Android in Space

Sure, taking a Nexus S into near-orbit is great and all, but it's not really outer space, is it? Well, some researchers from England have decided to toss an unnamed Android phone into a rocket and blast it into the final frontier later this year in the name of science. The purpose of the experiment -- other than simply being awesome -- is to test how well the phone and its internal components withstand the extreme conditions of space. 

The end goal of the team is to adapt the compact and powerful design of modern smartphones to power low-cost satellites of the future as they note that the phone cost "less than £300" and that the entire satellite ran the team "less than a family car." Another benefit would be that the free and open nature of Android lends itself well to allowing developers to "feasibly develop apps for satellites." [TG Daily]

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first, and thats awesome!!!

deercreek says:

Should we really trust a satellite that will be too busy playing Angry Birds to perform its intended duties?

Kyle Gibb says:

Angry Birds in Space -- you heard it here first. =P

I just got used to the physics on that standard Angry Birds, introducing low gravity will just throw me off!

hpwill says:

now apple take that i want to see if you can beat that

I see a new Star Trek movie remake here: An advanced robotic alien race find our unnamed Droid in deep space and build a gigantic spaceship in which to return it in....VEGER!

Kyle Gibb says:

I was considering just having a picture of Data from TNG or No. 5 from BSG as the pic for this post, actually ;)

darkmax says:

I was thinking... may be the aliens come into contact with the phone and decided to download their virus and sent it back to Earth.... Or worse, they could laugh their brains out, seeing such a primitive device and decided to send their slavers to Earth.

Buzz Aldrin was so tight-lipped about his run-in with Lloyd . . .

umairali says:

if the android is going into space, i definitely take my Desire with me.

taylorwc says:

Is there anyone else besides me that isn't a fan of Lloyd? I like the original android guy, but this "mascot" looks like a soft, pudgy, jelly candy with no plans of world domination who is worried more about his awkward stance... rather than an emotionless robot aimed at making my life more efficient. Sorry AndroidCentral.