What do you do to show love and appreciation for the hard-working individual running the ship at the best damn Android forums anywhere? That's a tough nut to crack. Sure, the higher-ups could shower him with gifts, or cut a check, but as one of the folks who work with him, I agree that we needed a way to tell him that we think he's a hell of a guy. I'm talking about Cory Streater of course, our forums admin, podcast star, and all-around awesome guy. 

Anyways, we dreamed up a great idea, and decided to have a t-shirt made to express just how we think and feel, then ship it around so all the moderators and developers could sign it. It took several months to get done, and the shirt traveled almost 8,000 miles before landing at Cory's doorstep. Without the logistic skills of AC Super Moderator Cyber Warrior (NATO should totally hire this guy) it would have never happened. With over 850,000 members, almost 2,000,000 posts, and new registrations flowing in all the time, our forums are just too big and need too many folks working in them to pull this off without some serious dedication, and CW stepped up -- this is where I thank him again!

So anyhoo, I want to take a chance to thank Cory again for all his hard work -- you're a friend as well as a co-worker -- as well as thank everyone involved in the project.  I'm blogging it so you folks have a chance to tell Cory thanks for all his hard work as well. He's spent many a night awake and working on the forums long after he should have been in bed, and it shows. It takes more than awesome members to have the best damn Android forums on the Internet, and we're lucky to have Cory at the helm. Feel free to fill the comments with thanks and appreciation, but be sure to visit the forums here to tell him personally!

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Masheen says:

±1 Cory is well educated and familiar with Android and does his best to help everyone he can.

Corey's guide to rooting my TB, all the way from putting cwm and backing things up etc made my first experience rooting a great one, went smooth and I can't wait to root my next phone, certainly with help from the boss and rest of the forum!

PvilleComp says:

+Cory Streater - Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

mjs1124 says:

Thanks Cory, for the best Android site on the internet! I definitely appreciate it. This is the one site I come to every day!

Paul627g says:

Thanks Cory! Glad you enjoyed are gift :)

That smile you had plastered across your face in the hangout last night was priceless...

Verdes8891 says:

You are amazing Cory. Keep up that great work, we really appreciate it.

tntdroid says:

Seems like just months ago I had that shirt for a day. Looks great!

XavierMatt says:

We love you Corey. Thanks for your hard work.

stcloud99 says:

Android users are lucky to have you! Without the Android Central forums I would be broke from bricking my phones. Thank you friend!

Thanks Cory. All of your hard work is appreciated. I'm enjoying a glass of cider as I write this. Cheers!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! I can't begin to express how grateful I am to the Android Central staff, and the community at large, for their contributions in the forums and enabling me to do something I'm so passionate about.

Android Central has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Truth is the Mods, Advisers, and Devs are the real glue that holds it all together. I'm just overhead :D

dmmarck says:

All lies! You're the man and you make everything so seamless. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication, it makes our community one of a kind!

The man don't sleep.. works around the clock like a machine... he's a true Android!

Paul627g says:

Boy isn't that the truth... 7am, noon, 3pm and right on thru the night Cory is there to take care of business.

Sparty73 says:

So cool to see so many current and former Optimus S devs on there. Keep up the great work, and thanks Cory!

speculatrix says:


Thank you, Cory, for your efficiency. You seem to be all over the forums at one time all the time!

Timbitman says:

really? no one else sees the DTF (down to f*ck) looooool