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Google's Android-powered smartwatch 'could be ready for mass production within months'

Rumors of Google working on its own Android-powered smartwatch are nothing new — we've been hearing whispers to that effect from several sources over the past six months. But a report in The Wall Street Journal today gives us our clearest indication yet as to when the elusive wearable might make itself known. Citing "people familiar with the matter," the paper reports that the Android-powered watch is in the late stages of development, with Google currently working to fine-tune the device to improve power efficiency and battery life. The company is reportedly now in talks with Asian suppliers to begin mass production of the device, according to today's story.

What's more, the WSJ reports that the watch will be based heavily around Google Now, Google's predictive search app. As we said in an article back in March, the advantages of having Google Now on a wearable device could be immense. If it's properly implemented, Google Now could be a perfect fit for wearable devices, and a key differentiator for Google in what could quickly become a very crowded market. Samsung and Pebble are the main players right now, but Fitbit recently inched closer to smartwatch territory with the launch of its Fitbit Force device, and HTC is said to be prepping its own smartwatch for a late 2014 launch.

The Google watch could be ready for mass production "within months," according to the WSJ, which suggests the possibility of an early-to-mid 2014 launch for the product. Google has been getting Android ready for wearables with new features like Bluetooth Low Energy support and notification listener services, but today's news casts doubt on the possibility of any watch-specific announcements alongside Android 4.4 KitKat, which we're expecting to see later this week.

For more on how Google Now might work on a watch — and why it makes too much sense not to happen — check out our write-up from earlier in the year, linked below.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal


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WSJ: Google watch with Google Now in late stages of development


Well... They never said nexus esp if it's based off Google now prob just call it Google watch lol

Posted via Android Central App

Want! Or do I? I'm definitely a lot more likely to get a"nexus watch" (if that's how they brand it) than any other.

I'd better be able to select the US voice though, I hate that British guy...

Posted via Android Central App

The touch less controls ala the Moto X would have to be part of this. Otherwise, you're using two hands to do everything with the device,m which usually takes just one with a phone.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

Google now voice is an American woman. I know the features will be great. The make or break for me will be water proofing.

Posted via Android Central App

The default voice in the UK is an English male. For Siri as well as Google now. The quality sounds poorer to me. You have to mess with it a little to get it to use the American female voice.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, I'd prefer the IVONA Amy English voice which is generated on the device to the Google Now voice, which I believe is streamed.

I'm not sure why Google Now doesn't give the choice to use TTS on the device. Doing so would support their own voices, as well as others.

I bet they release the watch at I/O 14. I'm excited to see what they will do but am still extremely skeptical with smart watches.

I am sure hopes are high that this SmartWatch turns out to be tremendously more functional and user-friendly than any that have come before it. What people don't realize is that companies use consumers much like crowdsourcing works for companies like Pebble. If you are an early adopter to tech then you are pretty much paying for a device what it cost the company to make and pay for their development cost or you are buying it at a loss to the company so that they can further development. My hopes are that Google with infinite financial and immense intellectual resources will release a device that truly defines what a smartwatche capable of. I I have owned and do own each of the smart watches in the past two to three years, and I can say unequivocally that they fall drastically short of what I would consider to be a mainstream product.

Looks like Motorola is back to field and that too with a heavy weapon of ‘The Google’. Imaginations of smart- watch are simplified after this reveal of smart watch with android; in fact the Mini Version of Android.

Now finally it seems that life would turn quiet innovative with context to portable gadgets! Hopes and desire of people tend to request for online messenger applications like WhatsApp and Wechat interface on Smart-watches that use QWERTY Key pad!! Let’s see what’s next!!
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