Although Xobni has made a name for themselves on the BlackBerry platform that doesn't mean they don't have love for Android as well. As a matter of fact, they have lots of love to spread around. Most recently, they've updated their blog to let everyone know that Xobni is coming to GMail, Android and yes, even iPhone.

Xobni for Android will launching in Alpha form, and Xobni is hoping to take managing your contacts to a whole new level by offering such things as the ability to sort and organize your contacts, see recent emails and mutual contacts as well offer faster contact searching.

If you're interested in better contact organization and don't mind a few bugs within an app here and there then Xobni is looking for you. You can sign up now to get on their Alpha testing waiting list and as soon as it becomes available for testing you're in. Hit the source link to get stared. [Xobni]

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Issemann says:

What is this app all about?? I already have pictures for every contact in my Gmail contact list.

I hadn't heard of it either. Had to look at the link to see what it was.

PHADE says:

Check Them Out, Xobni Is Really Good. If You Guys Use Outlook Than You MUST Download Xobni.

It Was Good On My WhackBerry. I Want It On My Android...CAN'T WAIT!!!

justpatrick says:

Could not agree more - XOBNI is an awesome add-on!