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I don't think we ever got around to actually asking this one officially, so let's do it now. We've got two themes available in the official Android Central App. One's light, one's dark. Right now we serve up the light theme by default. And it's a fine theme.

But that dark theme just keeps calling to us. It beckons us into the settings every time we install some new test build.

And, so, we put it to you. Which theme should be the default? Light? Or dark?

Choose wisely. Poll's after the break.


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The Android Central App: Which theme should be the default?


Dark should be a little easier on batteries for AMOLED packin' phones. Though I must admit - I like the light theme perhaps just a tad bit more.

Keep it white. Dark is good for AMOLED screens.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

Light as I think of android central when I see the colour.

Also it says I am forbidden to access the poll.

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Without a doubt..... Dark. It's daytime friendly; is nighttime friendly; and is battery friendly.

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Also, in the Larry Page story, if you click on the Moto X forum link, from the app, it brings up the app selection menu (Chrome, Internet, Tapatalk).

And the dark theme is quite nice.

Light being default matches most other apps. That being said the simplicity of having dark as an option is great for those like myself who prefer it. I black out ALL my apps so having a setting is nice and easy as opposed to flashing a zip in recovery

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I think it should be light because the theme because you guys are using a light theme on the web, and color scheme should be the same on the app. Thats my take on it.

+4. Also, it kinda looks like the new Google Play, which is awesome. Light ftw (I hope; it isn't looking too good right now).

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Yes, light to match the site. Plus then I feel special when I switch to dark.

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This. Because question is "Which theme Should Be The Default?", not which is better,or which you use(you can change it to which you like better). Light theme with all that green is recognizable.

If I set the dark theme and exit the app using the back button, when I go back in it flashes the light theme for a split second before going dark.

Posted from the AC App

The light theme. It ties in more with the new Google interface designs, plus it looks cleaner.

Posted via AC App N4

I would rather keep the default one light. It is easier for my eyes to read long amounts of text. Then again, the dark one is a very beautiful one that mimics the holo design. I would vote to keep it how it is, but when the user installs the app to give an option, when first opening it, whether to have it light or dark.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy tab with Android 4.2.2

I say light; though It's not hard for me to change it, and I hardly use the app; I think light makes more sense.

Most apps come in white as default; people who prefer black, are used to changing the theme. But many who prefer white, are not used to changing themes, and either a) may not think to do it, or b)many not know they can do it (though unlikely since it's the android central app).

I find the dark theme hideous, but I think at least half of the people here will disagree with me it seems :D Keep it light to make the desktop/mobile version. Light just looks cleaner, nicer and less claustrophobic than the dark theme for me. Dark themes are good for AMOLED screen but since the devices that use the app most IIRC are the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, both with LCD, the battery argument isn't massively important. Idk I'm not really fussed. I can always choose the light option :P

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I only use the dark theme but think the light theme should be the default. It looks slightly better. I think the dark theme could use little color on the top bar and in the sliding menu.

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Even though I prefer and always switch to dark the default should be light, when I think of Android Central those colors are apart of your natural identity.
Changing it to dark makes me feel like I'm putting MY personality to your app and I like that.

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I prefer light theme! But I'm appreciative that the Android Central app allows us to choose either one! (Thank you guys!)

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It's not broke the way it is so don't fix it!

It's not like anyone's gonna know who's using what anyway.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4


Or it should adjust the brightest and color temperature of my screen according to the time, the position of the sun, the moon, astronomy, the weather and climate.

Or you could just leave it the way it is.

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Light, easier on the eyes and feels more natural. Dark seems like night mode to me.

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Absolutely the light.

I understand people love their dark themes, really I do, but I could never do any amount of reading with those colours...the contrast is just too harsh. I can only imagine people are suffering from increased eye strain with no idea why.

But, hey, freedom of choice is, as long as the one "I" want is an option you'll get no complaint from me. :)

Can you make the default device specific? Mahendra the default for Amoled screens and light for the others?

Or how about using the light sensor to detect whether the room is well lit or not for dark rooms, launch the dark theme...

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I love everything blacked out! Not only is it cooler, I have bad eyes and like the high contrast (find the unmodified new Google apps unusable) but I appreciate the option being there, and aren't too fussed as long as it is!

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I've got an AMOLED device (which I often use in dim light), so always pick a dark theme when available. I'm glad that it's available with the AC app, but at the same time I think that light should be the default.

