Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Samsung released the Android 2.3 Gingerbread source code today for the original Galaxy S I9000 phones.  If you're a developer and you love releases like this, get your kitchen going and start cooking up some ROMs. Or, if you just like peering into the source code, go on over to the source link, type "GT-I9000" into the search box, and download the file. [Samsung Open Source Release CenterThanks, imnuts!


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Samsung releases Gingerbread source code for the original Galaxy S


Umm hate to sound hostile but the was a Motorola leak forth x not am official release or official source code... So with out bursting your ever growing bubble... Sammy's gotcha...

Better go back and do your research it was a leak of the official build. Im not commenting on who released it just saying its already been let go I could care less if its aofficial rom dump. Simple fact is this, I have GB on my phone and ya don't :)

This is why it is important that we voice our opinions about manufacturers when we can. I'm sure samsung took notice of all the bad press and made the gb release a priority. Kodos to them. I have an evo and was looking to move to the evo3d but I may be willing to give the sleek looking gs2 a chance if it comes to sprint

My Bell Vibrant (i9000m) is already running Gingerbread 2.3 thanks to xda developers. Samsung is really starting to up their game!

BTW - Gingerbread is great!

I downloaded the Android 2.3 Gingerbread source code today via pc so i want to knw how do i go about installing that update