correct. These figures represent change in SHARE of the total mobile web usage, not actual web usage. It means Android is growing faster than others, not necessarily that others are shrinking.

Aside from that, the last graph is screwed. RimOS is shown below the line, but as a positive number. Should the number be negative, or does RIM actually have positive growth in share? And if it's 10%, why is the bar shorter than the bar for "other" at 5%. Sloppy, shoddy reporting by someone.