US Airways Android app

Attention frequent flyers: US Airways finally has an Android app. (We'll pause as we let the cheers in Charlotte, N.C., subside. Everybody done? Good.)

The app hits all the buttons you'd expect. It ties into your Dividend Miles account. You can see your itineraries and check into flights, as well as access your boarding pass wallet. You can check on your flight status and book new flights, and you also can get terminal maps and check on clubs in whatever airport you're headed to. If you've lost a bag, you can check on that through the app as well.

All in all, not a bad app — though we're ignoring the horrible placement of the settings button, which really needs to be in a proper overflow menu. And while we're on the subject, the legacy overflow menu (seen here with the dots on the bottom right) doesn't even work on HTC devices. Fortunately, all that's tucked in there is a Home button, My trips, Flight status, check in and "more," all of which is available on that main screen anyway. So you won't be able to get to it universally throughout the app on an HTC device, but neither is it missing.

We've got a few more screen shots after the break, and you can download it at the link above.

H/t to @airlineflyer

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keithz says:

Just in time to merge with AA!

Please add a download link.

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blankit says:

Wow I've been hoping for one of these apps for ages

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Veridor says:

On the web version of the article on desktop, there's a "Get in on Google Play" button near the top of the article body that'll take you to the download on Google Play. I don't know if it's also present on the AC app.

I see the Google Play link in the app. Do you not?

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paulwcarlton says:

Thanks for the Charlotte shout-out. :-P

mdentley says:

+1 ....from the University Area!

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Gekko says:

US Scare!

JetBlue app is not compatible with new Nexus 7.

iowabeakster says:

WAIT... I'm still not done cheering here in the Queen's City.

WOOOOO! USAIR boarding pass wallet! WOOOO! FUUUUCCCCCCCCCCC yeaH BAbyyyhy

ayg says:

A crappy app for a horrible airline. Seems fitting!

Of course soon they'll have access to AA's app, which I'm sure they'll immediately get rid of and instead come out with Windows Mobile 5, Blackberry 4.5, and Palm compatible apps. The friendly skies of USAmerican Air, your local 3rd world carrier.

I really hate flying US Air, and I fly a lot.

drwohl says:

I could not have put this better myself.

Dave Mroz says:

i wonder if the app will be as terrible as the airline. good thing delta has had an excellent app with mobile boarding passes out for almost 2 years now.