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Who has two thumbs, seven Android phones and has a hankering for some multi-client instant messaging on Android? This guy. The popular desktop IM client Trillian is now in open beta for Android for a limited time. With it, you can keep up with your pals on AIM, Gtalk, IRC, Mobile Me, Facebook, MySpaceIM, Yahoo and a handful of other protocols, all from a single app on your phone.

Along with the usual Trillian support, you get tabbed chats, landscape mode, and can sent emoticons, photos and send pings (oh boy) to your friends "to demand attention."

The beta period won't last forever, and the app will expire at the end of the beta (at which time we'll likely have to pay for it. So snag it now and give it a shot. [Trillian]


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Trillian multi-client IM app now in open beta for Android


I can't wait to hear about the stability of this. If it's stable on the X then this may become the first paid app I get after the beta. On my BB I had 3 or 4 messaging programs. On a phone it's nice to have a single client for all the different services.

I assume custom keyboards work with it?

If Trillian doesn't allow beta testers to keep the app for free, I'd be sorely disappointed.

So far it seems pretty slick. As far as keyboards, I'm using Swype with it just fine (although I had to hide the keyboard when entering a chat "window" as it covered up the chat text). I'm using it with AIM, Y!, Windows Live, Facebook, and Astra. Remembered my groups, default settings are right where I would have put them too. Easy to change status message and Online/Away/Invisible, but when entering a status message it does a weird thing where it capitalizes the first letter of every word (not just the first word). Might be a Swype thing, I'll have to try it with one of the other keyboards.


Andy here from Cerulean Studios. We're going to be working hard the next few weeks on improving stability. Please be sure to submit any crash dumps to us so we can fix them quickly!

Few suggestions:
1) Taskbar icon
2) Stay online for longer periods of downtime
3) Custom IM sounds
4) Custom notification light colors
5) Change the AIM icon to the running man logo (we're more familiar with it)
6) Add Skype support
7) Smaller buddylist icons and fonts for easier view of multiple contacts (similar to Meebo for Android)



Great work andy! I was a big trillian fan back in my windows days. Are there any plans to integrate regular sms/mms messages into trillian? Give android that central messaging feel that I'm missing coming over from webOs.

HAL-AY-LOO-YUH!! Been using Trillian from it's initial beta, 10+(?) years ago, and on my EVO, it's GORGEOUS!! I just hope I don't have to pay for the official app, since I already paid for my Astra acct... (had to pay when I was on the iPhunk) It's working PERFECTLY! I DO, however, dislike all the previous spam adds in WLM popping back up. They weren't hard to deny again, though. THANKS FOR THE AWESOME NEWS! And THANK YOU CERULEAN STUDIOS!!

Are notifications in the works? So far I haven't gotten any on new messages or replies. Other than that, I'm an hour in, and have 4 chats on 4 client accts. goin' and no problems!

I like that it seems to run in the background, unlike ebuddy which seems to be running in the foreground. I'll give it a try.

can anyone tell me why wen i back out of the program, not close it, it does not leave me signed in even when i have my messages pushed?? then when i check back in i have to recheck the push box even though it dont work?? maybe a bug? ~DINC

I'd love to help, but I think you'll need to get a better grasp of the English language before posting. I hate to be a "Grammar Nazi" but seriously I can barely understand what you wrote. If you don't care enough to write the question out properly why should anyone care enough to answer?


What he asked was why the program signs him out when he backs out of it. (I assume as opposed to staying signed in, in the background, like how it'd go to the task bar on a Windows computer.)

Whenever he signs back in after this, he also has to put a check in for having messages pushed again, which he had said he did the previous sign in.

He's asking why, and mentioning that he's on the Droid Incredible.

Now take the time and fix it. After all, why take the time to post if you aren't going to take the time to help, amirite?

my bad, i seen worse on here without "perfect people" getting on them. I am truely sorry for making you take the time to read my messy post.

and thank you Faulk for spelling it out for me, i appreciate it ;-)

I like the app alot so far, reminds me a lot of the mac version. One issue: not getting any LED notifications on my DX.

Yahoo seems to constantly disconnect on this..and the pc client. Msn icon shows as offline when you are really online and LED doesnt blink with incoming/unanswered messages (HTC EVO) Otherwises seems pretty decent this build.. I only got 1 force close and thats when I was trying to add a pic to my account.

So far it works well. Does this utilize the new "push" type of notifications like Beejive on iPhone does (though that would probably only apply to 2.2 phones)? I like how their website shows just about all the major phones in the Android army. Only missing the Desire and Incredible.

Just downloaded and installed....only having problems with logging into Yahoo........Trillion...let us know.....thanks!!

Ditto Tower72:
MSN icon greyed out showing offline yet definitely connected to WLM because friends show up. However, when trying to chat pressing the person you'd like to chat with on WLM does nothing. Haven't played with it too much yet, but doesn't seem reliable enough yet to use day-to-day. HTC EVO 2.2

last time i used trillian on a pc.. it deleted all my AIM Contacts!!! and i never ever got em back! (stupid of me not knowing how to back up my contacts) this time i will back up all my contacts before i use it this time

Pretty good so far. Needs some features though badly. Tabs take up too much room (maybe swipe side to side instead? Or only show tabs if two conversations are going). Left/right style message area is annoying. Can't set my own alert sounds. Buddy list looks great though.

The "Trillian" name will forever be associated with bloatware in my mind, after using their Windows client several years back. I'll stick with eBuddy, thank you very much.

Have fun with that...Meebo is one shoddy piece of workmanship. Barely stays signed onto anything. The devs stopped caring about that app. I gave up the fight and switched over to eBuddy (lesser of 2 evils). You might as well give Trill a chance and send your suggestions over to the developer so he can make the official version better. Don't be a troll-- I mean, pessimist.


Been a devote Trillian user for over 6 yrs. So glad i can have it...better yet have a phone that can support it. So far pretty slick compared to my Meebo Client. Prettier than the Beejive client i had my old BB Curve. Very organized. I'll stick with it.

*Evo 2.1 :)

Hey for a first build its not to bad, going to try the deletion of to see if that works.

Just cant wait to see what future builds have in store considering Beejive will soon be in beta stages also.

Been trying it out for the last day. Really slick interface, but TONS of bugs. I have it on my DROID and it FCs pretty often. Johnny aces nailed it with his suggestions.

I think the most important fixes would be the Taskbar icon, Custom IM sounds, Smaller buddylist icons and fonts.

Also, every time i leaev the app, it forgets my settings!! I have to go back in and remove the vibrate check and a few other things.


good for a beta release but a ways to go.

Why am I not able to download Trillian Beta onto my Droid Inc? I click on the link but nothing happens.