Why? Because it matches the AC brand colours. Just please don't remove the dark option :)

I prefer the dark theme, but light should be the default. Matches the website, gives a consistent theme. Let users change away from that if they choose, but keep your defaults consistent across the board.

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I like the dark theme more on my Note 2, but I think the light theme keeps the essense of the website.

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Light theme. Dark text on light background (I use 255-250-240 on a lot of my sites/computers) is easier to read.

It's also, ahem, consistent with the site. ;-)

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Light is the best one for default, it has the green AC colour, and like others have said it matches the site. Obviously a lot of people like the dark theme, but most users who want a dark theme in their apps and are fans of this site will know to go into the settings and change it. Maybe you could give a choice when you first install the app between light and dark themes.

Dark. Our matches holo. Change it back to white if Google does change to a lighter theme in the future

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The bright theme should be the default. It's much more readable. The dark one hurts my eyes. Black text on white background is the best for me

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Personally I prefer the dark theme, but I think the light theme is more universal and assessable for the average user, so I voted light.

Light. But as long as we can switch between the two, the default doesn't matter than me. I love the app, though, either way.

Didn't even know there was a dark theme, read this on the app and just changed it to dark and keeping it that way.


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I think it should be light just because it matches the desktop version of the website. Change the desktop to a dark theme and I would feel the app should have a dark theme by default.

Definitely the dark theme hands down. Saves battery too and it looks way more professional.

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Seriously people?
First, it makes no sense to put default black when the color of AC are the ones on the light theme. And second, on most of the apps the black theme is NOT the default one. Apart from that i do use the black theme and i like it for the same reasons everyone just said before but i don't think it should be the default one.

General rule of thumb: light for apps and dark for settings. Would be fine if only the settings screen of the app was dark for the light theme (keep the dark theme as a choice though).
If you are going to change the default, I don't eat to notice if I am already using one theme.

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It depresses me to see so many people voting dark. I admit I prefer the dark one, but only amoled devices see a battery saving from it. An app should mirror its website in color scheme. I believe the consistency is much more important than what SOME people prefer, especially when one can easily turn on dark theme anyway

I can't understand why there is still light themed apps...? Does somebody notice that the all android interface is DARK? :)
White apps with everything else dark is ugly to me, it's not uniform (and logical).

And i'm not even talking about the google apps... :-(

I like the light theme, it's classsy. But ever since I've been introduced to the Night theme, I pick it, because it looks incredible. Every time I flash a ROM and re-download it (as opposed to backing it up...I know) I re-install it and the first thing I do is switch to the Night theme, then go about my business reading up on all the fine things that the staff have to say. I say Night should be standard, and let the "day walkers" fiddle with the "Light" settings. Haha. I hate vampire cliches.

Light. Dark is just a bit too harsh for my taste. Great to have the choice though!

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

Light. Choose function over form. The dark may look good but the light is undoubtedly the easier of the two to read.

i have a Note II and prefer the dark theme, AMOLED and all that, but the light theme should be the default. most people have LCD screens...

My preference is for light. And can we please have a gesture like a swipe to move from one blog post to the next? Jumping back to the menu to get to the next post is counter-intuitive.

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While I prefer dark apps you really should make the light theme the default as it matches how other apps come out of the box (Gmail, Play Store, etc.). That also helps to provide a more consistent viewing experience across Android for the masses.

The light theme because it matches your website. But On like the dark theme overall.

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Dark. I like things dark and subdued, with only the necessary info popping out at me. Plus, since I often read AC at night or in dark environments, this works well without the stark white theme straining on my eyes.

I can certainly understand that appeal of the dark theme on a OLED device, but the default should definitely be light. Much more consistant and purdy. Nice to have the option, of course.

Make it light because it matches the theme of Android Central and makes the look more consistent from website to application.

At the end of the day I don't care as long as we can change it! :) But my vote is for the dark theme. Its easier on the eyes IMO!

Light in the day, dark at night. Anyway to add that feature in the app itself based on the timezone the user is in?

Without batting an eyelash, Dark is where it's at. It saves on the battery usage and it just plain looks better.

Posted from my Verizon Galaxy S III via Android Central App

I like both themes. I think rather then set a default I would like to see a one touch button to switch from one to the other. Some days I feel dark and dreary others light and cheery, so I switch depending on my mood. Just a thought, thank you for the poll.

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